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Such a Pretty Fat
Such a Pretty Fat
Author: Jen Lancaster
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ISBN-13: 9780451223890
ISBN-10: 0451223896
Publication Date: 5/6/2008
Pages: 380
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 454 ratings
Publisher: NAL Trade
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 44
I picked this up thinking it could be funny and relatable. After 50 pages, I threw it across the room in a fit of annoyance. Ugh.

I haven't read any of this author's other books so maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't understand where her sense of entitlement and high self-esteem comes from. Because honestly, she just comes across as obnoxious and deluded and in desperate need of therapy. Her behavior is borderline sociopath.

And I had to laugh at her 'I'm such an urbanite, I could NEVER move to suburbs!' schtick. Bitch, please. You're from Indiana. Stop frontin'.

Oh, and don't get me started on the footnotes that litter the bottom of every single page. So. Annoying.

When are they going to stop giving every blogger with an audience a book deal? Seriously, just because you can churn out a couple of oh-so-insightful posts a day about the Blue Line and Lucky Charms doesn't mean you should write a book.

In a word: Ugh.
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Helpful Score: 19
So-so. Her previous books have made me laugh out loud, but this one was just ho-hum. I smiled occasionally, but never felt laughter bubbling up. I caught my self just skimming through alot of it.
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Helpful Score: 18
This is the kind of book that makes me think "anyone can write a book." It feels rushed in comparison to her first two books. Don't look to this book for any diet advice, or even companionship for real-life, don't-have-the-money-for-my-own-personal-trainer diets. But, it is an easy, light-hearted read if you're in the mood for one.
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Helpful Score: 6
I love Jen Lancaster. I want her to be my friend. I want to hang out with her and drink fizzy champagne drinks. I want to watch bad TV at her house while sharing the slobbered-on couch with her dog. (Or she can do the same at my house.) I am not totally convinced that we weren't separated at birth. But enough about me. Jen Lancaster's latest might be her best yet...she is laugh-out-loud-did-she-just-write-that?-I-wish-I-had-written-this FUNNY. I have read all her books except one (it's on my WL), and will continue to read everything she writes, including her hysterical blog, She has such biting wit and zingingly accurate tongue. This one covers weight loss and dieting in a way, well, that only Jen can. Jen: can't you see this is a cry for help? Please be my friend!!!
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Helpful Score: 6
I thought this book was pretty funny - I agree, not as funny as her other two books - but still worthy of a couple loud giggles. Maybe because I've been on Weight Watchers myself for nearly 5 months and could totally relate to the dieting stories? Perhaps.

However, I found it somewhat disconcerting how in the middle of the book she starts talking about the proposal for this book, and then starting to write this book. It was jarring to me, and didn't quite fit with the rest of the stories.

Overall, though it was a good, quick read. I'm looking forward to her next book, and will always read anything she writes!
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Helpful Score: 5
This was my third Jen Lancaster book and definitely my last. They've shot downhill at a very rapid pace since Bitter is the New Black.1 I had to force myself to finish the book because if I'm going to spend $2.77 to media mail it to the next person, I at least want to have read the whole book first!

Every chapter is basically about a conversation she has had with someone on a specific topic.2 Not terribly interesting conversations either. She touches on the weight loss more toward the end and it's not very motivating. Twice she wrote a sentence that could make one think, "yes, I want to do that, too!" Other than that, if I were looking to lose 40 pounds and wanted to read a book about someone who's been there, too, it wouldn't be this book.

