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Topic: Suggestions please

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Subject: Suggestions please
Date Posted: 7/17/2009 9:43 PM ET
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I am participating in a program to send books to solidiers overseas.  The soldlier I picked this week is looking for the scifi genre - that is all the info I am given.  However I am not a scifi reader and I have no idea what to pick up for him.  I am going to a library sale tomorrow and was hoping to find something.  Any recommendations would be appreciated. 

Sorry - all I know about sci fi would be star trek - and I do have one book I am taking off my bookshelf - steve white prince of sunset - is it any good?  I don't want to disappoint him. Thanks in advance

Date Posted: 7/17/2009 9:46 PM ET
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Does any one think he/she would like miltary sci-fi, or do ya'll think something more excaptionist be more suitable? Sorry, but I don't have anything to offer.

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Date Posted: 7/17/2009 9:53 PM ET
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Thanks - I appreciate the time to read and respond to the post. This time around I need authors names because I have a limited time (next wed deadline)  to get them out before it expires and he loses out or I would be asking to order via PBS.   I don't think it matters - he is definately serving overseas - so I am sure it is Afganastan or Iraq - most of the soliders don't have any other access to books.  Thanks again

Date Posted: 7/17/2009 10:15 PM ET
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Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Ben Bova, Piers Anthony, Poul Anderson, James Blish, Alfred Bester, John Scalzi, Allen Steele, John Varley, Arthur C. Clarke,

I've read most but not all of these authors -some have been recommended on this site.  The first 8 I can find often at my library sale.  Good luck.

Date Posted: 7/17/2009 10:32 PM ET
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I second John Scalzi.  He's recent, funny, but still military SF.

Date Posted: 7/17/2009 10:42 PM ET
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Ginger - Emily thanks -

Ginger I saw your post and grabbed the names of the CMT post - thanks again. 

Emily - thanks - i think a little humor would be good - I also want to give them as many recent books as possible.  This is really fun.  I love shopping for books now I have an excuse -it isn't for me!

Date Posted: 7/18/2009 12:32 AM ET
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Just give me an address and I will double down on that one jubead. I was an Artillery Officer in Nam. My dad was an infantry officer and we were all at Pearl Harbor. My son is an Army Major with one "deployment"  so far. I would be privileged to share my sci fi books with any of my brothers.

Date Posted: 7/18/2009 10:52 AM ET
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Jubead - if it's not too late for your shopping at the library sale ... go to


and type in any of the authors listed above. The site will give you more names!

(And I nominate Elizabeth Moon, John Barnes, SM Stirling, John Scalzi, Lois McMaster Bujold, John M Ford, James Alan Gardner, David Gerrold, Steven C. Gould, Joe Haldeman, Peter Hamilton, Kay Kenyon, better stop now ...)


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Date Posted: 7/18/2009 1:37 PM ET
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If it isn't too late, I heartily second the Lois McMaster Bujold Vorkosigan novels. Really fun, well-written military sci-fi with a very non-standard military sci-fi protagonist and a lot of humor. If you have some choices go with the earlier novels like The Warrior's Apprentice, The Vor Game, or The Border's of Infinity. Or if they have the omnibus editions, try Young Miles or Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem.

Date Posted: 7/18/2009 2:17 PM ET
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Thanks to eveyone that responded.  I just got back - left early.   I got him Author Clarke, Gentry Lee, John Ringo, Jerry Pournelle/Larry Niven, Robert Asprin, and Robert Doherty.  Not too late.  This is not a one off thing.  I will be doing this on an ongoing basis - so I am sure there will be another soldier that has Scifi as the preferred genre.  Thanks  again for your replies and help - it made the task a little easier - since I am so clueless when it comes to scifi. 

I think it is a good find - 10 books in all - so hopefully this keeps him busy for awhile :)

Date Posted: 9/26/2009 12:09 AM ET
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The Sargent Kerr books by Tanya Huff are excellent, especially the first 2.