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Topic: My thoughts on WL and lost books

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Subject: My thoughts on WL and lost books
Date Posted: 3/2/2010 11:43 PM ET
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Recently a book I had ordered was considered lost in the mail.  I corresonded with the sender and a TG all in one day, little did I realize that this book was re-posted on my wish list (auto-accept).  The next day I received my email reminder that the book was accepted into the system and within an hour is was already being mailed to me.  My mistake for not triple checking that this book was on my wish list.   I think it's a BAD idea for the system to automatically list it as a 'wish'.  This should be done by the recipient.  The lost book will probably show up soon along with the second one.  So, I'll be stuck with 2 books.  Any thoughts on this?

Date Posted: 3/2/2010 11:56 PM ET
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My concern would be that, were it not automatic, you might not find yourself back at the front of the Wish List line where you belong.  I can see how, for your particular case, it might have made more sense to wait, but I'm fairly certain that for a majority of cases the book going right back on the WL is for the best.

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 12:11 AM ET
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I would like the default setting on the second book to be a 48 hour hold rather than auto.  That would give us time to decide if we wanted to put a RC on the order, asking for the order to be turned down to give the lost book more time.  Or to accept. 

I like that it is automatically reposted to our WL in the same position.  Just wish it switched to 48 hour hold.

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 12:52 PM ET
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Speaking of changes, I would like to see the requests for books (not WL books) have a 48 hour timeline the same way a wish list book does.  I am sick to death of ordering a book from the FIFO list (where there are over 200 in the system) only to run into members who are no longer active.  I'm on my second 5 day wait for a book I ordered.  There are 238 of them in the system.  And yet the first two on the FIFO list are ignoring the request.  The first timed out and the second will time out in 3 more days.

Maybe what they should do is give us the ability to cancel the order after 48 hours and go to the next person on the FIFO list.  BTW, I thought that if a member had their bookshelf on vacation hold, that an order would skip that person and go to the next person on the FIFO list.  If that's true, my current member put their shelf on vacation hold AFTER the book order went to them, because their shelf is on hold.  I am wondering why they didn't either accpept my order or cancel it if they put their shelf on hold.  It's still sitting there going nowhere.

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 12:56 PM ET
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Date Posted: 3/3/2010 12:58 PM ET
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The reason it does that is because if you added the book to the WL yourself, you'd be at the back of the list instead of the front. I do agree that it would be better to set these not on auto-request, but I'm not sure how hard it is to program those things as non-auto request if you have the default setting to auto.

Did the person who mailed the first copy mail it late and not notify you??


Date Posted: 3/3/2010 1:06 PM ET
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I am wondering why they didn't either accpept my order or cancel it if they put their shelf on hold. 

They could be planning to still accept the order closer to the deadline, but have put their shelf on vacation hold because they can't afford to send out additional books at the moment.  I've put my shelf on hold for financial reasons before after recieving 3 or 4 requests all at one time. 

Unless I'm planning a trip to the PO right away, I usually wait until the last minute to accept a request.  Just to make sure I have time to get it mailed before the deadline. 

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 1:41 PM ET
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Regarding adding lost books back to your wishlist...I understand why this is done to preserve your place in line, but it would be nice if the system would automatically put the book on hold when adding it back to your wishlist. 

That way, the requestor can give the original book a couple weeks or so to arrive before ordering the book from someone else.

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 5:28 PM ET
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Doesn't the email that you get when it goes lost tell you its has been returned to your WL? It would be nice if it went on Hold or 48-hr to give you time to see the email, but I am glad it is automatic and we don't have to wish it again and beg for our place back in line.


Kate - just an FYI  all books, even WL books, have 5 days for the sender to accept to request. The 48 hour hold is for the requester to accept the offer. A sender could need more time to access the books and then computer again to accept. A person can look at an offer and just say yes I want the book, so there is much less involved than there is for a sender who gets a request.

Date Posted: 3/3/2010 7:48 PM ET
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This book was not originally on my wish list, I found it while browsing.  Come to find out it was mailed from outside USA, (which I know takes longer but......) from researching the DC# it was scanned in Suwanee GA 3 days after being mailed from the sender Jan-28th, so it shouldn't take any longer , and according to my post office it's probably still sitting there in Suwanee waiting to leave out, since that was the only place is was scanned.

Received emails from PBS, Here's the timeline -- note the actual clock time, it's US Central time --

March 1, 2:30am  (If another copy of this book is currently available, the book will have been placed on your Reminder List, and you can order if from there.  If a copy is not yet available, the request has been placed on your Wish List and you will be notified when it become available.)

March 1, 4:25am ( This is just a friendly email to confirm that your request for the book *** by *** has been accepted into our system at PaperBackSwap. In the next couple of days you should receive an email stating that the book is on it's way)

March 1, 9:22am (Great news fro mPaperBAckSwap!  The book *** by *** you requested has been mailed by a fellow PBS memeber. etc...etc....)

So, I hardly had a chance to take this book off of my wish list with auto accept,  considering it was from  2-9 am.  So, my loss.  I'll have one copy in a few days and possibly another when it arrives if anyone is interested  "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold.