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Date Posted: 8/13/2011 1:56 AM ET
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I have over 1000 Silhouette Desire books.  I will post a few at a time on Book Bazaar.  Books have all pages intact.  Some covers of books may be worn, creased or have a corner cut off.  Some books have stains on pages, but no mold.  Some may have been library books.  MANY are in great shape, a few aren't.  All are readable!  Books will be mailed by the middle of OCTOBER.  If you want any of the books, PM me your lists and I will pull them and make a list, then contact you before I mail to verify that you still want books.  Enjoy looking.  Will post more on here later.  8/1 DEAL DOES NOT INCLUDE BOOKS ON MY BOOKSHELF!
Still reading some books before posting them--BE PATIENT!! : )
Books in RED--Added September 27


  4 Kiss and Tell-Suzanne Carey                        6 A Frenchman's Kiss-Kathryn Mallory               

 13 Come Back, My Love-Pamela Wallace                 14 Blanket of Stars-Lorraine Valley

 17 Of Passion Born-Suzanne Simms                     20 King of Diamonds-Penny Allison

 21 Love in the China Sea-Judith Baker                23 Constant Stranger-Linda Sunshine

 24 Shared Moments-Mary Lynn Baxter                   28 Passionate Journey-Thea Lovan

 29 Enchanted Desert-Suzanne Michelle                 30 Past Forgetting-Pamela Lind

 32 Yesterday's Dreams-Rita Clay                      34 Snow Spirit-Angel Milan 

 35 Meant To Be-Ann Major                             36 Fires of Memory-Ashley Summers                   

 38 Sweet Serenity-Billie Douglass                    39 Shadow of Betrayal-Nicole Monet

 40 Gentle Conquest-Kathryn Mallory                   41 Seduction by Design-Erin St. Claire

 43 A Wild, Sweet Magic-Suzanne Simms                 44 Heart Over mind-Sara Ann West

 45 Experiment in Love-Rita Clay                      46 Her Golden Eyes-Sara Chance

 48 Dream of the West-Nora Powers                     51 Shadow of the Mountain-Pamela Lind               

 54 If Ever You Need Me-Paula Fulford                 57 No Place for a Woman-Suzanne Michelle

 60 Between the Lines-Roberta Dennis                  61 All the Night Long-Suzanne Simms

 64 Sonatina-Angel Milan                              65 Reckless Venture-Penny Allison

 66 The Fierce Gentleness-Ellen Langtry               70 Dinner for Two-Vanessa Victor

 78 Blueprint for Rapture-Lenora Barber               79 So Sweet a Madness-Suzanne Simms

 81 Opening Bid-Marilyn Kennedy                       83 Home at Last-Sara Chance

 84 In a Moment's Time-Nora Powers                    86 Native Season-Doreen Owens Malek

 87 Recipe for Love-Suzanne Michelle                  88 Winged Victory-June Trevor

 91 Image of Love-Dixie Browning                      95 The Marrying Kind-Ashley Summers                 

 98 Man of Glory-Janet Joyce                         101 Summer Wind-Raye Morgan

106 Fancy Free-Suzanne Michelle                      108 Ballinger's Rule-Eve Gladstone                 

111 The Hawk and the Honey-Dixie Browning            112 Tried and True-Marie Nicole

114 Fragrant Harbor-Erin Ross                        116 Controlling Interest-Janet Joyce

117 This Brief Interlude-Nora Powers                 119 Night With a Stranger-Nancy John

120 Recapture the Love-Rita Clay                     121 Late Rising Moon-Dixie Browning                 

125 Passionate Awakening-Gina Caimi                  126 Leave Me Never-Suzanne Carey

128 Political Passions-Suzanne Michelle              129 Madison Avenue Marriage-Cassandra Bishop

130 Between the Covers-Laurien Blair                 132 On Love's Own Terms-Cathlyn McCoy

138 Lady Be Bad-Elaine Raco Chase                    140 Run to Gold-Janet Joyce 

143 North Country Lights-Penny Allison               144 Business After Hours-Laurel Evans  

