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Topic: Searching your buddy's WL

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Subject: Searching your buddy's WL
Date Posted: 2/29/2008 8:38 AM ET
Member Since: 1/9/2006
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It would be really nice if we had that function.  Or am I the only one who wishes this?  If I've got a book that is most likely on one of my buddy's wish list, I'd like to post it to them, but it takes forever to go through each one's WL.  Am I the only one who does this?

Date Posted: 2/29/2008 10:54 AM ET
Member Since: 5/10/2007
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I rarely post to anyone's WL unless I know they want a book.  I usually let FIFO work.

and of course the reverse is true, would love to know WHO has certain books I want without ordering so I can see if they have anything else on their shelf or if they are willing to do a deal before I order

Date Posted: 2/29/2008 11:16 AM ET
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On the L&R board we have a thread going "Is This on Your Shelf" or "Is This on Your WL".  Pretty much a bunch of us got fed up with waiting for non-responders to time out.  I do still post and order some through FIFO. But it's nice to go there and see that someone you know is active is looking for a particular book and you can post it right to them. No waiting for it to cycle through a few people before it finally gets accepted.  I have a bunch of WL books in the TBR pile. Sometimes when I can't decide what to read, I peruse some buddy's WL.  It helps me decide what to read next if someone has one or more of my TBR books on WL. I'll usually send them a PM and let them know I'm reading those books and ask if they want them posted to them.  I don't want anyone to lose their place in line because they were out of credits.

Date Posted: 2/29/2008 12:26 PM ET
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Ooooh! Is it a book for me??? ;)
Date Posted: 2/29/2008 2:50 PM ET
Member Since: 6/5/2007
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I sent R&R a suggestion about that, and they mentioned that they are looking into adding it as a feature. I agree, it's nice to be able to post it to someone's WL but kind of tiring to go through each person's list.

I say send them another suggestion so they know it wasn't just me wanting it!

Date Posted: 2/29/2008 10:33 PM ET
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LeeAnne, you're's is always one of the WLs that I peruse when I'm picking what to read next so I can send something on to you!

MiMi, how do I send them the suggestion?  is there a link to email them (and yes, I am that ignorant of this place....lol)


What I ended up doing was downloading the WLs of my buddies and putting them into an Excel spreadsheet.  I am SUCH a goober!

Date Posted: 3/1/2008 12:04 AM ET
Member Since: 5/10/2005
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"Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page (down in the little print).

Date Posted: 3/1/2008 3:08 AM ET
Member Since: 8/26/2006
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Yes, contact us, but then use the "feedback" option, not the e-mail.

patticom - ,
Date Posted: 3/1/2008 3:31 AM ET
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If you search for a book by title and there is more than one copy/type available it will sometimes come up as individual shelves...  Several times I've ordered directly from someone's short shelf that way rather than a person with 200+ books listed, because I've noticed that those with gargantuan shelves almost always take a long time to approve the request (probably because they need time to find the book requested!!)... well, that and I also feel like those with fewer books listed probably need the credit more.  ;)

It would be nice to be able to do that same sort of search in reverse--type in the title of a book you are thinking of listing and it will bring up a list of people who want it....   is that what you had in mind??

Date Posted: 3/1/2008 7:23 AM ET
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I just looked at Melani's wish list and I was able to search it. 

I used the Wish List button under har name on one of the above posts.

I put "leek" into the search field and left the genre empty. 

I was able to see four books by an author whose last name is Leek.

Is this what you are trying to do?  Or are you trying to search more than one person's wish list at a time?

Date Posted: 3/1/2008 12:30 PM ET
Member Since: 6/5/2007
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Or are you trying to search more than one person's wish list at a time  Yes, that's what she's trying to do. I belive the situation is finishing a book and seeing if your Buddies have that book on their WL prior to posting it in the FIFO system (that's what I often do, anyway)



Date Posted: 3/1/2008 12:43 PM ET
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Ange - I was trying to search more than one person's wish list at a time.  I have several folks on my buddy list that read the same sort of books that I do, so I wanted to search their WL to see if a book I've finished is on their list and I'd post it directly to them.

thanks for the info y'all.  I'll contact R&R!

Date Posted: 3/1/2008 1:37 PM ET
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I sent R&R a wish for the ability to search multiple buddies' WL's at one time....