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Topic: Thanks a LOT, PBS . . .

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Subject: Thanks a LOT, PBS . . .
Date Posted: 6/5/2009 9:20 AM ET
Member Since: 9/12/2008
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*rolls eyes*

Thanks to PBS . . . I now officially have way too many unread books in my house!  They come faster than I can read!  And I'm a fast reader, reading 100 to 115 books a year!  The bookshelves are packed, the stacks on the floor threaten to topple over and crush me under my reading lamp, and the cats have gone hungry as I can no longer find the cat bowls!


Seriously. I now have more unread books in my house than I do have books that I have read. I think I need to take a year off from work and life and just lock myself in my house in order to finish them all.


Anyone else overwhelmed by how many truly wonderful things there are to read out there in the world and the knowledge that there is no way to read them all?  I wish the world would stop publishing for a few years, just to let me 'catch up' - well, not really . . . but you know what I mean.  So MANY good things out there!  And I have even discovered even MORE authors and topics via PBS.  Goodness. It's enough to make a gal collapse. ;-)

Happy Friday, ya'll.

Date Posted: 6/5/2009 9:28 AM ET
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Same for me, Laura, except I just have an over-flowing RL instead of a TBR mountain.  I don't have the space or the self control for a mountain.  If I had more that 8 - 10 books on my TBR shelf, I really would lock myself away until I had read them all.  But I have a huge list of things I want to read, thanks to PBS.

Date Posted: 6/5/2009 9:53 AM ET
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Hey, Laura, I'm right there with ya! lol Before I joined PBS,my shelves were almost bare. Now, they are overflowing with BTR thanks to all the wonderful members on this site. I have found a universe of reading genres that I never explored before. I'm surprised my husband hasn't said anything about the mailman having to bring all the books up to the door every day for the past two weeks. Of course, I wouldn't care if he did because it would't matter if he did. I love to read and always have. I just have more time now to read because I am retired. I love this site and will continue to explore all the great things that transpire here.


Date Posted: 6/5/2009 11:03 AM ET
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I had a TBR of maybe 10 when I joined now it's over 600.  It's so bad that I've put my account on hold, dropped out of all games and VBS and have joiined an online selling site to get rid of some. 

I just put some hard to find books from my WL on autorequest. I'll unhold when I've put a dent into the TBR. I have already purged out everything I probably won't read.  I want to read what I have left. But between games and virtual boxes-I keep getting more books. 

Date Posted: 6/5/2009 11:38 AM ET
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I pretty much avoid scouring the available books for this reason, I have limited space and I don't like having more than a handful of unread books on hand at any one time.  If I start browsing titles I know I would go bonkers and start ordering everything. 

Date Posted: 6/5/2009 12:32 PM ET
Member Since: 8/10/2005
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Ohhhhhhhh yeah! LOL

When I joined PBS almost 4 years ago, I had around the same number of books I do now....maybe 50 less or so. But the difference is, I had read them all! Or most of them...my TBR stack was about 20 books, had about 100 "keepers" and the rest were just books I'd read once and didn't know what to do with. I actually had hauled a couple grocery sacks down to the local half-price books the week before I joined--boy did I kick myself once I'd found PBS!

Now....I still have approximately the same number of books, but they're mostly UNread...And they *whisper* at me to read them. Sometimes they even YELL! It gets noisy in here. Hah! I have a TBR that is somewhere around 600 books. I read about 200 books a year and I have enough books to last me 3 YEARS!! (Even if I never acquired another book or used the library....yeah, like that's going to happen!) ::rolls eyes::

So....you are not alone. I no longer order books in system except an occasional one that is in a series I need. My wishlist does my PBS shopping now, but STILL...it seems like these buggers multiply while I'm sleeping. LOL


Subject: LOL.
Date Posted: 6/5/2009 3:26 PM ET
Member Since: 3/17/2008
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My husband just mentioned to me that I have too many books sitting around! I have almost 300 in my to-read pile which is way more than I ever had before. I am trying to be good and part with more books and I usually just let my wish list books come home now. I've banned myself from Amazon and bookstores for awhile. The only thing I ever worry about is if this site ever gets shut down and I get stuck with unused credits. I know it's not likely since it's growing in popularity, but I'm paranoid! :)

Date Posted: 6/5/2009 5:50 PM ET
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I get tickled at the people who join to "clear the books out of their house " !!  LOL!!  Then they find out that they're only going to get more than they had before!  I joined because I'm not close to a UBS and can't afford to buy new.  I needed somewhere to get rid of the ones I'd read.  Well, I did that and gained 324 books to be read!  And I love the great selection that I would never find locally!  My DH is desperate for me to read what I have and then discovers that I have 10 on their way here!  I can't stop myself.  They're out there and I want them.  I'm a very greedy reader!  But I don't have any keepers...they're all temporary!


Date Posted: 6/5/2009 5:53 PM ET
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*GASP* There is no such thing as too many books!!! :-)

Geri (geejay) -
Date Posted: 6/5/2009 7:35 PM ET
Member Since: 9/2/2008
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True, true, no such thing as too many books!!!

My TBR was over 900 when I joined.  I'm quite proud that even though I've found new authors and new series my TBR pile is now down to 856.  It doesn't seem like much but when you consider I've received 153 books since September...

I didn't join to get rid of books, I joined to get books!!!

Laura I joined just 10 days before you!


Date Posted: 6/5/2009 8:10 PM ET
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YAY! So glad to see that others are 'suffering' along with me! I agree that there is no such thing as too many books!
Date Posted: 6/5/2009 8:17 PM ET
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Have to laugh...  I am one who joined to get rid of books, lol and already have 54 on my tbr pile.  Husband wants to know if i am planning to open a library...

