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Topic: Can't say it's smoke free?

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Subject: Can't say it's smoke free?
Date Posted: 1/22/2010 3:35 PM ET
Member Since: 1/19/2010
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If you buy most of your books used you can't say they are from a smoke free home can you?  I was so excited when my husband quit smoking last month, I figured I'd finally be able to say smoke free home.  I'm still excited that he quit but I just received my 1st request and realized that I had to turn it down because I couldn't remember if I bought it just before he quit or just after.  Thinking on it further I realized that having bought it 2ed hand, I could not guarantee it anyway as I have no idea if the 1st owner smoked or not.  (Sigh) I guess it will be a long time before I can say I have a smoke free home!!

Date Posted: 1/22/2010 4:22 PM ET
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A lot of people have started wording their requests for books that are "not currently in a smoking environment" and for that you would be safe.  But, yes, there's no knowing the history of used books.  While I don't smoke I do carry a book with me everywhere I go and unfortunately it can get smoky just being in my purse while hanging out with friends that smoke.  Deifnitely worth it to be safe and turn down a request if there's any doubt.

Date Posted: 1/22/2010 4:37 PM ET
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Well, I don't smoke, but I do buy plenty of used books. I have a pretty good nose for smoke, so I accept the non-smoking RCs, because I am sure that the books I have purchased used don't smell like smoke.

The only time I don't accept the RC is for some books that I can tell I have received from smokers at PBS. I make a note on the book when I receive it, and that way, I know to decline the smoke RC if it comes on that book order.

Date Posted: 1/22/2010 10:43 PM ET
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When my husband quit smoking I was told here on the forums that even the books that I got after he quit wouldn't "qualifty" as smoke free if they were stored with the ones I had before.  Like I was gonna even try to remember how long I'd had a book anyway! 

Date Posted: 1/23/2010 12:26 AM ET
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I don't expect someone to know the history of a book so accepting my "not from a current smoking household" on a used book isn't a problem to me as long as it isn't obviously smoke smelling, but since you KNOW your house was a smoking household until very recently my opinion is that you should continue to turn down non-smoking RCs for anything other than those books you are certain were not in your home while he smoked in it. As time goes by that will be harder to determine and you would want to just accept them all, but I would wait more than a month, maybe a year.

Date Posted: 1/23/2010 1:14 AM ET
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Congratulations Shelly, that's a wonderful milestone for your hubby!!!

Subject: Smoke free
Date Posted: 1/24/2010 4:59 PM ET
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Thanks to all...he was a 2-3 pack a day smoker, so I'm sure even "new to me" books have that smell...We are building a new home this year and hopefully by that time I will be able to say smoke free!!  If it comes right down to it, I will put all of my old books in the shed with AC running on low (humidity control, I live in South East Louisiana!!)  & maybe then I will be able to at least say currently in a smoke free home for the "new to me books!!  I am spending the early part of my day sponge mopping my ceilings to get nicotine off but I must say, my house smells better all of the time and my little girl is sneezing and coughing much less...I do need to go shopping for DH some new jeans thou!!  Seems he's grown from a 29" to at least a 32" waist!!!  Anyone else remember when your jeans were not tight enough (if you were a girl) unless you had your mother & sister to help you get in them??  LOL!!  He can no longer get in his 29's or 30's without major help from me!!! 

Date Posted: 1/24/2010 6:59 PM ET
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I'm going to agree with Melanie, except that if you can't smell smoke on it (if you got it after he wasn't smoking - congratulations to him, BTW!) I would just check the wording of the RCs.  I have a non-smoking condition on my account, but I just ask that it doesn't smell like smoke.  I know that's a total judgement call at times, and most of the time, people will just reject it, and that's fine with me.  But if I do get a slightly smelly book because of a judgement call, I assume the person couldn't smell it, and I don't even worry about it.  I just air it out until I can't smell it, and usually it works.  I'm not out to cause too much trouble.  But if it's obvious the book was used to hold an ashtray while the owner read another book and chain smoked, and they still send it, then I would probably mark it RWAP.  

Anyway, so all that to say that if the RCs seem congenial to the book having existed in a home which might have had smokers in it but no longer does, I would probably accept and just PM them. :P

Date Posted: 1/24/2010 10:08 PM ET
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Congrats to hubby on quitting!  Just think about how much money you'll save from him kicking that habit.  Stick the former cigarette money into a jar and you can take a vacation next winter with it.

I'd give it probably a year or so until I would consider your home smoke free.  My Mom quit 10 years ago after smoking for over 40 years.  I'd been around the smoke my whole life and it never really bothered me.  I certainly couldn't smell it on anything.  Now though, I am very sensitive to smoke smells.  I can smell it at 20 paces.  It'll take some time for things in your home to air out and to get rid of that smoke smell.