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Topic: smoke free pet free free free free

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Subject: smoke free pet free free free free
Date Posted: 1/17/2009 4:09 PM ET
Member Since: 4/14/2008
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i have lately received a lot of draconian instructions regarding the condition of my books lately. has everyone forgotten that these are used paperbacks (AND FREE!!!!)? i don't always have a complete provenance on a paperback that originally cost $6.95. if someone has severe allergies, they would no doubt be better off with new books, no? i guess this means no library books, no used book stores?
Date Posted: 1/17/2009 4:15 PM ET
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That's the thing with Requestor Conditions - they can put whatever they want in there!  If it means that they don't get many offers, then they have to accept that.

As for smoke or pet allergies, I know lots of people suffer from them.  If I've bought a new book, I know it's from a smoke free home, so I'll send to someone with a "No Smoking" RC.  However, I have 2 cats and a dog, so no way would I send to someone with a No Pets RC!


Date Posted: 1/17/2009 4:24 PM ET
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Don't like RCs or don't know if the book you have meets them? Decline and move on.  Most of us are pretty polite with our RCs so I don' see why people get in a tizzy about them.

Books are not free here, they cost a credit earned by paying postage to mail out a book I bought. Why shouldn't I be able to filter out the books I cannot read? If I get a book from the library or a UBS I can smell it to see if it triggers my allergies. RCs are my only way of "sniffing" that book to see if I can read it before the other member sends it to me.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 4:26 PM ET
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Paula...yes, this is a used book site but, NO the books are not Free!!!  Each person either pays to ship their books to a requestor at the cost of $2.23 + per book or they purchase credits from other members or in the Kiosk so, receiving books is not free!!!!!! 


Just because members have allergies it does not preclude them from belonging to and participating in a used book swap.  I for instance cannot tolerate cigarette smoke so, I have RCs stating I cannot accept books that are currently in a smoking home....I do not have difficulty getting books (ie: I currently have 115+ books in my TBR pile that I aquired used).  A member of PBS has the right to have RCs....and NO a person with allergies would not be better off with just new books.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 4:37 PM ET
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I think out of the 350 books I've sent maybe 20 have had RCs.  It sounds to me like you've just had a run of them.  I think most people know that the books they are getting are going to be used and not look brand new.  I just take them on how they are worded. If they say not currently in a smoking home then I accept. If they want a sniff test and a history of where the book has bend then I decline.  I decline anything that says pets because I have 2 lrg furry dogs who get hair everywhere.  Every book I send out comes with at least one strand of black lab hair.  Now if it just says cats then I accept.  Again depending on how it's worded.  I don't PM if I have any questions. If the RCs aren't clear enough then they need to be rewritten. I'm not going to negotiate over a book/credit. It's just no worth the aggravation.  I also turn down any that ask for a "like new" or barly used book.  I turned down one the other day that only wanted "gently used" and "no odd smells" well that's just too subjective.  To me as long as the book isn't falling apart or stained, I'm ok with it-but what if they complain about some dog eared pages or some spine wear. 

Some people decline any and all RCS and it's OK to do that.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 6:47 PM ET
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Respectfully, it isn't for you to tell those of us with health issues what stipulations to put on our books (which, as Melanie and Christy said, are not free) or why.  I've got a severe allergy to cigarette smoke and mold; I've recieved 1 out of 500 books that caused a health issue, because the good members here have been respectful of my (I believe) politely worded RCs.  If you don't want to send to those with RCs, don't, but please don't go around telling us that just because we have an allergy, we shouldn't be able to participate here too. :-)

And I don't always send out $6 paperbacks, I often send out $20+ hardcovers that I bought new, dying to read it, and then sent it out.  So, you want me here :-)



Date Posted: 1/17/2009 9:12 PM ET
Member Since: 1/1/2009
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I am personally very greatful for those who use RCs in a kind way as I would not like for my cats or dogs fur to get them sick and I can not be sure to make sure all dander is off the book. I have pets and pet hair gets in the oddest of places! So no matter what, I can not accept those RCs with pet issues as even if the book was new and never entered my home, I am sure it got fur in it just being near me! LOL


 I will shamefully say that the first RC I got was for something asking for new or near new books. And even though the book they wanted was infact new, I turned it down as I felt like it was not in the spirit of PBS. I am still wondering if that was wrong of me.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 9:22 PM ET
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 I will shamefully say that the first RC I got was for something asking for new or near new books. And even though the book they wanted was infact new, I turned it down as I felt like it was not in the spirit of PBS.

