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Save Karyn
Save Karyn
Author: Karyn Bosnak
ISBN-13: 9780552151658
ISBN-10: 0552151653
Publication Date: 5/1/2004
Pages: 448
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 1 rating
Publisher: Corgi Adult
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
This book really makes you think about yourself and how you shop. Do you look at things and go OH I GOTTA HAVE THAT just because you think you do? It's interesting to see how well you can relate to Karyn and how hard it is for her to overcome her problem with spending money.

It is a fun read though to see her reasons why she buys things and how she thinks about in her mind to justify why she did it (I needed a new date outfit, the guy was cute so I signed up to join the gym, etc etc)

But it is funny to see how she is successful in her website to overcome debt, but she faces problems and challenges along the way.

These events also take place during and after 9/11. So it is interesting to see how the New Yorker deals with the 9/11 problems and how 9/11 really hurt her job hunting and her job she had before.

I say this is a must read!
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Helpful Score: 4
Kind of irritating that the world bailed her out of problems that SHE was completely responsible for, but it was a GREAT read! Very fast and very entertaining. I kept having to remind myself that it was non fiction because seriously? How does someone get that far in debt when they make THAT kind of money? I loved the reference to the court show 'stringers.' That is exactly what I do for a living. Kinda cool! :)
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Helpful Score: 3
Oh my goodness this is such a good book! For about a week, reading this book was all I did during my free time. The story is a true one and the author just tells her story in such an interesting way.

This has become my latest favorite book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone, but to "girlie" girls especially since the story is mostly about buying shoes, purses, and clothes. :)
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Helpful Score: 3
While I found the author to be funny, I didn't really like the book. I think at some point in our lives we can all identify with Karyn - who doesn't want the finer things in life? However, the endless shopping sprees were tiresome, and the whole idea of asking for money to help pay off her shopping debt kind of made me angry.
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Helpful Score: 2
Hilarious book about a shopaholic who finds herself drowning in debt and the ingenious way she discovers to get herself out of it. A must-read for anybody who experiences heart palpitations when they open their credit card bill.
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Helpful Score: 2
Wow! I had to keep reminding myself this was nonfiction - possibly the best chick lit I've read yet but all true. Absolutely fabulous. And of course a caution to us all. What a great read!
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Helpful Score: 2
Better than Shopaholic. It's non-fiction.
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Debt...we all have but most of us want to hide it. Not Karyn! In this great memoir, Karyn details how she acquired debt and ultimately, how she beats the debt. In the beginning, Karyn was simply trying to live the life of a New Yorker ala Carrie Bradshaw. But what the show failed to tell Karyn (and myself) is that NYC life is not as simple as a brownstone on a journalist (freelancer) salary. Instead, everything adds up and quickly! Although it's easy to say, no Karyn...don't do it!, I often found myself nodding my head as I read knowing that I did the same thing as she did. Taking a cab when I know I should take the train...check! Cute shoes that cause blisters...check!

