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Topic: Do You See This Kind of Cancelled Transaction?

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Subject: Do You See This Kind of Cancelled Transaction?
Date Posted: 12/12/2007 1:16 PM ET
Member Since: 3/10/2006
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I just put in a requestor condition for the first time, and I'm nervous that people will start rejecting offers based on this (it's a very simple request to wrap the book in plastic, but we've all discussed how weird people can be about these RCs....).

My question is - can you see these cancellations via your Transacation Archive, or will you never know who offers up these books and cancels them?

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 1:24 PM ET
Member Since: 2/2/2007
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Yes you can see cancelled orders there.

RCs "shouldn't" be a problem but some members refuse any RC, no matter what it is. Their loss for a credit though.

I don't know how you've worded your RCs but since you are in NY you could always say, "Due to frequent wet weather in my area, please wrap the book in plastic wrap so that it arrives without a problem" (or something that indicates possible wet weather in your end)

I live in sunny CA so weather usually isn't a problem. However I've had packages left on the patio that got wet from a clogged sprinkler! Talked to mgt for 2 weeks and finally checked it out and fixed it myself!

Hope you don't have any problems with your RCs.


Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 12/12/2007 1:26 PM ET
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The request and cancelled transactions will show up in your Transaction Archive, but I'm not sure if it logs the reason the request was cancelled (I don't think it does, unless there were PMs back and forth about it).  So, you should always know if a book has been offered to you and if that transaction cancelled.

It's true that there are people that reject trades just because there is a requestor condition (you read about it in the Forums all the time) but in reality, most people here are reasonable and do not reject/cancel out of hand like that.  I have requestor conditions and have been lucky that no one yet has cancelled a transaction with me just because I had conditions listed.  Although, I'm aware that it could happen because there are members who -do- refuse to deal with conditions.  They are allowed to cancel a trade because of conditions just as I am allowed to post conditions in the first place.

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 1:29 PM ET
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Your RC does not seem unreasonable. The only ones I hesitate to reject are the ones that indicate that they would like the book in like-new condition.
Date Posted: 12/12/2007 1:32 PM ET
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Do I mean "hesitate to reject"? Once I hit submit reply, that line did not make sense. What I mean is the only time I consider rejecting are the ones that people indicate they want a brand-new book from a used book site.
Date Posted: 12/12/2007 2:07 PM ET
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These types of cancelations are not listed in your archives:

Per the Help Center:

  • To see all book requests you declined to send (this list will not include books you have declined for Requestor Conditions):
    • sort by Requested From Me - Canceled by Sender - Title - Descending
  • To see all book requests the sender declined to send to you (this list will not include requests that were declined for Requestor Conditions)
    • sort by Requested by Me - Canceled by Sender - Title - Descending

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Date Posted: 12/12/2007 2:30 PM ET
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You should get the emails "This book has been offered to you.." and then "We're sorry, but the book cannot be sent to you...". Shouldn't you?

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 3:04 PM ET
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I have an RC requesting books be wrapped in plastic and have never had a problem.  I don't know if I've ever been turned down, but if so, the next in line has been quick to send the book.  The plastic request doesn't seem to be one people get irked about.

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 3:17 PM ET
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You should get the emails "This book has been offered to you.." and then "We're sorry, but the book cannot be sent to you...". Shouldn't you?

I have all my books on auto-request, so that's why I'm initially wondering.  But I would imagine I'd get a "We're sorry..." email either way.  Not sure.

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 4:40 PM ET
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Some of us wrap up every book we send anyway.  Nothing irksome in asking, though.

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 5:35 PM ET
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I have RCs, and have always gotten an email saying that the book cannot be mailed when someone turns down a request because of the conditions.

Date Posted: 12/12/2007 8:48 PM ET
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I just rewrote my requestor conditions last night in order to be more clear and still two books I ordered were rejected based on my conditions.  One person gave the following as a reason:

"Since there is no cover picture posted I have no idea whether the book meets the conditions or not. I would rather just say it does not meet conditions than send it out and have it rejected."

My requestor conditions are as follows:

"Please be sure the cover and edition for the ISBN are the same as the listing rather than sending a prior edition.  Some cover wear and edge wear is to be expected but should not be excessive.  Highlighting or writing in books is unacceptable.  I do expect hardcover books to come with the DJ and apparently that is something that needs to be stated in requestor conditions."

I suppose I am going to have to try another re-write to make myself more clear.

I am not sure why people immediately reject a request assuming the book does not meet requestor conditions.  I am wondering if those people have tried to pass on books in poor condition and did not get their point as a result.  The majority of the books I have ordered here have been rejected and the system will not even allow me to request the book again, even when both parties have discussed the transaction in PM and want to complete it after the initial rejection.  Some books have not met my requestor conditions and I am glad those transactions were canceled but it is those thansactions where the other person is unsure and rejects the order without checking it out first that frustrate me because the system automatically prevents the transaction from going through.

Date Posted: 12/13/2007 2:24 AM ET
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Requests that are cancelled due to RC's do not show up on your transaction archive. I had a wishlist book come up which I accepted and the member misunderstood my RC's and cancelled the transaction. I tried looking her up on the transaction archive to PM her and tell her I wanted the book but the cancellation was not listed.