I usually turn down the "new or nearly new" RCs.  I'd much rather surprise someone with an extra nice copy.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 10:32 PM ET
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Kim I turn those down too even if my books looks brand new.  I just don't want a complaint because a page is dog-earred or something.  They make books so cheaply now that they look a little worn even after 1 reading no matter how careful you are.

One of the 1st RCS I had asked for only books that were "like new" and "near mint". It was for an OOP/HTF early Sherylynn Kenyon book from 1992 or something. The WL line was 80+.  No way was I sending that book out to that person.  It was in excellent condition for an old paperback. But still-I'd much rather send it to the next person who was very excited to get it as is-in postable but used condition. 

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 11:27 PM ET
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I turn down all "mint condition" or "barely used" RCs especially on older books.  I also turn down poorly worded RCs like "books that have not been around smoke" because I can't tell you if they have been around smoke, but "books from nonsmoking households" I will accept (and I if I got that are RC I have a couple of books that I would turn it down from because they still REAK of smoke.)  I have a cat so I don't accept no pet are RCs obviously.

As an allergy sufferer, I am extrememely sympathetic to smoke, pet, mold RCs since I've got bad pollen allergries.  I'm happy to accept or reject those as appropriate.  I'm not that sympathetic to RCs asking for better than PBS quality books or ones that make me think i'm going to get a nasty PM because I missed a stray pencil mark in the middle of book.  I don't feel like those are outside the spirit of a bookswapping sight.  Books should be in good conditions, but if you want perfect condition buy new or search your UBS for them.

Date Posted: 1/17/2009 11:30 PM ET
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Date Posted: 1/17/2009 11:51 PM ET
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My advice - that no one ASKED for - is to take the conditions as they come.   Turn them down if that's what you'd rather do.  Either way just don't take it personal.  I don't care if someone wants pink and purple dots on their books.  I just say no and don't give it another thought.  Life is too short to try to figure out the WHY of such things. 

Date Posted: 1/18/2009 5:12 AM ET
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One RC I rarely hear about here is one for perfume.  My mother absolutely has an almost instantaneous reaction to some perfumes.  Today a nurse who came to the house to help my Dad (hospice) was wearing some perfume which literally took my mom's breath away.  Mom didn't think she'd be able to make it to her chair after the nurse passed her in the foyer.  It took a while for her to be able to breathe normally again, and she told my cousin who is their caretaker to not let her in any other part of the house or come in the room she was in.  The nurse said she really wanted to talk to my mom anyway!  Fortunately my cousin is strong enough in personality to refuse effectively.  He told her not to come again wearing perfume.  This can apply to books, too.  A heavily scented book can set off allergic reactions as well.  That's why I wouldn't use those dryer sheets to help mask the smell of smoke in books.  Anyone who has such a condition should definitely have an RC about it.

BTW - I told my mom to put a notice on her front door about no perfumes in her house!  ;D


Date Posted: 1/18/2009 8:39 AM ET
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Most of the RCs I've seen involve smoke and/or pets and I turn all those down.  I don't smoke but my husband does and I have cats in the house.  Then there's the one about dust jackets on HC, but I don't have a lot of those on my bookshelf anyway.  I did receive one asking that the books meet PBS condition guidelines (that SHOULD go without saying and I accepted it) and one asking that I not use Press and Seal plastic wrap, which I also accepted.  I don't mind that some swappers have RCs, However I do wish they would make sure they have them clearly worded so that the rest of us know immediately if our books meet them or not.  I don't like to play guessing games or "hope" I'm not going to get a RWP.

Kisha -
Date Posted: 1/18/2009 11:12 AM ET
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That's why I wouldn't use those dryer sheets to help mask the smell of smoke in books. 

OMG do people actually do that?? I have asthma and allergies, I can handle most anything in a book especially as I AM a smoker (yes dumb I know) and have pets. So I have no RC's  But perfumes and dryer sheets, like your mom, just about kill me it feels like sometimes. 

I do get books occassionally that make me sneeze causing my dh and son to tease me mercilessly, my son likes to count how many times I sneeze brat.  Anyways, I can never pinpoint what it that sets me off so not worth doing RC's over.

I do feel bad though sometimes with RC's, I do not smoke in my house nor do I smoke in my vehicle, so my books really aren't around my smoke, other than any lingering scent on my fingers,however I refuse all non-smoking houses RC's.  Sometimes I want to PM them and explain, since I don't want them to have to wait for longer, but I know I can't risk it either if I send the book.

Date Posted: 1/20/2009 5:11 AM ET
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<<That's why I wouldn't use those dryer sheets to help mask the smell of smoke in books. 

OMG do people actually do that??>>

Yes, folks do that, so if it is a health issue for your family, best to put it in your RCs.