But the most admirable part of the book is how Karyn attacks her debt and finally gets out of it. Her book inspired me to weed through my closet and visit Buffalo Exchange to make a sale. I also began to post my books for sale. Karyn reminded me that our debt might seem insurmountable, but it only is if we don't take action. I loved this book and all the humanity Karyn displayed.
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When I first started reading this I thought someone needed to slap her for what she was doing. Then as I continued to read I realized just how young she really was and it started to all make sense. Isn't she doing just what Wall street and Madison avenue wants us all to do- spend beyond reason? without logic? If you continue to read all the way through you get the feeling the young woman is learning that her self esteem is not determined by her purchases. I know many who still haven't woke up! Good sense of humor about herself. I have recommended this to those I think fit her patterns. Let's see what happens!
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I have read the shopaholic series, and Jen Lancaster's books. In fact the true life Karyn sounds just like the inspiration for the 1st shopaholic book, only I liked Karyn better. I even liked her better than Jen. I hope most of you go into reading this book knowing that she got herself in debt and set up a website to ask strangers to help her get out. Knowing that I would hope readers would be less judgmental about her choices. I think she learned a great deal. Hit rock bottom due to unemployment. She handled her failures in a fun spunky way. She had a lot of haters from all over, and she returned their hatred with kindness and humor. I really loved this book, and didnt feel the least bit negative about her debt and choices. She seemed real and sweet, and fun. I wish I had read this along time ago. Those of you in debt and struggling will feel like you are not the only one.
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Far from being a "How To" book, Karyn tells us in humorous detail how she managed to run herself into over $20,000 worth of fat, looming debt. She also explains the halfhearted and fullhearted attempts she made to expunge that debt. Her roller coaster ride from spending nut to something of a spendthrift is a true tale of a woman finding out who she really is - despite her horrendous fiscal mistakes. Karyn has a wry sense of humor and a warmth that keeps her going. I recommend this book to any of you who have fallen either on hard times or fallen on your face in life. Definitely worth the read!
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This is a great book by a woman who ran up 20,000 worth of credit card debt and set up a website asking others to send her a dollar, and it worked! Very funny book.
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This book is very cute and very scary!! So many people, including myself, have been in Karyn's predicament. Her methods are funny and somewhat shocking. It makes a compulsive shopper feel good in the end.
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This book is interesting, but frustrating. While we would all appreciate a windfall from the general public to pay our bills, it is unrealistic. I'm glad I picked this book up from the thrift store - I hate to think that someone would pay $20 to her shopaholic fund.
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So funny! The Brazilian bikini wax was a hoot! Laughed so hard I cried!
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If you can get beyond her annoying and frequent use of "like" and "anywho," this is a fast and entertaining read.
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Well, I read this book because I love Jen Lancaster, and she had mentioned it in one of her books. All I can say is that I am very glad I got it through PBS because if I had paid full price for this book, I would have been seriously irritated. First, the book is POORLY written. Her use of simple sentences, and her habit of telling every single thing that is happening does not make for good reading. Perhaps it bothers me more than most, but I had a VERY hard time reading the book simply because of poor writing and multiple mistakes in mechanics. Second, Karyn shouldn't be boasting about how she got herself into heaps of debt and then had other people pay it off. I know she sold her things to help pay it off, but the majority of her debt was paid by strangers. I just don't like the message this book sends. Sure, Karyn may have actually learned her lesson, but it says to others that it is okay to be stupid because someone else will bail you out.
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What to say... Well, the author is funny and there were several parts of this book that made me laugh out loud. And while I realize that everyone carries debt at some point in their life, I can't relate to the NEED for big ticket items. I could never justify spending $700 on lingerie or several hundred on one pair of shoes. But just because I can't relate to her shopaholic ways, the book was still entertaining. Maybe because it seems so foreign to me to rack up that kind of debt without panic. I do believe the author took the easy way out by asking strangers for money. But who can blame HER for the fact that there were people that GAVE her the money?? Kind of like our government...I guess some people don't have a problem bailing others out and buying their debt... But I will digress at that point... I think Karyn softens the blow because she later donated the amount that was donated to her to charity. So she did give back, and I guess that makes it worth it.
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I could not put this book down! Great book to read and get you motivated if you are in debt due to dumb purchases. A guaranteed pleasure to read!
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At least you don't have to buy this book to help rid the author of her debt! Funny.
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I found this book to be very fascinating! I see a little of her in me when I go to Target. LOL I think she was pretty amazed herself that that her website generated any money, let alone howw much it helped her. I would recommend this to anyone to read.
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This book is a great book. It was a super quick read and it also hit a little close to home!!
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I don't know. Maybe it's just me but I found this book to be ... how do I put this? ... a big waste of time. I'm glad I got it through PBS because I wouldn't want to feel as though I was supporting Karyn's habit. Yes, debt is a habit. She might have been manic depressive or bipolar the way she bought (crazy) things. After three chapters, I started to skim through the book and just looked at her bills. I found it laughable. First, she moves to NYC without doing research. Where to live, what to buy, what to bring, etc. Three hundred dollars every month to go to a salon? For what? NYC is NOT that expensive. If you live within your means, you'll be able to survive. I have a friend who lives in the Gramarcy Park area and he's a school teacher. He lives within his means. Cooks most meals, brings lunch everyday, doesn't spend outrageous money or anything except vacations. Oh, and he's gay so he knows where to shop, get his hair done, get his manis and pedis, where to get good facials, etc. I just ... I can't fathom ... it's too much for words. I don't understand how someone can get this way. I hear it everyday at work, people living beyond their means, living in big McMansions, getting personal services every two weeks, buying designer clothing, driving expensive cars. Then when the hoped for OT or raise doesn't come through, the complaining starts. Do a little stretching now so you can enjoy later. Stretch that haircut to 10 or 12 weeks, get manis every month, go to the Aveda Beauty Salon Schools for cheap treatments, go to thrift stores in the ritzy neighborhoods, go to outlet stores, buy a used car. Live low so you can splurge on the important things like vacations or dining out or something designer. I can't believe anyone helped this girl. I wonder if she stayed debt-free or if she reverted to her old ways. Personally, I don't care!
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Hilarious book, giving insight into the mind of a shopaholic as she runs up credit card debt and the story of how she got out of this debt through her Save Karyn website.
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Interesting, funny book. The author writes like she's writing a letter to her best friend.
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A fun book about one girl's debt. Really!
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Great story~ Loved it!
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Funny book, good quick read,great summer reading.
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Great book!
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Loved this book!
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The book isn't well written and at times just digusted me but the idea behind the website is amazing. I'm tempted to do that myself.