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Skeleton Man
Skeleton Man
Author: Tony Hillerman
ISBN-13: 9780739453100
ISBN-10: 0739453106
Publication Date: 2004
Pages: 241
  • Currently 2.8/5 Stars.

2.8 stars, based on 3 ratings
Publisher: HarperCollins
Book Type: Paperback
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I recommend this book. But i just really do enjoy these characters. having spent time in the greater four corners region in my High School Years, living in Mancos, Colo near Mesa Verde Park. I find these series of stories fulfilling for landscape descriptions as well as area based excellently plotted, complete adventure-mysteries involving the ancient and modern worlds of the region. The folks that made the awards to Mr. Hillerman did a good job in their selecting him for the praise. Heck, I alone have enjoyed these books enough
have made the his efforts worthwhile. This one, too, lives up to Mr. Hillermans' high standards.
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I liked this one!

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. In MWA Grandmaster Hillerman's sterling 17th Chee/Leaphorn novel, a 1956 collision between passenger planes high above the Grand Canyon leaves a courier's arm and attached diamond-filled security case unaccounted for after almost half a century. Enter retired Navajo Tribal Police Lt. Joe Leaphorn, who must try to connect the dots between an old robbery involving a valuable diamond and a more recent crime involving another diamond, both of which may somehow be related to the plane-crash jewels. The puzzle soon draws in fellow Navajo officer Sgt. Jim Chee and former cop Bernie Manuelito, Chee's soon-to-be bride. Billy Tuve, a cousin of Chee's lawman buddy Cowboy Dashee, is arrested after trying to pawn a gem believed to have come from the more recent robbery. Dashee enlists Chee's help to verify Tuve's story of a mysterious old man who gave him the jewel during a journey to a canyon-bottom shrine. But the good guys soon learn there are plenty more people in the hunt, and some will stop at nothing to get what they're after. The stakes are high and the danger escalates clear through to the final pages. Hillerman continues to shine as the best of the West.
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This was interesting, as Hillerman's always are. I wish Leaphorn wasn't retired, however, because I think the books where he is more involved in the mystery are more interesting. However, for Hillerman fanatics, this is definitely worth the read.
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Hillerman at his best. Chee is getting married and its about time. His intended, Bernadette Manuelito, has a large part in the mystery.

As the cover states: "In 1956, an airplane crash left the remains of 172 paeeengers scattered along the cliffs of . . . the Grand Canyon --- including an arm attached to a briefcase containing a fortune in gems. Half a century later, one of the missing diamonds has reappeared ... and the wolves are on the scent.
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good tony hillerman read
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Peppered with Indian lore and customs of the southwest -- made a the mystery interesting. A few surprises and a fairly satisfying denoument. The author knows every nook and cranny of Arizona.
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I love tony Hillerman books and this one does not disappoint. Great mystery set on Indian reservations.
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One of Hillerman's best.
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This is a bit fluffier of reading than most of Hillerman's. It just didn't seem to have the depth his writing usually does--a somewhat superficial telling of the tale. This is probably not helped by the introduction/ending being Leaphorn talking to his buddies--interesting idea, glad Hillerman didn't make it a habit. In some ways, the book seems mostly an introduction, then it's an end. A good end, but I just started to feel things were happening when it showed up.

Watching Chee & Bernie navigate new interaction territories (engaged rather than supervisor/employee) was nice. I'm hoping there is another book after this one because I'd like to see that continue (and I just like Bernie as a character).

This book was interesting in the clear bad guys, the clear good guys, and the not really either woman in the center. Her character was consistent, but it results in being unable to pigeon-hole her.

Nice light Hillerman. Enjoy!
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One of Hillerman's best of the Chee-Leaphorn series.
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A must read for those who love the southwest and mysteries. This was a "can't put down" type of book as all of his have been.
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Always good. If you like the native american outlook, and I do.
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Starting from nothing more than a skeletal arm, a complex web of danger and threat is woven. A woman wants to prove that the arm is that of her father. A dangerous and mysterious power broker will stop at nothing to keep her from finding that out. A simple-minded American Indian may be a murderer- or he may be a victim in an elaborate plot. Is there something more valuable than a cache of diamonds at stake here?

