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Topic: Did I do this right??

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Subject: Did I do this right??
Date Posted: 7/13/2011 11:45 AM ET
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Had a book on my wish list, finally got it today and low and behold is was not what was on my wish list. This is the pm I sent Hope it is worded okay.


  I received the book today, I had this version on my wish list

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Bk 5)
Author: Rick Riordan
ISBN-13: 9781423101505
ISBN-10: 1423101502
Book Type: Paperback

The book I received was hardcover with this ISBN 9781423101475

I have the rest of this series in paperback for my grandson, I would really appreciate it if you would refund my credit.  I will gladly send the book back if you want to buddy me a second credit to cover the postage.

Thank you for understanding  Bertie



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Date Posted: 7/13/2011 11:57 AM ET
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I think your message is very clear. Hope she refunds your credit.

Although it's just her first name, you might want to remove it from your post here, though.

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 12:24 PM ET
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Just recieved this pm from the sender


if you would like to send the book back I will then refund your credit.

I am only going to refund one book credit though because I feel that it is unfair for you to receive two book credits for no book.


This was my reply

I will only be getting the one credit for the book, the second credit will be to cover the cost of the shipping back to you,

I don't understand how you got this book to me to begin with, it has the wrong ISBN and  the wrong binding


Guess I should just chalk it up as a bad deal LOL,  There are a ton of wishers so I will just relist the dang thing.  I would like to know how this can happen.

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 12:41 PM ET
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I happens when people post by title rather than ISBN.  I had it happen to me a while ago with a similar result.  The sender refused to send me a credit without the book.  I was collecting a series in PB, and she sent me a hard cover.  Her response was that it was the same book, it was wishlisted and it wasn't out in PB yet.  It actually was out in PB, but we couldn't agree.  I marked it unresolved, and reposted since I had to pay the postage to send it out and recoup my credit.

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Date Posted: 7/13/2011 12:46 PM ET
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Really wish people would pay more attention, not only does it cost extra money but someone loses a credit.  This book has a ton of wishers all she had to do was pay attention to what she was doing.  My grandson was so excited when I told him the book would be here soon, now I have to let him know it was the wrong book.  Oh well at least I went back to number 1 on the wish list LOL

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 1:06 PM ET
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At least with a ton of wishers, you can repost and get a credit.

I would have quoted the help center in my second PM, explaining why she should give me two credits. 

Your first PM was great.

I might have added a date to get the credit or I'd have to mark it unresolved.

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 1:08 PM ET
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Bertie - There are 311 people wishing for the copy (same ISBN)  you received.  If it were me, I'd do what you did (mark it RWAP) and ask for my credit back and also ask for a second credit to send it back (be sure to give a date to receive a reply) .  If I only got one credit  I'd re-post the book.  This would recoup your credit and as the problem went unresolved, you should go back to the top of the WL.    Pat

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 1:15 PM ET
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  I did all that and she will not give me my credit unless I send back the book.  Like I said I will just chalk it up as a bad deal and relist the book.

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 1:55 PM ET
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this is the lastest from her  I am just going to forget it, I don't know why but she has me feeling like I did something wrong LOL

I tried finding something in the help section but not sure how to do it


I had to pay the postage to ship the book to you.

I do not mind refunding the book credit if you are unhappy with your order but I am not going to refund two book credits to cover the cost of postage. If you send the book back I will be happy to refund your credit.

I am not sure what happened with the order but when you had emailed me previously about where it was in shipment I clearly stated that "it is a hardback book but it is in good condition"

This is a website where you trade things for free. I mailed the book to you and paid for the cost of postage which I did not mind and I understand that you had originally requested a paperback copy of this book but some how I did not catch that before I mailed you the book.

If you would please just mail the book back I will gladly refund you the credit that you paid for the book. I know we both work hard for our book credits and our money so I do not feel that it is fair that I should have to send you an extra book credit to cover the cost of the book.

