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Topic: Smoothies!!!

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Subject: Smoothies!!!
Date Posted: 6/12/2009 10:40 AM ET
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My mom and I have discovered that having a smoothie in the morning is great! It also keeps you fuller longer and less snacking in the morning. And also, if your like me and only like specific veggies when you should have all then its a great way to sneak in those pesky veggies and or fruits.

We usually use bananna as the base. We also usually add whey protein (which comes in a powder and flavor) and we specifically use frozen fruits. We do this because it is usually just us at the house and we hate wasting the food or it going bad. I usually like mine very smooth with little to no chunks, unlike my mom who practically makes an ice cream smoothie that you have to eat it with a spoon!

My personaly favorite is the bananna/strawberry smoothie.

I usually use a scoop of whey protein, 1 bananna, 5 strawberries, some blueberries (i am not a blueberry person), some strawberry, or strawberry cheesecake yogurt (usually light and fit), and some milk, just a little bit. Blend all together and there you go!

We have also discovered that ice is also a good base, or a good way to make the smoothie a little thicker, and cooler at the same time.

Feel free to post your smoothie ideas or recipies! I am always looking for new ones!

Date Posted: 6/15/2009 11:31 AM ET
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Peach or nectarine along with either vanilla or peach yogurt.  A little skim milk and ice.  Yummy

Date Posted: 6/15/2009 2:48 PM ET
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I wish I had recipes to offer.  I love smoothies too, but normally just make strawberry orange banana.  But I'm glad you started this thread and hope there are lot of recipes posted!

Date Posted: 6/16/2009 4:29 PM ET
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try the whey powder in chocolate--mix with bananas, yummy!

Date Posted: 6/30/2009 10:19 PM ET
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I'm a big fan of smoothies and smoothie related drinks! :-D Here's a recipe that I found on the internet which I use most often when I'm in the mood to make a smoothie:


1/2 cup orange juice

1/2 cup fat free plain yogurt

1 small banana

1 cup mixed frozen fruit (the creator of the recipe said to put it in the microwave for 30 minutes to thaw out, or else the blender will have a hard time breaking it up. I'm guessing that I haven't had a problem with this because I use a vitamix blender.)

directions: After microwaving the fruit for 30 seconds, place all the ingredients in a blender or mixer. Run the blender on high speed for 30 seconds. After it's blended, pour it into a tall glass.

Serving size: 1.

When I don't have yogurt on hand, I use 1/2 cup milk instead, and it still comes out good. Enjoy! :-)

Date Posted: 7/5/2009 4:31 PM ET
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Date Posted: 7/5/2009 4:38 PM ET
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Kim (Mistry) -
Date Posted: 7/11/2009 8:51 AM ET
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 I make smoothies all the time, it's about the only way to get any kind of fruit or veggies into my DD.  I freeze the smoothies and she thinks it's awesome that she gets popsicles for breakfast.

  I have a really good blender, so I use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes and the smoothies are very thick and creamy.

  My favorite is strawberry/peach.  1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1 cup frozen peaches, 1/2 cup low fat vanilla or peach yogurt, 1/2 cup milk.

    Peach can be overwhelmed easily so using the peach yogurt bumps up that yummy flavor.

Subject: Whey Protein Smoothies
Date Posted: 11/19/2009 11:25 AM ET
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My husband and I have been on Ann Louise Gittleman's "The Fat Flush Plan" for the past 2-1/2 months.  He has lost 36# and I, of course,  have only lost 10, but one of the foods we enjoy is a whey protein isolate smoothie.  We use ProEnergy 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate because it does not contain sugar, but uses Stevia for sweetening.  We've found that it is hard to keep fresh fruits for any length of time, so we started buying frozen fruits from the grocery; strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or raspberries (or any other fruit you like).  We also use fresh bananas.  I'm not crazy about the raspberries because they have so many seeds.  We use cranberry water, a cranberry concentrate mixture of 3 tablespoons of cranberry concentrate to 64oz of water to mix with the fruit and protein powder.  You can get cranberry concentrate at your local GNC or stores on that order.  You can also order it online.  Make sure you get the unsweetened.  You'll need a food processer.  Smoothie Recipe:  1 cup of fruit, 1 cup of cranwater, 1 scoop of protein powder for each person.  Break up the frozen fruit by mixing the cranwater and fruit together before adding the protein power.   This is a really great smoothie!

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Date Posted: 1/17/2010 6:39 PM ET
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Yummers, smoothies!