Subject: I feel so much better now that I saving so much money the more I buy!
Date Posted: 6/5/2009 9:26 PM ET
Member Since: 4/4/2009
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I keep telling myself I am saving so much money on PBS compared to even the one penny prices on used  books I used to buy at Amazon, their minimum with  shipping would make it $4.00 per book, and I can get 2 PBS books for that price, so the more I buy, the thriftier I am, right???


And since we live so far away from any bookstores at all, I am "saving" a ton of gas money, right??

Somehow my other half does not see it that way. He brings in the mail and says "here are some MORE packages for you"

and then I try to explain the thrifty bit, but....
And look how much money we save because I never have the tv on anymore, with all these books whispering to be read.

I "only" have 250 or so books on my TBR, and about 1/3 of them are on someone else's wishlists, so I feel pressured to read  those first, but then a new book arrives and it looks so tempting, and...well, you know how that goes.
And I have at least 3 books going at any one time.

Glad to see I am in such fine company, but I feel like a piker compared to some of you guys'  those HUGE TBR stacks.



Date Posted: 6/5/2009 11:30 PM ET
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I had a TBR of maybe 10 when I joined now it's over 600.


0_0  Holy cow!  Where the heck do you store 600 books??????

Daniel T. - ,
Date Posted: 6/6/2009 4:01 AM ET
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Yes, members here sometime talk about books not going any further than the recipient -- no further sharing or swapping. I've got to say, it takes time to read books -- without alot of spare time. Most of my read books go back onto the PBS bookshelf because I have no need to keep them; however, I'll always have a copy, or two, of Water for Elephants to loan to anyone who'd like to read it.

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Date Posted: 6/6/2009 8:30 AM ET
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I have my books on bookshelves--all over the apartment. In every room, multiple bookshelves. (Except the bathroom, where's there's just the one book on the back of the toilet tank. LOL) Books are the new art, didn'tcha know? :-D

I keep telling people I'm acquiring books for my retirement, when I will likely be much poorer than I am now. Of course, by the time I retire (at least 15 years from now) I will have so many books i'll have to either buy a big house or rent storage to accomodate them. Oh well--it sounds reasonable if you don't think about it too much. :)


Date Posted: 6/6/2009 7:49 PM ET
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"Books are the new art, didn'tcha know? :-D" Agreed!!!!!!!! http://www.funnyphotos.net.au/userimages/user756_1149062931.jpg (Not quite, eh? But funny at least. ;-)
Date Posted: 6/6/2009 9:53 PM ET
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I am trying to figure out a way to make my TBR piles into furniture!  LOL!!  Not really.  But it would be nice! 


Date Posted: 6/7/2009 12:08 AM ET
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luv the link

Date Posted: 6/7/2009 12:56 AM ET
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I luv this topic. I am a PBS Addict. I have already admitted it.

I no longer even remember if I joined to get rid of books or to swap them. The fact is, I spend a lot of time at places just to get good books so that I can put them on my shelves to read and/or mail out to others. It is a serious problem.

I HAD 54 books on my *listed* TBR but then I've recently received some of my RL and WL books and many of those were book deals so the number has grown and grown and grown. I now have piles of books all over instead of all neatly in their bookshelves in alphabetical order like the *earlier* ones. I'm going to have to spend quite a few hours just to get order back to my shelves and family room.

I need more shelves too. I don't foresee this addiction ending anytime soon.

I even turned off my BOB just so I wouldn't be tempted. Now ya see, that is funny - hilariously funny !!!! I was So proud of myself b/c I was getting through my TBR list - WAS - but went from 54 TBR books to less than 50 to now .... 76 !!!!! Okee and what is even worse - that is just the books I got from HERE - that doesn't count the books I have picked up elsewhere, along the way to read. I bet I have 300-500 books to read.

Just a fact we have to face - we are Addicts !!

Date Posted: 6/8/2009 11:28 AM ET
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Just last week we had to purchase a new bookshelf(one of the floor to ceiling ones) and after shifting everything around it has room for about a dozen more books on it. We also purchased smaller bookcases for the children right after Christmas and they are mostly full.

I joined up to save money by trading books instead of buying so many. Instead I'm buying even more books than I used to. Mostly from discovering new authors here and if the book is highly wishlisted I go looking for it elsewhere.  I am definitely a book swapping addict,  but it's a nice group to belong to. Thank you PBS for being here.

Date Posted: 6/9/2009 1:59 AM ET
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And I have even discovered even MORE authors and topics via PBS.

That is what I have discovered too!  And when I start to look through the site, and bring up a description, there are ALL those other suggested, related books listed, and new authors, and...and...and...   It keeps going and going, and there's no stopping it!

I haven't read this many books in years, especially back to back and sometimes 2 at the same time.  Addicted?  YES!!   I spend hours on this site, reading Bookshelfs, WL's, others' reviews, and plenty in the forums, too.   OMG!!!  Is THAT why the books start to pile up?  All our "spare" time is spent on the site itself, instead of reading an actual BOOK?  It is actually such a relief to know that there are so many book lovers out here.  I was afraid the internet and streaming movies and etc. would make books obsolete, but NO WAY, and thank goodness for that!  Hey, saving $$$$ ain't bad, either - I could never afford all the books that have come to me from PBS.  And my TBR pile is pretty puny compared to many of you.  Just give me some time, though!


Cheryl, I hope your apartment is on the ground floor, what with all the weight from all those books!  LOL    :)    D.

Subject: Thanks alot PBS
Date Posted: 6/9/2009 2:15 AM ET
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As any self respecting PBS member in good standing would say..."So what  is the problem???