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Topic: "Can't ship to special requests".........

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Subject: "Can't ship to special requests".........
Date Posted: 11/15/2010 5:37 PM ET
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........was the response to my Requestor Condition when she declined to send me a wishlisted audio book.  I was first in line of about 15 wishers for this audio book.  My RC asks that the original packaging for the audio book CD's be included.  (PBS guidelines say that original packaging is not required, only the CD's.) 

     But from the wording of the refusal, I assume the person just won't send to anyone who has requestor conditions and her refusal had nothing to do with the audio book packaging.

     The PBS Librarian's e-mail said I would be placed in my original position in the wishlist queue.  But I see that I am now 4th in line, not 1st as I previously had been when the audio book was offered.  What happened?  And the question to which there is no answer:  why do some members refuse to send to anyone with Requestor Conditions?  Mine are gently worded and not overly long or difficult to understand.

Date Posted: 11/15/2010 5:47 PM ET
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Only the PBS Team would know specifically why you went to #4 in the queue. Per the Help Docs, it could be for a few reasons:

1. Someone marked a book RWAP and was returned to the front of the queue.

2. Someone ordered this audio book and it went lost in the mail, and they were returned to the front of the queue.

3. Someone was ahead of you on PBS for it, but had their account on vacation hold. They have now unheld their account, and get their place back in line.

The whole "cannot mail to people with RCs" has been discussed to death in various forums. A person might choose to refuse sending to someone with conditions because they got burned by someone who had one. Maybe that person marked it RWAP, and the person felt cheated and that the member was taking advantage. So because of that one instance, they will no longer send to "picky" members.

Others just don't want to chance that someone might mark it RWAP for not meeting conditions, so they choose to move on.

Others feel that this is a used book swapping site, and their book meets the basic conditions and that's all it should be, and do not send to members who want books that are better than PBS requires.



Date Posted: 11/15/2010 5:48 PM ET
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Some PBS members prefer to decline all RC's regardless of the actual content. 

Usually when you seem to be bumped back in line after a canceled transaction (or lost in mail), it is because someone wishlisted ahead of you also had a problem transaction (and were also returned to their original position).  Another reason is members wishlisted ahead of you may have had the book on hold, in which case their spot is being held but it's 'invisible' to other members.  The latter happens most frequently in the case of new releases as some members automatically place all books on hold that are not yet released.  I'm currently on several such wishlists, I know when the book is closer to release date several members ahead of me will 'unhold' the book and I will appear to move backwards in FIFO.

If you truly feel your placement is incorrect, contact PBS admin and ask if they can check for you.

Date Posted: 11/15/2010 6:56 PM ET
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Yeah, repeating what others have said, some people are a little bit gun shy about RCs, since they often have a subjective quality to them and that can further open the sender to a RWAP. Now in your case it doesn't sound like your RC is that subjective, but some people figure to be better safe than sorry and will reject all RCs. (I don't have such a policy myself, but I admit I'd be a bit on the paranoid side if I felt the RC was too subjective.)

Date Posted: 11/15/2010 7:23 PM ET
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It's possible that since it's WL they have decided not to accept any RCS because they know one of the wishers will have no RCS they have to deal with. Just as you have a right to have RCs senders have a right to decline any and all RCS.

You probably weren't 1st in line when it was offered to you.  The 3 in front could have had RCS, been on hold or had a pending transaction fall through.

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Date Posted: 11/15/2010 7:24 PM ET
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I had one member snidely remark that those with RCs make this site an unfun place and that she refuses ALL RCs.  She felt it was unfair for me to not just accept any book as this was a used book site.  This was for a book I wanted for over a year.  She even stated that the book was in perfect shape but she would not mail it to me.  My RC states no ex-library and no books that are on their last legs, and HBs with DJs, please.  Some members are plain loco.  I keep a list of their names.

Date Posted: 11/15/2010 9:09 PM ET
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While I read RC's and will send the book if it meets the RC, I have the right to refuse, just as you have the right to have RC's.  It's the way the system works!

No need EVER, in my mind, to be snide or rude about refusing a RC.