She does, however, really try to motivate you to buy one of her other books.3 All throughout this book, it feels more like a sales pitch for Jen Lancaster. If Such a Pretty Fat had been her first book pitch it never would have been picked up and if it was, it would have been rejected when the editor saw the final cut because no one would read this unless they had a following. Save your credits and borrow this one from the library.
1. Her first book. Be sure and buy it or she'll bash you over the head with Such a Pretty Fat!
2. She thinks she's really pretty. I mean, she seriously talks about how super-pretty she is. Paragraphs worth of how pretty she is. I've googled her. She's not super-pretty. She's in denial.
3. Buy her first book! Buy her second book! Buy all her books or else she'll write a book about why you should buy her books!
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Helpful Score: 3
I was sort of disappointed by this book. Jen Lancaster's previous two books have been laugh out loud funny, but this is just sort of blah. It is still worth reading, but not nearly as entertaining as "Bitter is the New Black".
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Helpful Score: 3
This book was impossible to put down. It was fun to see her transformation from the upper-class snot in the beginning of Bitter is the New Black to her now middle class ways. I love that she is now a regular girl - albeit, still kind of a b****. While some people don't understand her narcissistic attitude, it was highly enjoyable to listen to her story say things rude people we've all thought ourselves.
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Helpful Score: 3
i think her other books might have been funnier, but this one hits closer to home for me. i wish they'd go parenthetical rather than footnote for an easier, faster read. after all, this is a "fast read" kind of book. nonetheless, i still laughed out loud at certain points in this book, and i definitely related to jen. she doesn't take herself all that seriously, and she's very tongue in cheek, which is why she can get away with the sense of entitlement (she's not ENTIRELY serious about it y'all). she's got a strong identity, and she's turned that into a career i can only dream about at this stage in my life. go on girl.
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Helpful Score: 3
Jen wrote a great 1st book, this is her 3rd. Dont expect the same genius as Bitter in the new Black. She was on page 161 before she even gets approval to write a book based on a weight loss of 50 pounds, none of which she has lost yet cause she isnt serious yet about exercise and dieting. I shocked myself when I laughed out loud, on page 302 and 344 so I took note of what page was so funny. The laughs were few and far between. I spent most of my book wondering who her author friends were that she mentioned. It takes a lot of pages to get to some really really good insight and great ending. So dont give up on the book or your own personal weight loss journey. You will probably see alot of yourself in Jen, which could be why some things we not so funny.
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Helpful Score: 2
This is a very cute book, Jen's sense of humor is sarcastic and i find her very funny. I only wish she were more specific on her weight as she keeps that so hush hush it just makes me wonder how much she had to loose at the start of the story. Her observations of jenny craig and weight watchers were right on! this is a fun fast read that i enjoyed more than her 'bitter is the new black'.
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Helpful Score: 2
i read this book in 2 days and was not too impressed. yes it was a good quick read book, but she was such a complainer it made me want to set the book on fire and walk away from it.
a friend of mine told me it was great!
and as I'm in the same boat for weight loss, thought it might be an inspiration or motivation.....nope. the ending left me wanting to know what else was happening. it just ended!
i wasn't thrilled with this book, and was very excited to read it, i was a bit disappointed to say the least.
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Helpful Score: 2
For me this was a hard book to get into. There are some parts that are very funny. The writing to me is very dry and does not flow well. My reading time is 1-2 books a week. This book took me 2-3 weeks. I just kept putting it down.
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Helpful Score: 2
Fellow bookworm reviews of this book are uneven, reflecting the same quality in the book. While I can't say I'm normally drawn to tales of weight loss, this actually has a subtext that I related to: the struggle we all face of balancing self & self esteem against the brutal, often unrealistic expectations of a looks-ist society. I actually respect her complete lack of self-loathing, despite being medically obese.

For example, after admiring her own reflection in the mirror one day, lovingly detailing why she adores each and every body part, she decides to document the start of her weight loss journey by snapping a picture of herself. As she then looks at it on her computer, she wonders: "how the f**k did Jabba the Hut get into my bedroom, and why is he wearing my pearls?"

Like I said, a fun & endearing read.
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Helpful Score: 2
Overall pretty good book, although I thought not as funny as her others. Still fun and worth the read!
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Helpful Score: 2
Jen gets back to the funny aspect of her first book, Bitter is the New Black. This is definitely laugh out loud funny and I was glad to see that after the 2nd book was a bit of a dud to me.

