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Topic: suggestions for PaperBackSwap

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Subject: suggestions for PaperBackSwap
Date Posted: 8/10/2008 10:10 PM ET
Member Since: 4/4/2008
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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was wondering what's in the works for the site or if there's a 'suggestion box' to submit ideas or improvements. I've been wandering around the site for about a week or so and have already posted 70-some books (mailing 10). I've begun posting wishlist books as well as haunting the discussion forums so although a newbie I'm slowly figuring my way around the place.

My experiences have been favorable but it seems there's a bit of a learning curve with the site. There are many things that I wish would be improved upon or added to. For example; I'd like to know how many copies of the book I'm posting are already listed. That feature is available on the wishlist page but not on the 'My Bookshelf' section. Or, I'd like to add a note, if needed, to the books I list. Or even seperating the books I have listed on 'My Bookshelf' into different genres or catgories.

There are other things but I don't want to ramble... so, again, is there a place to see what's going to be added in the future or a suggestion box to put my two cents into?

Thanx, -J

Date Posted: 8/10/2008 10:15 PM ET
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Go to the Help Center and try Contact the PBS Team.  I don't think there's an actual suggestion link.

Date Posted: 8/10/2008 10:19 PM ET
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Jami, to find out how many copies of a book are in the system, type in the ISBN of your copy and do a search.  Add the book you find to your reminder list and it will show  you how many copies there are in the system already.  You can't do this from your bookshelf, you have to find another copy in the system. 

You can tag books you post, but your tag won't be associated with your specifc copy.  If you want to add a note about the book's condition, for example, the tag will show that, but no one will know what copy of the book the note goes with.  If that's the kind of note you're talking about, you really shouldn't add it anyway; if your books meet PBS guidelines, then no notes should be needed. 

As far as I know, the best way to see what's going on is to get the monthly newsletter.  Suggestions can be sent to the site via the contact us link.


Date Posted: 8/10/2008 10:34 PM ET
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Jami. To know how many books are in the system, follow Sandy's advise. That's the only way to know.

It is NEVER a good idea to use a tag for a review or to tell about just YOUR book and it's condition.  That's a no-no here and may be deleted by the PBS Team.  The tag follows the title of the book and no one would know whose book is being talked about.  I use the tags to put down a date the book will be published or what number  it is in a series of books, etc.

To put a note on a book, ONLY for your viewing, you can do that in your TBR List. Just click on the yellow diamond on the right.


Date Posted: 8/10/2008 10:45 PM ET
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When you send feedback using the Contact Us button, Suggestion is one of the categories under which you can place your message.

Date Posted: 8/11/2008 12:15 AM ET
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To see YOUR bookshelf by genre, enter it thru your profile. On your main account page, click My Profile, then the number of books you have listed. You will then be looking at your books as another member would be, and can sort your shelf by genre and do regular searches and such.

Another way to accomplish the same thing is to click the blue link to your profile on your posts JReed that takes us to our own profile, and then you can click the book number and be at your bookshelf.

PBS is very good at paying attention to suggestions sent in by members thru the feedback system. That's basically their suggestion box. They actually keep those that are valid and worth while, and maybe a few that aren't! hahahaha They have a To-Do list with many suggestions that have been sent in multiple times, or have struck the programmers or site owners as good suggestions.

So, send away, I do when I come across a good idea. It may take them awhile, but every now and then somebody pipes up and says, hey! that was an idea I sent in when something new comes out on the site.

Date Posted: 8/11/2008 10:22 AM ET
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I'd love to see the to-do list, does anyone have a link to it?  :)


Date Posted: 8/11/2008 10:25 AM ET
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There's also a 'Contact Us' button at the bottom.

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Subject: thanks, Junie!
Date Posted: 8/11/2008 12:35 PM ET
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I was just wandering around the forums and saw Junie's post about private notes.  I didn't realize you could do that.  Thanks!


Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 8/11/2008 1:14 PM ET
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Yes, thank you from me to Junie as well.  Although I wish the note "popped up" whenever I look at that title, and not just showing up as "flagged with a note" on my TBR list only.

Date Posted: 8/11/2008 1:18 PM ET
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if you put your cursor over the red diamond (it changes from yellow if you put a note there) it will tell you what the note is.  you do not have to open it!

Robin, good point.  I didn't realize that there wasn't the diamond when you looked at a books description.  The note will follow you from TBR to BIR or Bookshelf if you don't change/delete it.

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