Book Reviews of Saucer (Saucer, Bk 1)

Saucer (Saucer, Bk 1)
Saucer - Saucer, Bk 1
Author: Stephen Coonts
ISBN-13: 9780312283421
ISBN-10: 0312283423
Publication Date: 3/8/2002
Pages: 352
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 54 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
This was the first Coonts book I read, and I wasn't terribly impressed. It took me a while to realize that the story's supposed to be a farsical comedy rather than a serious thriller. I'd started reading the book thinking (and hoping) it was a military technothriller of some kind, so I was disappointed at first. But after about the 10th time of thinking "they wouldn't really do that" or "nobody really talks like that" I got more into the groove of the book.

I think the story would make a fun PG movie, along the lines of "The Last Starfighter". But it's not an engaging novel for adults. Hokey dialogue, unbelievable plot, and 2-dimensional characters abound. (in the case of the supporting characters, 1-dimensional!) It would have been great hugely edited down into a novella or a long short story.
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Not one of Coonts best, but interesting.
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After 140,000 a saucer is found in the Sahara...but who does it belong to and how did it get here? this is an book that will keep you reading all night!!
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A fun, fast read, this novel departs from Coonts' story universe and creates an alternate future. Suspend your logic and accept a 140,000 year-old flying saucer that is fully functional after being chipped out from solid sandstone and you will have a blast with Saucer. Character development is minimal and the plot stretches the imagination -- why didn't he just land the saucer at Cape Canaveral and give it to NASA? -- and you will enjoy this quick, exciting read. Recommended.
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Stephen Coonts gives us a story about the discovery of a spaceship found buried in the sahara desert. The race to uncover it and probe it's meaning and technology leads to fierce fighting among some heavy hitters. Corruption, avarice, and hunger for power lead to an immense struggle.
340 pages and easy reading. Coonts' books just seem to flow.
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Interesting plot.
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This is the only Coontz book I've read, so I have to judge it by comparison to others of the genre, I guess. The main character, brash, incredibly intelligent man in his early twenties, from an Iowa farm where they hew to midwestern family values and invent things in their barn. . . A good read, but makes me question whether his market is adolescents. Found it in the bargain bin of the college bookstore, so I have only myself to blame. Aside from all of that a pretty pleasant way to spend the afternoon.
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Surprisingly funny adventure tale about a hundred-thousand-year-old flying saucer unearthed from the Sahara desert by a smart-alecky engineering student, and flown off by him and a former Air Force pilot, one jump ahead of various goons and governments.
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A first rate flying Saucer book!!!! A great read, makes you want to find your very own saucer.
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An enjoyable "what if?" kind of book, with a thoughtful and resourceful hero, a delicious and courageous heroine, and a flying saucer! Lots of fun to read!
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Saucer is a totally different kind of "flying saucer" story than you have probably ever read. It is one of those rare kind of stories that was fun to read from page one. The concept and scope is ALMOST juvenile and that may be where I am getting the "fun".

The story: A young adult male is working on a seismic survey crew in the Sahara desert when he discovers some shiny metal sticking out of the sandstone. He gets help and chips this thing out of the sandstone to reveal it as a "flying saucer". The thing can still be flown and that's where the sense of fun, adventure, and wonder begins. Good read. Well done.
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I'm a fan of Stephen Coonts, but was disappointed by this book. Lots of action, but a pretty superficial plot and one-dimensional characters. I felt as thought I was reading a book written for children---maybe I missed something somewhere and it WAS a "young adults" book.
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This book is a outstanding read. It's a simple read that doesn't require a long term memory to retain all the characters and in which time line they are in. It's entertaining and will keep your attention. I would recommend this book to friends and family.
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From back cover: A seismic surveyor made an exhilarating discovery - a flying saucer embedded in the Sahara sandstone. Buried for eons, it is not the invention of modern man and is computer equipped. It couldn't belong to ancient man. The surveyor thinks it will rock civilization and, of course, there are persons trying to steal the saucer foro nefarious purposes.
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The whole series is great but the 3rd one is the best, Saucer (Savage Planet.
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great book, will keep you guessing till the end.
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This book was an easy read and it held my interest all the way through.
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A very nice read. good characters. An interesting science fiction plot with good guys (and gal)and bad guys. The good guys (and bads guys)end-up just where they should. My thought when I finished was "I enjoyed that"!
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Great fun read!
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Good read.
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Another great one with an interesting twist. It's even believable.
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Good read.