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Topic: sending free books

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Subject: sending free books
Date Posted: 3/11/2013 9:44 PM ET
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I had a request from someone for a book I had who then canceled it and was very confusing in her request. Turns out she had already requested the book to someone else and they accepted the request, then CANCELED it (which sent it to me) and then sent her the book anyway, for free. So when I told her this didn't follow the rules and I was being cheated out of a credit she told me I was being ugly about it and basically, tough stuff.

I simply told her that her sender was not following the rules which screws it up for others. Wow, how ugly of me.

Am I incorrect? She stated that book baazar people sent books for free all of the time. What are those???

Hey, I'm just following the PBS rules as I know them. Am I wrong? Please enlighten me and I will change my tune!!



Date Posted: 3/11/2013 9:58 PM ET
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It is common for people to offer deals for free books in the book bazaar.  Normally, the requestor will request X amount of books and then PM the person offering the deal with the titles that they would like free.  Most likely, this requestor was confused about the process and requested all the titles through the system then the sender (one offering the deal) cancelled the free selection rolling it over to you. 

Honestly, not that big of a deal.  You've not been cheated out of anything as your book is next in line on FIFO and will be requested/sent to the next person who asks for it.

Date Posted: 3/11/2013 10:04 PM ET
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I'm not quite sure what her situation was, but there is a thread in the book bazaar to send damaged books for free.  The thing is though that in that thread, the books are not posted to the person's WL (if it is a WL book).  Nor is the book ordered from the sender once they post it on their bookshelf.  To get those "free" books, you have to send the person your address and they will send you the book.  The whole thing is done off-site with TPTB knowledge, and it is pretty closely monitored by the people that run those threads.

I know that sometimes someone may order a "deal" where they will order a book and then get some other books free from the same sender.  I myself offer an ongoing deal in my signature line.  For example--the person want to take advantage of my 3 for 1 deal so they order one book and then send me a PM with the other two books they are requesting.  I then take those books off my bookshelf and include them in the package when I send the first book that they ordered from me.  It is a way to clear off my shelf and doesn't cost me much more in postage to send it.

If someone was ordering a deal and the person they ordered from cancelled for some reason, the offer would then have been passed to you as the next person in FIFO.  That has happened to many members here and they have then cancelled the second order. 

And some people do sometimes send "free" books as a RAOK--random act of kindness.  However, if the original sender was going to do this, they would have been better served and saved everyone a lot of hassle (IMO) to just buddy the credit back and let the order stand as it was.  Then it would not have rolled over to you.

Those are only a couple of scenarios I know of, and all are perfectly legitimate.  From the information you gave, and that you were apparently given, I'm not sure if it is possible to say that anything was done against the rules.

Date Posted: 3/11/2013 10:43 PM ET
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Maybe I'm not understanding all the circumstances.  Did she cancel the request and then send you an explanation as to why she canceled it?  (I've never canceled a request, so I don't know how that works.)

It sounds to me like maybe someone canceled her original request then felt bad and sent the book anyway free of charge, so she canceled her request from you.  Like Melissa said, you're not really out a credit.  Had her original request not been canceled, it never would have rolled over to you anyway. 

I looked through my transaction archives once and was surprised to see cancellations for books I didn't even realize had been requested.  So apparently, it's pretty common. 

Here's hoping it will get re-requested soon.

Date Posted: 3/11/2013 10:44 PM ET
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PBS is set up that the receiver can cancel the order up until the sender has printed the label. After that, they can't. And, as the sender, you do not have to cancel if requested. This is because we may have already paid for the postage.

Most of the Book Bazaar freebies are with an order, such as order one book and get one free.

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Date Posted: 3/11/2013 11:04 PM ET
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The member cancelled the request herself, not asking you to do so? This is perfectly within the site rules and allowed as that is why there is a cancel button on the request. You weren't cheated out of anything, there next request will go to you and you will get a credit from them.

It just sounds like the first member who offered the book, for some reason, got delayed on mailing or marking the book mailed and their request got cancelled and rolled to you. They may have already paid for the label or even mailed the book so they could have just let the requester know the book was on its way and they could have it.

If there is a mixup and a member ends up with 2 books on their way to them, the site's first recommendation IS to try to cancel the second request so that they don't end up with both books. It is the least complicated way to try to fix the problem and not have anyone out a book and credit.

Offer deals is ok on the site. Offering the book for free to make up for her error is also acceptable. If you had already mailed your book, the requester would have been required to give you the credit. This way you just wait for the next requester.

Date Posted: 3/12/2013 4:46 PM ET
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same thing happens when a book goes lost then winds up arriving late after the request has gone on to a new sender. it's better to have the second request cancelled than to have the recipient receive 2 books and fight about who gets the credit.

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Date Posted: 3/12/2013 4:55 PM ET
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When a book goes lost, the system does not pass the request on to someone else.  They suggest you wait 2 weeks to reorder. So that's probably not what happened here. 

I'm surprised the OP got a reason at all. When I've cancelled request, I haven't given a reason and I'd probably not be happy if the sender PM'd to ask my why I cancelled.  I cancelled because I obviously decided I didn't need the book at this time.