You don't need to add any protein powder if you use mixed greens. There is more protein in mixed greens than you may realize. Here's what I use.

  • chocolate soy milk
  • two big handfuls of mixed greens (you don't taste it, honest!!!)
  • frozen banan chunks
  • frozen blue berries
  • frozen strawberries

I add more or less soymilk depending upon how much I want to make. Sometimes I have more bananas left over, so I'll make it with just mixed greens, bananas, and soy milk. It's like drinking your salad without even realizing it.


Subject: smoothies
Date Posted: 1/20/2010 5:42 PM ET
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We love to make smoothies, but you really have to watch the serving size because the calories really start to add up. 

We love to make them with light yogurt, a frozen banana( great way to use bananas that are really ripe),  frozen fruit ( I love the frozen sweet dark cherries - they are amazing).

Date Posted: 1/20/2010 7:49 PM ET
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Serving size? If you use no animal products and it's just fruit and juice, how bad can it be? I can't imagine using the yogurt is that bad either, right?

Date Posted: 1/20/2010 9:33 PM ET
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I have a "smoothie" every morning too.  For awhile there I was using Muscle Milk as my protein base and then mixing it with water and a banana.  It makes the most yummiest smoothies.  But I'v enow switched to Isopure's Zero Carb protein powder.  When I mix it with oj and a banana it makes a yummy mock-oranjulious type of drink.  As of lately its been orange juice and either frozen strawberries or berries.  It was tasting like one of my favorite smoothies from Jamba Juice.

Subject: vegetables to use for smoothies
Date Posted: 1/22/2010 2:52 PM ET
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Im a smoothie queen with my Magic Bullet (and DBF's Vita Mix), but I always use fruit and would be interested to know what veggies you use mixed in with the fruit. By mixed greens, do you mean bagged salad?

Date Posted: 1/24/2010 9:25 AM ET
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Hi. Yes, by mixed greens I mean the organic baby lettuce (not iceburg, what's the point?). There's a book I also have called Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko that has plenty of veggie smoothie recipes. The whole book talks about how we should have WAY more greens in our diet (greens meany leafy veggies).

In the book, Victoria (a raw foodist) conduct studies with folks who eat various diets. She has all of them consume large quantities of green smoothies. Then she documents their results. So almost all the recipes include mixed greens, but also include fruits so they are tolerable. I uesd to drink green smoothies, however I wish I had a better blender. I just have a Kitchen Aid blender that's okay. I think if I had a vitamix, I could really get the greens to be even more blended/finer particules.

And I should clarify. I'm usually making more of a sorbet or non-dairy ice cream like mix. I could add more liquid so I could drink it. But I usually eat it iwth a spoon. :)

Date Posted: 2/9/2010 12:16 PM ET
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For yogurts, I recommend any natural plain type.  I prefer Stoneyfield organic or an organic Greek yogurt.  If you compare the high fructose corn syrup and calories between 'flavored' yogurts and the plain, you'll be amazed at the difference.

Never tried the greens, but has been highly recommended by a friend.  I prefer my spinach in a salad or steamed.

Date Posted: 4/9/2010 9:31 AM ET
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Kayll is right about the greens. Green Smoothies are one of the best ways to add vegetables to your diet. They're raw, and the fruits mask any bitterness if you don't like the taste. My 10 year old even likes them (although I will admit he likes to eat vegetables too). Wheat grass is good in smoothies, as is kale, cabbage, romane, you name it. The fruit sweetens it deliciously.

Date Posted: 5/19/2010 1:02 PM ET
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Lite coconut milk is my favorite liquid to add to the frozen berries. It gives the smoothie just the right consistency and has such a wonderful flavor!

Date Posted: 5/22/2010 6:59 PM ET
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I never thought to put coconut milk in smoothies--what a good idea! especially since I always seem to have 1/2 a can left after making curry. Anyway, this is my current favorite smoothie:

  • 2 cups frozen mango
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt

Very refreshing!

Date Posted: 5/24/2010 6:40 PM ET
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I've been using almond milk instead of soy or yogurt. Less calories that way and good. YES if you are watching your calories then you need to be careful on the juice especially but also the amount of fruit and yogurt in any given day.

