Book Reviews of Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
Seth Speaks The Eternal Validity of the Soul
Author: Jane Roberts
ISBN-13: 9780553255928
ISBN-10: 0553255924
Publication Date: 12/1/1984
Pages: 486
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4.6 stars, based on 7 ratings
Publisher: Bantam
Book Type: Paperback
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The first Seth book I read, unfortunately, I can't even recall the name of now. I was so annoyed by the constant interference by Jane Roberts' husband in his duties as transcriber of the information--that I found it unreadable. In that book, literally HALF of each chapter was inconsequential, unimportant details from Robert Butts about when Jane was smoking, how she delivered the information, when the cat jumped up on her lap, etc. I felt and still feel that Butts needed reassurance of his importance in this process, since Jane was the one with the channeling and psychic abilities. And, because of his interference, he makes the books almost unreadable. It got worse with time.

I had dismissed Seth books by the time I read Seth Speaks, but skipped over every comment by her husband. It keeps the intensity of the narrative much better and I really don't understand why the editors, in all these years, haven't edited out the comments of Robert Butts. Only once have I found the information relevant at all and that was because of a peculiar visual experience that Butts had that I had had before. To most it would not be important.

After having said all this, I feel this Seth book is the most important, seminal book in understanding the workings of the multiverse that has ever been published.

I am generally skeptical of channeled works because it is so easy for the person channeling to insert their own information.

So I continued to look in this book for "Seth" to include examples that came from the life of Jane Roberts instead of different information that "he" had encountered. As far as I could tell, the examples were not drawn from the life of Jane Roberts--except for the chapter that talked about how humans should sleep half in the nighttime and half in the day. The tone was totally different, the information was simple and repeated over and over--very unlike the tone and delivery in the rest of the book. I felt this issue was a Jane Roberts issue, not a Seth one.

The delivery of rest of the book is so packed, so dense in concept that you cannot help but feel the urgency and complexity of the information Seth is communicating.

For example: "It seems as if an atom "exists" steadily for a certain amount of time. Instead, it phases in and out, on to speak. It fluctuates in a highly predictable pattern and rhythm. It can be perceived within your system only at certain points in this fluctuatioin, so it seems to scientists that the atom is steadily present. They are not aware of any gaps of absence as far as the atom is concerned.

In those periods of nonphysical projectioin, the off periods of fluctuation, the atoms "appear" in another system of reality. In that system they are perceived in what are "on" points of fluctuation, and in that system also then the atoms (seem to) appear steadily. There are many such points of fluctuation, but your system of course is not aware of them, not of the ulitmate actions, universes and systems that exist within them."

The larger point Seth makes is that we fluctuate in the same way atoms do--between this life, our "past lives", our probable lives. There is no time and no space. What makes them seem continuous is our own linking of perception in that particular dimension. And, simultaneously, we are experiencing in other dimensions, and just as sure that our experiences in them are continuous. In fact, we are hugely more capable of multi-tasking than we ever thought. He says, imagine that you are able to have consciousness of one moment all around the entire world ---all at the same time. This is what we are--a sphere of many kinds of consciousness all functioning simultaneously, learning simultaneously, expanding simultaneously. And so, of course, there is no past, there is no future and there will never be an end to expansion. Conciousness seeks to experience and that is what we are doing. And in that context, there is no "wrong" experience or "right" experience. There is no good and evil, there is only consciousness experiencing, feeling.
Seth explains about "cross-over": "On occasion even in waking life a personality may spontaneously shift gears, so to speak, and suddenly find itself for a second or perhaps a few moments within another such realm. Disorientation usually occurs. There are those who do this quite deliberately with training, but often they do not realize they are interpreting the experiences they have with the values of their 'home' consciousness.

All of this is not as esoteric as it might seem. Almost every individual has had bizarre experiences with consciousness, and know intuitively that their greater experience is not limited to physical reality. Most dreams are like animated post cards brought back from a journey that you have returned from and largely forgotten. Your consciousness is already oriented again to physical reality; the dream, an attempt to translate the deeper experience into recognizable forms. The images in dreams are also highly coded, and are signals for underlying events that basically are not decipherable." [in our reality].

This will not be a book I put back up for posting because I find that I can still pick up the book, open it to any random page and read it again (even though I've read it twice already) and find new understanding.

Much of what he describes I had already felt some intuitive understanding of. But there are details here that only one with experience could describe. As I said, there is an urgency in his delivery as if he were in a hurry to explain ALL of this complexity to personalities pre-disposed to believe only their five senses. There is so much ground to cover.

I bought another two of Jane Roberts' books and I may someday try another , but unfortunately I suspect that her own illness while she dictated these began to dominate her interests. Who wouldn't want to know how to treat their own illness if you had this kind of contact? Unfortunately, I feel Jane Roberts' own interests blocked what Seth would have said.

I trust none of the books Robert Butts published posthumously.

This is the book I keep at the side of the bed when I wake in the middle of the night. And I haven't yet exhausted the information in it. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to know what this is all about.
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This book is a classic...a must read for anyone interested in the metaphysical.