146 Eternal Flame-Alicia Knight                      147 Territorial Rights-Melissa Scott   

148 In a Stranger's Arms-Nora Powers                 149 Double Game-Serena Galt

150 Dream Within a Dream-Suzanne Simms               151 The Wrong Man-Ann Major

154 Promise of Love-Ariel Berk                       155 Odds Against-Erin Ross 

156 Maid in Boston-Paula Corbett                     158 Rapture of the Deep-Barbara Cameron

162 Dream Builder-Naomi Horton                       164 Take All Myself-Lucy Gordon  

167 Affairs of State-Sara Fitzgerald                 168 Timeless Rituals-Laurel Evans  

169 Stormwatch-Dixie Browning                        170 Forbidden Melody-Suzanne Michelle  

171 Child of My Heart-Erin Ross                      172 Prime Specimen-Diana Stuart    

173 Love in Good Measure-Amanda Lee                  174 A Wilder Enchantment-Gina Caim

176 Counterparts-Suzanne Carey                       178 Till We Meet Again-Elizabeth Merrit

182 Grand Theft: Heart-Marie Nicole                  185 Hunter's Prey-Annette Broadrick

186 A Legend in His Own Time-Suzannah Hart           188 The Tender Barbarian-Dixie Browning

191 Capitol Affair-Fran Bergen                       194 Hungry for Love-Ariel Berk

198 Golden Man-Ann Major                             200 A Permanent Arrangement-Laurel Evans

203 Outsmarted-Cassandra Bishop                      204 September Winds-Donna McDowell

205 Man's Best Friend-Amanda York                    206 Angel in His Arms-Suzanne Carey

207 Love Letters-Elaine Camp                         209 Fool's Gold-Beverly Bird  

210 That Special Magic-Laurien Blair                 212 Matchmaker's Moon-Dixie Browning

214 Sugarfire-Angel Milan                            215 Undercover Angel-Suzanne Forster                

221 The Confidence Man-Eve Gladstone                 222 Reckless Moon-Doreen Owens Malek

224 Country Blue-Marie Nicole                        225 No Sense of Humor-Elizabeth Alden

227 All the Marbles-Beverly Bird                     228 Rand Emory's Woman-Nicole Monet

229 Beyond Love-Ann Major                            231 Moon Madness-Freda Vasilos

236 River of Dreams-Naomi Horton                     237 To Have It All-Robin Elliott

240 Winter Meeting-Doreen Owens Malek                246 Naughty, but Nice-Jo Ann Algermissen  

248 Moonlight Serenade-Laurel Evans                  251 Hook, Line and Sinker-Elaine Camp               

255 Heaven on Earth-Sandra Kleinschmit               258 Nothing Ventured-Suzanne Simms

261 Picture of Love-Robin Elliott                    269 Split Images-Naomi Horton

272 Deceptions-Annette Broadrick                     273 Hot Properties-Suzanne Forster

274 Last Year's Hunk-Marie Nicole                    278 Designing Heart-Laurel Evans    

282 Cajun Summer-Maura Seger                         284 Night Talk-Eve Gladstone   

287 Yesterday and Tomorrow-Candice Adams             291 Juliet-Ashley Summers  

292 Secret Love-Nancy John                           295 Treasure Hunt-Maura Seger

298 Destiny's Daughter-Elaine Camp                   305 No Plan for Love-Ariel Berk  

307 Second Wife-Stephanie James                      321 A Fair Breeze-Ann Hurley        

323 Brooke's Chance-Robin Elliott                    324 A Winter Woman-Dixie Browning 

327 The Man at Ivy Bridge-Suzanne Forster            329 Yesterday's Love-Sherryl Woods    

335 Game, Set, Match-Ariel Berk                      337 There Once Was a Lover-Dixie Browning  

338 Forbidden Fantasies-Gina Caimi                   339 Then Came Love-Nancy Gramm                      

343 Bright River-Doreen Owens Malek                  344 Betting Man-Robin Elliott

345 Come Fly with Me-Sherryl Woods                   347 Great Expectations-Amanda Lee

348 Spellbound-Joyce Thies                           351 Love in the Air-Nan Ryan  

352 A Place to Belong-Christine Flynn                357 Where the Wandering Ends-Sara Chance