The author does use a lot of the "F" word so if that bothers you, probably shouldn't read the book. I don't like it but I still enjoyed the book and would skim over those sentences
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Helpful Score: 1
Hard to get into unlike her other books, however funny towards the end. Plus having been in her shoes I totally know how weight loss can be!
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Helpful Score: 1
I feel I would have really enjoyed this book prior to having children when I thought that the whole world revolved around me. After reading just a few pages, I new I would add it to my shelf without finishing it. I can no longer relate to someone who sees every little inconvience as some kind of cosmic conspiracy to make her life miserable. If you are a mother who rolls her eyes when listening to the petty complaints of your single or childless friends and no longer has the time or money to go shopping for $500.00 Coach bags, you will want to skip this book.
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Helpful Score: 1
I couldn't even make it past the first two chapters. This is just like going out for coffee/lunch with that "one person" who makes you think, "Oh God, she's going to talk about...blank the whole time" where is that damn waiter with the check when you need him/her? Seriously, don't waste your time on this one.
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Helpful Score: 1
It took me a while to get into. It does has a bitter tone to it.
I will the read her other books. I did enjoy overall.
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Helpful Score: 1
This is a fantastic book. It's a great read for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight. It takes a lot of courage to write about ones life while trying to lose weight.
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Helpful Score: 1
This was the first of Jen Lancaster's books I'd read and I was hooked from page one. She is tirelessly funny and I love a writer that can be brutally honest (with herself, especially). A great beach read - if you don't mind your neighbors thinking you are a raving lunatic. She IS a bit shallow, but she takes you quickly down the slippery slope to the deep end and WOW what a ride! I really enjoyed sharing her journey - I could SO relate! She also paints herself as a bit of a bee-otch. I highly recommend, but beware of the frequent "F" bombs she likes to drop, along with a myriad of other colorful language - if that pushes any of your buttons. I didn't mind - I guess that makes me a bit of a bee-otch too?
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Helpful Score: 1
So I loved all of Jen's previous pieces of hilarious, but this one left me a little dry. I was hoping for all of the laugh out loud, choke & possibly spit out my wine while reading a wonderful compilation of funny I've grown accustomed to, but I only had mild giggles. Yet, I still love her pearls of wisdom and the stories of triumph over Barbie the trainer..I don't care if she is a "fat bitch", honestly I prefer my Jen that way. Still worth the read!!
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Helpful Score: 1
A great Jen Lancaster read as always, but so far my least favorite. That does not mean this book is not good. Very enjoyable, I have just enjoyed her other books more.
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Helpful Score: 1
This is a great read. Started it with a bit of trepidation, but laughed my way through it!! The author relates her experiences in such a down to earth way, it makes you feel as if you are sitting at her kitchen table listening to her tell you about her day!
Great for adult readers. It has a little bit of trashy language, but not enough to make it a "bad" book.
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Helpful Score: 1
It's like reading the diary of the self-righteous and annoying girl that every high school has, except Jen Lancaster is 40 and still hasn't matured. The book was boring and overly long, she talks about her day, complains about everything in her surroundings, and acts superior to every other person she encounters who isn't part of her inner circle. Yeah, she names diet names, but her input is hardly insightful and the few random gems of information she shares are drowned by the vapid droning of her likes and dislikes. And the footnotes were completely unnecessary and lame.
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Another fun one from Jen that most of us gals can relate to. I really dig her attitude towards weight loss/exercise, and loving your bod.
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I've read books that are better and worse. This one strikes right in the middle. There is nothing special. There were some funny parts but a lot I ended up just skimming over. If your goal is motivation to keep up with your weight loss plan, then this is not the book for you. Frankly I can't think of a good audience for this.
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Thought the writer was too snarky. She makes it sound like all overweight people are cynical and jaded.
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WOW! Another home run by our all time favorite girl :) Although must admit, not happy she got where she did ;) Great read! Pick it up as SOON AS YOU CAN! 4 stars, cause the beginning was a little slow, but don't worry - she still goes crazy!!!
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this was a really funny and entertaining read.
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Carrying around a Jen Lancaster book is like sticking a best friend in your purse. When you have to put on your filters to control the urge to blurt out your feelings about idiots, pick up this book instead... Jen does it for you. I read the first two books before starting this, but I also think it is a stand-alone memoir as well. I also think either you "get" Jen, or you don't. She makes plenty of snarky footnotes, ridicules any and everyone (including herself), and has a great time doing it. This is not a book that will help you lose weight, nor is it supposed to be. Personally, the timing on this was excellent. I am on a weight-loss program and working with a personal trainer, so when she gripes, I know I'm not the only one out there who feels like a victim of torture. Although I do a lot of my reading on my commute via public transportation, I unfortunately had to demote this book as an at-home-only read...because I embarrassed myself by bursting out into boisterous fits of laughter in public way too many times.
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"Such a Pretty Fat" is an AWESOME book! Jen Lancaster's style is refreshing and honest. She manages to avoid being trite, and still leave the reader laughing. I am eagerly awaiting her new release this month (May 2009).
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Very funny and fun to read
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Good Read..
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The story of Jen Lancaster's search for a smaller her - to the tune of 40 pounds, no less! She tried Jenny Craig, she tried Weight Watchers, she tried working out with BARBIE, her impossibly fit and blonde trainer - the sum total of all that worked!

Caprice Crane, author of Forget About It, describes the book best, "wickedly funny, refreshingly honest, and totally unapologetic".
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Very funny!!
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very funny. laughed out loud a few times
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So I havn't read her other books, but I loved this one-funny and relatable, and really encouraging for those of us who have enough weight to lose that we'd be pretty delighted to be most woman's "befores". The subtitle iincludes the word narcissist, sp don't be looking for mea culpas and humility. Reccommend it!
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really like her books!
reviewed Such a Pretty Fat on + 6 more book reviews
A hilarious adventure with Jen!

She can do NO wrong... Love her and all of her books!
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Jen Lancaster is funny as usual. Not as good as Bitter & Bright Lights, in my opinion, but still enjoyable!
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Very funny!
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!
reviewed Such a Pretty Fat on + 75 more book reviews
I couldn't put this book down - another hysterical book by Lancaster