A tense, complicated plot involves Leaphorn and Chee in dangerous machinations. Suspenseful, thrilling, with surprising plot twists. A great read.
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Love Hillerman books!
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A Perennial favorite. Hillerman always delivers a clean, quick read that hooks you from the first page.
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Excellent entry in the Joe Leaphorn series
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Tony Hillerman is always good and this has a lot of
Bernie in it.
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An interesting read...
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Another good Hillerman tale. Leaphorn comes out of retirement to help solve a crime involving Chee's simpleminded cousin.
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A good, quick read. Not as engrossing nor as well written as some of his earlier novels.
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Another Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn book. Great if you are a fan, but a little light in the story. Characters still enjoyable, but not enough about them.
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Joe Leaphorn comes out of retirement to investigate a trading post murder that is being hung on a simple-minded kid who is the cousin of his old partner Jim Chee, things get complicated and all is tied to an airline disaster in the Grand Canyon that happened fifty years ago.
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Love the Chee character.
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A great Leaphorn mystery.
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Former Navajo Tribal Police lieutenant Joe Leaphorn comes out of retirement to help investigate what seems to be a trading post robbery. A simpleminded kid nailed for the crime is the cousin of an old colleague of Sergeant Jim Chee. He needs help, and Chee and his fiancee, Bernie Manuelito, decide to provide it.
Proving the kid's innocence requires finding the remains of one of 172 people whose bodies were scattered among the cliffs of the Grand Canyon in an epic airline disaster fifty years in the past. The passenger had handcuffed to his wrist an attache case filled with a fortune in diamonds-one which seems to have turned up in the robbery.
But the Hillerman, it can't be that simple. The daughter of that long-dead diamond dealer is also seeking his body. So is a most unpleasant fellow, willing to kill to make sure she doesn't succed. These two tense tales collide deep in the canyon at the place where the old man died trying to build a cult reviving reverence for the Hopi guardian of the Underworld. It's a race to the finish in a thunderous monsoon to see who will survive, who will be brought to justice, and who will finally unearth the Skeleton Man.
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I didn't read this book. There are too many good books out there and I gave up at 87 pages.

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Another Hillerman good read! If you like Southwest Indian culture(s) with a good mystery than this is a good one. A "cold Case" comes to life again when an heir tries to find her parental roots after an airplane crash over the Grand Canyon from 1956.
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This is a beautiful first edition copy. The NEw York Times and Los Angeles Times rates Tony Hillerman as an outstanding story teller. Former Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn comes out of retirement to help investigate what seems to be a trading post robbery.A simpleminded kid nailed for the crime is the cousin of old friend of Jim Chee. Maybe this is not so simple.It is linked with a diamond robbery. And the original diamond robber is dead. Jim Chee and the old dead diamond robber's daughter are both looking for his body. So is a third party willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. What clue is on the long dead diamond robbers body? Another Navajo is dead and connected to this crime. It's a race to the finish in a desolate canyon with heavy rains who will find the clue to the diamonds and who will survive. This is not the simpleminded man's crime, unless he has at least one accomplice but who is willing to kill so much to see that these crimes are not solved?
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One of his BEST! Why are all these people searching the dessert for

a plane crash site,and a certain body that happened 50 yrs. ago? Who will find it? They get mighty desparte looking.How many will die in the hunt?

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This is a very good book. It is a book about former Navajo Tribal Police lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergent Cree. Fineing about a loose diamond. Did it come from a plane crash that happen 55 years ago
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Pretty good but I like all the Hillerman mysteries.
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not his best but pretty good
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great book-great author
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I tried so hard to like this book! For me it started at the very beginning where the reader is overwhelmed with names of characters, with no real explanation of who they are or how they figure into the storyline. Once we finally get to the so-called meat of the plot, the who, what, where, why, and how continues to be weak, with additional unknown/unexplained people thrown in. Then, Leaphorn's girlfriend is added into the mix for no apparent reason. She invites herself along on a steep hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (because she's a former border control agent, allegedly has experience in hiking, and thinks it would be fun) and the reader finds out she's wearing friggin women's sneakers! It's irritatingly stupid writing like this throughout that added to my displeasure of this book. I forced, literally, myself to listen to this, but at the end of the last chapter, I had had enough and just didn't give a crap anymore and stopped listening.
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In 1956, an airplane crash left the remains of 172 passengers scattered among the majestic cliffs of the Grand Canyon---including an arm attached to a briefcase containing a fortune in gems. Half a century late, one of the missing diamonds has reappeared...and the wolves are on the scent.
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I haven't read this one--it was given to me, but I don't particularly like Hillerman books.
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In 1956 an airplane crash left the remains of 172 passengers scattered amoung the cfiffs of the Grand Canyon--- including an arm attached to a briefcase containing a fotune in gems. Half a century later one of the missing diamonds has reappeared .... and the wolves are on the scent