358 No Holding Back-Candice Adams                    361 Made in America-Jo Ann Algermissen

363 Just Good Friends-Lucy Gordon                    364 Never a Stranger-Marcine Smith

370 Partners for Life-Helen R. Myers                 371 Jason's Touch-Sheryl Flournoy

381 Give and Take-Anna Schmidt                       382 No Laughing Matter-Marie Nicole

385 Lady Be Good-Jennifer Greene                     394 A Taste of Freedom-Candice Adams

395 Playing with Matches-Ariel Berk                  399 To the Highest Bidder-Cathryn Clare

403 Fate Takes a Holiday-Dixie Browning              406 Shadow Watch-Sara Chance

407 Troubled Waters-Laura Taylor                     408 Change of Heart-Cathie Linz

411 To Love a Stranger-Beverly Bird                      419 The Second Mr. Sullivan-Elaine Camp    

421 Love Potion-Jennifer Greene                      422 About Last Night...-Nancy Gramm

423 Honeymoon Hotel-Sally Goldenbaum                 424 Fit to Be Tied-Joan Johnston

426 Together Again-Ariel Berk                        427 Along Came Jones-Dixie Browning

430 To Tame the Wind-Sara Chance                     433 With All My Heart-Annette Broadrick

438 Used-to-Be Lovers-Linda Lael Miller              442 Heaven Sent-Erica Spindler 

446 Island Heat-Suzanne Forster                      448 True Colors-Mary Blayney  

449 A Taste of Honey-Jane Gentry                     450 Roughneck-Doreen Owens Malek 

452 A Match Made in Heaven-Katherine Granger         464 A Touch of Spring-Annette Broadrick  

466 Big Sky Country-Jackie Merritt                   468 'Tis the Season-Noreen Brownlie  

471 That Fontaine Woman!-Helen R. Myers              472 Heartland-Sherryl Woods  

480 Only Forever-Linda Lael Miller                   482 Chances Are-Erica Spindler  

483 The Rookie Princess-Janice Kaiser                488 The Thrill of Victory-Erin St.

496 Honky Tonk Angel-Frances West                    498 Dancing in the Dark-Jennifer Greene 

503 Moon Shadow-Janice Kaiser                        504 Sharing California-Jeanne Stephens  

505 Odd Man Out-Lass Small                                509 Eternally Eve-Ashley Summers

510 Magic Touch-Noelle Berry McCue                   512 Squeeze Play-Anne Cavaliere               

513 Race the Wind-Noreen Brownlie                    514 Gale Force-Jo Andrews

518 The Ideal Man-Naomi Horton                       519 Adam's Way-Cathie Linz

520 Once in Love with Jessie-Sally Goldenbaum            521 One Touch of Moondust-Sherryl Woods  

532 Blue Chip Bride-Audra Adams                      533 Seeing is Believing-Janet Bieber           

541 Ships in the Night-Dixie Browning                    542 Winter Heat-Mary Lynn Baxter

544 Convicted of Love-Lucy Gordon                    545 A Perfect Season-Judith McWilliams

548 Contact-Lass Small                               555 Matchmaker, Matchmaker-Donna Carlisle               

556 Montana Man-Jessica Barkley                      565 Time Enough for Love-Carole Buck

568 Mixed Messages-Linda Lael Miller                 571 Slow Burn- Mary Lynn Baxter

572 Look Beyond the Dream-Noelle Berry McCue         604 White Heat-Frances West

605 Ramblin' Man-Jackie Merritt                      620 Fever Pitch-Sherryl Woods

621 Woman Tamer-Barbara McCauley                     622 Maverick Heart-Jackie Merritt

623 In a Marrying Mood-Raye Morgan                   632 Celestial Bodies-Laura Leone

646 The Family Plan-Janet Bieber                     656 No Lies Between Us-Naomi Horton 

659 Mornings at Seven-Sally Goldenbaum                720 Best Man for the Job-Dixie Browning                     

731 A Restless Man-Lass Small                            761 Male Ordered Bride-Cathie Linz

776 Good Golly, Miss Molly-Nancy Martin                   783 Devil or Angel-Audra Adams 

790 Montana Sky-Jackie Merritt (2)                        793 Zeke-Annette Broadrick  

794 Ben-Karen Leabo                                       797 Jake-Helen R. Myers  

