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Saul V. Levine (born 1938) is a Canadian psychiatrist and author. Levine is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and a senior psychiatrist at the "Hospital for Sick Children". He is department head of psychiatry at Sunnybrook Medical Center in Toronto, Canada.

Levine's book Radical Departures is cited in The Canadian Encyclopedia article on "New Religious Movements"The Canadian Encyclopedia, James H. Marsh, editor, original material from 1985, on internet 2001, regularly updated, article: "New Religious Movements", subsection: "The Brainwashing-Deprogramming Controversy", 2006 Historica Foundation of Canada.University of Toronto psychiatrist Saul V. Levine made a study of deprogramming in his book Radical Departures (1984). He concluded that as a means of changing people's views it was not only a failure but positively dangerous. These conclusions were supported by other scholars who provided civil libertarians, religious leaders in established churches and members of new religions with evidence against the practice of deprogramming. As a result it gradually fell into disrepute..

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