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Topic: The right fit (trainers that is)

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Subject: The right fit (trainers that is)
Date Posted: 1/6/2009 5:55 PM ET
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I'm a little bit in awe today but I'll tell later. :-)

The past years I have gone thorugh a lot of brandname shoes like Nike, Asics, Adidas and New Balance. For myself I figured the best brand is the New Balance 700 series.

Since I had surgery my foot has changed and I had to buy another new pair of New Balance. Fits well,  I'm satisfied but gosh did I search for the right fit. It took me a week to find what I was looking for and they seem to be made custom made for my foot. They support the ankle, don't push on my ganglion cyst and have the rght arch support. *party on*

However, everybody keeps talking about Rykä shoes but I hesitated for a long time. For example I didn't happen to find a store near me that carries this brand. I hesitated to buy online because my shoes sizes especially in trainers varies from 8.5 to 9.5. On top of that I always have to buy half a size bigger because the left foot just seems to be larger than the right one. Not that once could see it but that's how it is in Sleepy's world. :-D

I needed new workout socks today so I went to Ross. They carry Nike socks (best ones ever) in a pack of six. So I went there and walked through the shoe isle when a pair of Rykä Core Strength shoes popped into my eye. Damn it, it's a size 10, most certainly to big. But nevertheless, I tried them on and they feel like comfy all around. They even fit ! I bought them for $15 compared to the online store I saved 55 bucks. 8-O

I can't wait to try them out later today.

But my questions are:

Do you watch what you are wearing when exercising ? Do you use always the one pair or do you wear different shoes on different days ?

I guess I already answered my first question, I've got three different pairs now and nver wear one the next day but try to wear the right shoes for the right exercises.

What brand shoes do you wear and are you struggling to find the right one as well as I do ?

Does your shoe have to match your overall outfit or is it ok if it fulfills the purpose ? I admit sometimes I am standing in front of a shoe and think it would look so nice but then I think it's not right for what I am doing.

Do you test your new shoe ? I always do even if it might look stupid in the store but I do lunges, a few skaters and jump to test the cushioning and stability.

So that's it. brainfart finished. ;-)





Date Posted: 1/7/2009 11:07 PM ET
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I used to wear Nike shox, but they killed my feet.  I started using Asics a few years ago and LOVE them!!  I have definatey bought pairs of shoes and returned them if the fit wasn't right.  Unfortunately, the colors don't always match with my workout gear, but I have to just not let it bother me!  :)  I wear the same shoes for step as I do for running...which I know isn't the best idea.  I wear a lot of pink and my most recent pair of Asics (the most I've spent on my running shoes ever) happens to be white with pink and black...so I am frequently coordinated!  I crack myself up sometimes when I put my pink zip up sweatshirt on after a class and stow away my hot pink mike guard in my hot pink Nike back pack.  Then throw on my maroon and hot pink jacket.  I really don't mean to do it.  :)  


Anyway...how often do you buy a new pair of shoes?  My husband gives me a lot of grief, but I can tell when my shoes are going out.  They still look great, but my heels start kiling me.  So many of my friends in CO had plantar fascitis...I do not want it! 

Date Posted: 1/8/2009 1:03 AM ET
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Yes, I love pink as well. Got a lot of piunk workout clothes. *snicker*

Hubby once said he always thought pink would be a color for dumb blondes but he likes it more on smart brunettes.

Actually I believe Nike shoes are the worst brand ever. The cushioning sucks and if you ever tried to turn a nike shoe with the heel in one direction and the toes in the other you know what I am talking about. These shoes don't have any stability. I still have a super cute pink pair of nikes but I would never consider wearing those for exercises.

I usually discard a pair of shoes after 5-8 months, depending on how good they withhold the washing machine and for what I've used them. It is said that running shoes should be discarded after 400-500 miles or six to seven months. That's what I was told by my physio therapist. He also said that Nike isn't the best choice, especially not for cross trainers. He also said that most people don't know that with the New Balance brand the higher the number the better is the quality of the material of the shoe and the longer it keeps together. He was told on a conference that literally everything under 600 loses the firmness after just three months by moderate usage.

Btw. I tried the Rykä shoes this  morning and I must say the arch support sucks. I first ried them with the soles which were inside. Did a few spins and jumps and the support was gone. I then used superfeet insoles which I usually don't like for the step because they are so hard but fit into every shoes quite well. It felt like there was an airbubble under my feet. Eveytime I jumped I almost could feel the air under sole pushing out from the sides. I then tried them with the soft soles I use in my other step shoes. Same thing. So I'm glad I didn't spend too much money for those.

For now I can't find anything great with them. My I just have the wrong shoes for what I'm doing. I'll try them a few times with the cardio and will see how this works out.