802 The Seducer-Linda Turner                              803 Whitehorn's Woman-Barbara McCauley                  

824 Feathers and Lace-Karen Leabo                         827 Unlikely Eden-Anne Marie Winston

837 Seven Year Itch-Peggy Moreland                        852 Stealing Savannah-Donna Carlisle 

869 Above the Law-Doreen Owens Malek                      872 Dreams and Schemes-Merline Lovelace  

873 What Are Friends For?-Naomi Horton                    876 Love Power-Susan Carroll  

915 One Stubborn Cowboy-Barbara McMahon                   941 The Rebel and the Hero-Helen R. Myers

942 Mixed-Up Matrimony-Diana Mars                         955 Wildcat-Rebecca Brandewyne                           

964 Cowboy Homecoming-Pamela Ingrahm                      967 A Cowboy Christmas-Ann Major

977 Cowboy's Bride-Barbara McMahon                        984 Husband Material-Rita Rainville

986 The Last Groom on Earth-Kristin James                 1019 The Bride's Choice-Sara Orwig

1020 Cowboy Dreaming-Shawna Delacorte                     1024 A Willful Marriage-Peggy Moreland 

1026 Backfire-Metsy Hingle                                1027 The Texas Blue Norther-Lass Small                     

1038 The Bride Wore Tie-Dye-Pamela Ingrahm                1041 Gabriel's Bride-Suzanne Davis

1042 Christmas Elopement-Anne Eames                       1045 The Coffepot Inn-Lass Small

1050 On Wings of Love-Ashley Summers                      1062 Practice Husband-Judith McWilliams

1066 The Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher-Barbara McCauley 1068 Parker and the Gypsy-Susan Caroll

1072 Boss Lady and the Hired Hand-Barbara McMahon         1077 A Child of Her Own-Beverly Barton

1079 The Baby Blizzard-Caroline Cross                     1080 Matchmaking Mona-Diana Mars

1085 Wind River Ranch-Jackie Merritt                      1086 Wedding Planner Takes Rancher-Pamela Ingrahm

1087 Nobody's Princess-Jennifer Greene                    1091 The Honeymoon House-Patty Salier

1097 Big Sky Drifter-Doreen Owens Malek                   1104 The Bachelor Next Door-Katherine Garbera

1108 Marriage on His Mind-Susan Crosby                    1109 Cowboys Do It Best-Eileen Wilks

1110 Wyoming Wife?-Shawna Delacorte                       1113 A Husband in Her Stocking-Christine Pacheco

1116 Santa Cowboy-Barbara McMahon                        1122 The Boss, the Beauty and the Bargain-Judith McWilliams 

1127 Three-Alarm Love-Carole Buck                         1128 Courtship in Granite Ridge-Barbara McCauley 

1129 A Baby in His In-Box-Jennifer Greene                 1140 Taming the Tycoon-Kathryn Taylor 

1152 The Cowboy Who Came in From the Cold-Pamela Macaluso 1155 Seducing the Proper Miss Miller-Anne Marie Winston

1157 The Tycoon's Son-Shawna Delacorte                    1164 The Consummate Cowboy-Sara Orwig 

1187 The Millionaire's Christmas Wish-Shawna Delacorte   

1202 Just My Joe-Joan Elliott Pickart                     1213 Love Me True-Ann Major

1231 That Boss of Mine-Elizabeth Bevarly                  1249 Heart of Texas-Mary Lynn Baxter

1257 That Loving Touch-Ashley Summers                     1266 Conveniently His-Shirley Rogers

1277 The Magnificent M.D.-Carol Grace                     1300 Cheyenne Dad-Sheri Whitefeather                     

1328 Her Perfect Man-Mary Lynn Baxter

1376 Cherokee-Sheri Whitefeather                          1523 Cherokee Dad-Sheri Whitefeather

1577 Slow Dancing With a Texan-Linda Conrad               1584 At Any Price-Margaret Allison



932 The Engagement Party (Always a Bridesmaid!)-Barbara Boswell

1364 Tycoon Warrior (Texas Cattleman's Club:Lone Star Jewels)-Sheri Whitefeather

1480 Royally Pregnant (Crown and Glory)-Barbara McCauley (Have a book on My Bookshelf from this series)

1679 Reflected Pleasures-Linda Conrad


Dynasties:The Connellys Series (Have a book on My Bookshelf from this series)