Typically on other websites such as ebay if the customer is disatisfied with the product they will pay the return shipping and get a refund.

thank you,


My response and hopefully the end of this drama LOL

  I didn't pay attention to what you said, since the book was on my wish list under what I wanted as far and ISBN and paperback.  If you posted your book correctly it would have not gone to me but to some one who wanted the hardcover version.

  I will re post and and sent the book to someone who wants the hardcover.


Date Posted: 7/13/2011 1:59 PM ET
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I would tell her that you are not willing to mail the book back at your own expense, and that since she is not willing to refund your credit for sending you the wrong book, you will unhappily mark the transaction as unresolved, which will be a black mark on her record.  You might also want to point her to the section of the Help Center that explains that you should get your credit refunded BEFORE sending a book back.  This is what it says, under "A requestor says there is a problem with a book I sent":

  • Remember that the requestor is not required to send a problem book back at his or her expense.   The sender of a problem book does risk losing credit, book and postage; this is the incentive not to send problem books.
    • If you want a problem book back you can provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the requestor by snail mail (or you can give the requestor an extra Book Credit to compensate for postage, if both of you agree on that).
    •  Refund and postage compensation must be completed first - before the requestor returns the book (= it is not OK to wait to refund credit until getting a problem book back in the mail, or to expect the requestor to send the book back before getting postage compensation as described above).

Good luck!

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 3:04 PM ET
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Your last reply was excellent Bertie, and a good place to finish. 

You are correct, time to move on and clean up her mistake as best you can...repost the book and use the credit for the paperback edition you wanted all along (and requested int he first place).

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Date Posted: 7/13/2011 3:38 PM ET
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I think you handled it very well.  Some people are just never going to admit that they messed up or agree to follow the rules.  You will make someone else on the long WL very happy.  I hope you get the one you want soon. 

Date Posted: 7/13/2011 3:51 PM ET
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Bertie, I am not sure that you want to continue this with her. But, if you do, I would recommend an answer along the lines of:

Hi MemeberX,

In response to your message of "Typically on other websites such as ebay if the customer is disatisfied with the product they will pay the return shipping and get a refund.", I would just like to point out that you did not, in fact, send me what I ordered. In cases where the sender has made a mistake and mailed the  incorrect product, the usual thing to do would be for the sender to cover the return shipping, as well as the refund.

I am sure that when you order products from websites, you do not expect to pay for the return shipping when you receive the wrong item. You would expect the company to resolve the issue at no cost to you.

The PBS rules are very clear that when books are posted, the binding type of the book being posted MUST match the binding type of the listing. (The ISBN of the book must also match, as well as the title and author of the book). This is to prevent situations like this from occurring.

You may want to check all the other books that you have on your bookshelf to see if they are posted correctly, which would be by using the ISBN, and reading the information in the listing to make sure your book matches.

Thank you,


You coudl also make the analogy that when you order a blue shirt on the internet, receiving a red shirt instead is not the same thing (even if it is the same shirt). Or if you order a size 8 shirt, receiving the same shirt in size 10 is not the same thing either.  It doesn't matter that it is "close" to what you ordered .... it is either correct or it isn't. It doesn't matter that what you received is still "wearable". KWIM?


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Date Posted: 7/22/2011 12:45 AM ET
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Huh, just recently I too received a Percy Jackson And The Olympians book instead of the book I ordered.  She did send me the correct book without quibble however, and I was very satisfied.


Must be them Percy Jackson readers.  wink

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Date Posted: 7/22/2011 10:19 AM ET
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Bertie, if you really wanted that credit back, I'd say that that last PM should go to the Team. She clearly admits she posted it incorrectly and sent you the wrong book, yet is refusing to return the credit. They sometimes will take the credit away in those situations and return it. They don't like to get involved, but when a sender admits they posted the book incorrectly, yet refuses to return the credit they often make it right.