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Salom Rizk (a.k.a. Sam Risk, b. 1909? in Ottoman Syria, d. 22 October 1973 in Silver Spring, Maryland) is a Syrian-American author, best known for his 1943 immigrant autobiography, Syrian Yankee, perhaps the best-known piece of Arab American literature in the middle part of the century. The book has been called "a classic of the immigrant biography genre", especially for the way Rizk's story portrays the American Dream and the virtues of cultural assimilation at the expense of his home country, which he finds loathsome when he returns for a visit. Rizk became well-known enough that Reader's Digest sponsored him on a lecture tour around the United States as "the quintessential American immigrant". He also sponsored a drive for the Save the Children Federation, using advertisements in such magazines as Boys' Life to request families send their extra pencils, so that these could be donated to needy school-children around the world as a way of promoting freedom and democracy and fighting tyranny.

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America More Than a Country
Syrian Yankee
1943 - Syrian Yankee (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780385044646
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