1466 Cinderella's Convenient Husband-Katherine Garbera

1478 Cherokee Marriage Dare-Sheri Whitefeather



141/393 Crystal Blue Horizon/A Lucky Streak-Raye Morgan

279/795 Before the Wind/Derek-Leslie Davis Guccione

506/570 The Pirate O'Keefe/Kiss Me Kate-Helen R. Myers

576/590 Showdown/Ready, Willing and Abel-Nancy Martin

579/885 Echoes From the Heart/The Daddy Factor-Kelly Jamison

711/796 Talk of the Town/Cameron-Beverly Barton

768/807 The Bachelor/Caution:Charm at Work-Raye Morgan

936/1031 Rancher's Wife/Rancher's Baby-Anne Marie Winston








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Date Posted: 8/13/2011 9:26 AM ET
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Here are (6) books that I'm interested in:

1.  Not Even for Love - Erin St. Claire

2.  Lover in Pursuit - Stephanie James

3.  Renaissance Man - Stephanie James

4.  A Kiss Remembered - Erin St. Claire

5.  Battle Prize - Stephanie James

6.  Body Guard - Stephanie James

I'll continue to watch for more books added.  Thanks for the deal.

Date Posted: 8/14/2011 11:40 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/15/2011 11:08 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/16/2011 7:19 PM ET
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bumping with new books.

Date Posted: 8/17/2011 8:08 AM ET
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Can't believe members aren't taking advantage of this deal.

Please add #163 . . . Nightwalker by Stephanie James to my list above.

Thanks and I'll keep watching for newly added books. 

Date Posted: 8/18/2011 8:33 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/19/2011 3:49 AM ET
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bumping along.  bring bandaids.

Date Posted: 8/20/2011 9:30 AM ET
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bumping again.

Date Posted: 8/26/2011 4:27 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/26/2011 6:32 PM ET
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hi cathy,


I would like the following:


these are all Stephanie James but 1

Green Fire

Cautious Lover

Velvet Touch'

Reckless Passion

Price of Surrender

Affair of Honor

To tame the hunter



Rulebreaker (not) Barbara Boswell


I will keep looking as you keep posting.  Thanks for the deal.

Date Posted: 8/26/2011 8:16 PM ET
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Hi, Helen!  I have all of the Stephanie James titles, but I no longer have the book Rule Breaker by Barbara Boswell.  I am catching up on deleting titles as quickly as I can and hadn't gotten to that one yet.  I will pull the others for you.  Cathy.

Date Posted: 8/28/2011 9:02 AM ET
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Date Posted: 8/29/2011 12:12 PM ET
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Date Posted: 8/31/2011 6:46 PM ET
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Are they all Desire or do you have any Silouette romance ?

Date Posted: 9/2/2011 9:41 PM ET
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Bumping with more books.

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Date Posted: 9/4/2011 9:14 PM ET
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bumping with even more books!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date Posted: 9/5/2011 1:51 AM ET
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Ordering some books for my mom....would it be at all possible to just order 12 random ones from you for 2 credits?
But they have to be in postable condition:
No stains,
No tears,
No corner cuts over 1 inch

Heck, I might do 18 for 3 if you can safely package that many of them.

It will save you some time so you won't have to post them to the site.

Please PM me :)

Date Posted: 9/5/2011 11:56 AM ET
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Found more books I'd like to have, all by Lass Small:

1.  Impulse

2.  Stolen Day

3.  Tangled Web

4.  My House or Yours

If you'll post one, I'll go ahead and order and then think we'll be "even" since you sent me (2) extra last order.  However,  I will continue to watch your thread in case you post more I just can't live without.  smiley

Date Posted: 9/6/2011 1:02 PM ET
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Date Posted: 9/10/2011 6:50 AM ET
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To any member looking at Cathy's post, please be advised that she is in the hospital right now.  Don't know why or for how long, but I'm sure she will be in touch with everyone about their orders as soon as she can.