Date Posted: 7/6/2010 4:31 PM ET
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this is what we make in our house

Banana Shake/Smoothie: recipe is per person

1 banana

1 cup skim milk or soy milk

1 1/2 tbsp peanut butter no sugar added

1 tbsp honey

It is really filling and keeps me going all morning

Date Posted: 7/7/2010 9:31 AM ET
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I completely understand what people are saying when they caution about using a protein powder or yogurt. The only way you are really going to lose weight is when your caloric intake is less than the calories you burn. I've had times when I've used a protein shake until I realized I was packing away about 1200-1800 calories with each one. As for yogurt, I THINK most of us would agree that unsweetened plain yogurt is not necessarily something to be careful about, it's when sugar and different fruits are added. Some fruit flavor yogurts are basically yogurt with fruit preserves or jam added.

I've found that, at least for me and my family, protein protein powders are best used by people who need to add bulk.

Adding greens is a GREAT idea! One of my favorite salads is just romaine lettuce, strawberries and mango. (The original salad, I believe, also had avocado and a dressing, but I like this salad when it's very simple.)

We all like different variations on smoothies in my home.

I personally stick to frozen strawberries (sugarless), frozen concentrated orange juice and bananas. When you add frozen banana and blend it to a very thick consistency, it's like ice cream or sorbet. When I'm dieting I use it for when I have a real craving for some sort of sweet dessert. I don't have them everyday, maybe once or twice a week at the most. I hope to remember to add romaine lettuce the next time I make it.

My youngest blends milk, banana, sugar, vanilla and sugar. Then she sprinkles cinnamon on top. (She's nine years old and very skinny.)

I think everyone else in the family uses either milk or non-dairy milk (rice, almond, soy or coconut milk) with banana and strawberries as a base. Then they add other fruits depending upon their moods. What I mean by coconut milk is a product made by So Delicious. It's NOT the same as the coconut waters that are on the market. They are very good, but I have been drinking fresh coconut water out of green coconuts for so many years that I am too spoiled to enjoy them.

Date Posted: 7/22/2010 8:11 AM ET
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Breakfast Smoothie

1 scoop of soy protein I use vanilla and look for the one with the least calories

1/3cupdry oatmeal

2/3 cup water

1 Tbsp nut butter of your choice

1 frozen/fresh banana

2 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce

1 Tbsp flaxseed

1 Tbsp wheat germ

1/2 cup ice cubes

Blend! 275 calories, 31 calories from fat, 28g sugar, approx 8g protein, approx 55g carbs,

Subject: A Suggestion for WHEY Protein- Nutrimeal by USANA, Low Glycemic- No Sugar
Date Posted: 7/26/2010 2:55 PM ET
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Hi from Jody- there has been some sharing about Whey Protein and a great product is USANA- Nutrimeal

It comes in different flavors- Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry- ( 9 serving packs or a variety pack to try them all )


I know some people are focusing on Low Glycemic that does not spike your blood sugar and cause cravings. And a good number of people are looking for Gluten free foods

*Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal is specifically formulated without gluten

*Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal with 15 grams of whey protein, is one of the highest concentrations of quality whey you can buy.
*Whey protein has a high bioavailability rating, which means that more protein is absorbed by the body and used for growth and energy production.*

*Free of gluten and soy protein for special dietary needs
*8 grams of dietary fiber
*15 grams of whey protein
*Low in saturated fat
*Low glycemic
*Helps reduce carbohydrate cravings and deliver sustained energy
Athletes have benefited from the lean-muscle building property of whey protein for years, and now you can too! Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal provides an impressive 15 grams of whey protein one of the highest concentrations of quality whey you can buy. It also contains all-natural flavors and sweeteners and is gluten free and soy-protein free for those with special diets. And like the other Nutrimeals, Chocolate Whey has a low-glycemic formula to produce only small fluctuations in blood glucose levels for sustained energy to keep you satisfied longer. Each serving of Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal contains 8 grams of dietary fiber, which can help maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. You'll be the envy of your friends, building lean muscle and drinking delicious chocolate shakes.
I have been taking USANA essential vitamins and nutritionals for a year and feel the difference in my health and recently decided to become a USANA Associate- so just a suggestion here for those looking for good WHEY Protein and Low Glycemic, and no white sugar or additives, preservatives.
Enjoy your Healthy Shakes, I have them every morning and my cravings are gone!
Blessings, Jody Moreen

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Subject: Smoothie w/o Whey or Yogurt
Date Posted: 12/11/2010 10:35 AM ET
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I have a fruit smoothie every evening for my supper.

Fresh fruit of any kind

Bits of frozen bananas (makes it creamy and takes the play of yogurt)

Any kind of frozen fruits

2-3 chopped dates (really adds sweetness)

Handful of almonds

Add rice milk or almond milk, or fruit juice

You can also add any kind of fresh greens that you'd like. It will change the color, but not the taste.