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Topic: Three books - one order - best way to package???

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Subject: Three books - one order - best way to package???
Date Posted: 8/11/2010 10:53 AM ET
Member Since: 2/2/2010
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Okay all you pros - should I attempt to box three books or can I just wrap them well together.  They are all close in size.  Is it a problem with media mail for a package to be too thick?  Any hints appreciated, thanks.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 10:58 AM ET
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I've sent three books at once before, 2 the same size and one slightly smaller than them. I just wrapped in plastic to hold them together then put them in a bubble mailer and taped all the edges down. They arrived fine too.

I also had another three book order that were all thin MMP so I did the same with the plastic and used the two sheets of printer paper instead of a bubble mailer. They also arrived well.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 12:02 PM ET
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 I have done both the bubble mailer and wrapping them in brown packing paper with no problems.  If you use a bubble mailer just make sure that it fits snug against the books so they don't constantly shift against eachother in the mail.  I don't think media mail has any thickness restrictions but I do know I  have mailed 3 standard mass markets stacked on top of each other with no problems. 


I will also second the plastic wrap as it is not only protection against the elements but keeps the book covers and pages nice and tightly bound so they don't rub against each other in transit causing bends or rips.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 12:22 PM ET
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I also recommend a plastic bag.  Three books can twist in the wrapper with media mail handling.  I use a plastic bag, then wrap in an old map or kraft paper, using the one page address printout.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 12:37 PM ET
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I've mailed as many as 4 PB together.  I individually wrapped each in plastic, then created 2 stacks of 2 books and used packing tape to hold them all together.  I then wrapped the whole package in brown paper.  It ended up looking like a small brick, so the post office had no issue with it as I had wrapped appropriately.  If I have more that 4, I'll scrounge for a box from somewhere around the house. 

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 12:47 PM ET
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The closest you can get to a "brick" of books the better! Wrap them tightly together even if you are putting them in a bubblewrap mailer so they don't shift and rub. No restrictions on size for media mail. Not able to get the "brick" effect -- send them in a well-fitting box.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 2:40 PM ET
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"Brick" yes

I slip them into plastic bags -- the ones my newspaper comes in -- stack them, then run a length of packaging tape around the stack widthwise and lengthwise.  Then I wrap the stack in grocery bag paper (only if your grocery store uses sturdy bags), and tape the edges, seams and corners.

Date Posted: 8/11/2010 3:51 PM ET
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Wrap in plastic, then wrap in freezer paper. You can cut the paper to size, then conform the paper to the sides and tape it up, then tape the label to one side. I've sent at least 4 books together that way in the past.

My problem seems to be whenever someone is nice enough to order another book or two from my shelf, they invariably choose books of all different sizes...a hardcover, a trade paperback and a mass mkt. paperback, which are always a bit vexing to package up securely without lumps and bumps.


Date Posted: 8/11/2010 9:58 PM ET
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The different sizes always make me nervous about the corners of the wrapping getting caught on the machines.  That is when I mummy wrap books.  Or cereal box them.

Date Posted: 8/14/2010 5:30 PM ET
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Most of what I mail out are hardcovers, and several times I have sent multiples out together.

Usually I put them in a plastic grocery type bag, and tape all around that to keep them from moving.

Then I use brown wrapping paper, and again tape all round. (And yes, I am a mummy wrapper)

I do not like to get multiples in just a bubble mailer, because most have not been form fitted

(like a brick) to the books, If there are a mixture of book sizes in your package and they can move

around, there is a very good chance the pkg will get damaged in the postal machinery.

Also I have used any box that is handy, like a cereal box or cracker box.

As far as size restrictions on media mail, I do not know of any. And a lot of people here do box of books deals,

and those are sent media rate.

Date Posted: 8/14/2010 6:54 PM ET
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I recently had a multiple book mailing, the books were off different sizes.  This time I wrapped them in plastic and placed them in a box.  It was probably the easiest wrapping job I had done.  The box and the padding inside were all recycled from packages that I received in the mail.  What surprised me was the cost was the same if I had wrapped them in the paper.

Date Posted: 8/17/2010 2:08 PM ET
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I usually do the brick thing, myelf.

But I had multiple books shipped to me in a cracker box one time. No wrapping (none needed), just taped shut and a mailing label added.  When I got my mail, I was thinking - "Someone mailed me crackers???" until I realized it was books. But it worked well and was a nice example of recycling.

Date Posted: 8/17/2010 8:27 PM ET
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I like to carefully stack the books alternating (with the front covers facing on the inside) I wrap it really tight in paper. I don't like it when the books are different sizes because then, I only almost ship a brick! cheeky