Book Reviews of Thunderbird Falls (The Walker Papers, Bk. 2)

Thunderbird Falls (The Walker Papers, Bk. 2)
Thunderbird Falls - The Walker Papers, Bk. 2
Author: C. E. Murphy
ISBN-13: 9780373802357
ISBN-10: 0373802358
Publication Date: 5/1/2006
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 122 ratings
Publisher: Luna
Book Type: Paperback
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Joanne Walker, aka Siobhan Walkingstick, is back in the second installment of The Walker Papers. Unfortunately, the force of
her personality and the awesome cast of secondary characters introduced in Urban Shaman and back in this installment isn't
quite enough to put Thunderbird Falls on my "must not be missed" list.

There's good stuff here, most significantly the growing emotional tension between Joanne and Captain Michael Morrison. I
swear, I just love every second they're in each other's company.

I adore Gary - and there's a comforting sense of continuity in the faux-familial bond between them. It's nice to see two
characters who genuinely adore one another like they do and not have it be in any way romantic.

Billy Holliday is back, too, and while not quite as out there as he was in the first book, he's definitely one of the
most joyously unique characters I've read in a book in a long time.

And I love Joanne's internal monologue. She's sarcastic and self-deprecating and her observations often make me chuckle.

I'm going to give Coyote Dreams a try because the parts I did like in this book I liked very, very much. I still think
CE Murphy has a unique gift for writing secondary and ancillary characters, and I truly like Joanne when she's not going
the "poor me" route. Plus, I've just GOT to see what develops between her and Morrison. I just hope for a cleaner, less
meandering, tauter plot.
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My review refers to the audio download version of the book. Second in the Joanne Walker 'Urban Shaman' paranormal series. At first I found the reader's voice to be very annoying and contemplated stopping listening, but after awhile I got used to it, and the storyline became the focus rather than the voice. The story begins with Joanne discovering a young woman dead in the showers at the University where she is taking fencing lessons and continues with forays into the mystical world as Joanne acquires a teacher to help her get control of her Shamanic powers. The supporting cast were more fleshed out in this book and I felt like we were getting to know Joanne better, too (and I really like her!) although the frequent descriptions of the 'spirit world' and her whacky vision got somewhat repetitive at times. I also find her relationships with the men in the book, particularly her boss and Gary, her elderly cab driver friend, a bit confusing. I enjoyed the book and will definitely continue to read on in this series, though, whether in printed form or another audio.
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Great follow up to Urban Shaman. I look forward to Murphy's next novel in the series.
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A great book. I can't wait for Coyote Dreams
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Following her success with Urban Shaman, this book continues with oone of the toughest and most conflicted heroines around, the daughter of a native American Shaman and an Irish mystic, Joanne Walker has lots of powers she simply does not want to use. Good stuff.
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A strong urban fantasy story, though somewhat limited by the first person POV. While the first person style helps the reader form a stronger attachment to Joanne, it limits the reader's understanding of the world to what Joanne understands, and it's beginning to get frustrating.

I like the characters and the fact that their relationships seem to be evolving naturally and I'm hoping Coyote Dreams brings a deeper insight into the world building Murphy's thrown at us.
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I think it moves a little slower than the first one and there are less interactions with the side characters (which is what made the first one fun). There is a lot more time Joanne ends up spending in the other worlds and they are not as cool to me. She is also not as smart as the first book. Might be able to blame it on her lack of sleep and being overwhelmed with everything.

Overall it was still a pretty good read. Looking forward to the next one.
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This my first read by this author. I missed No. 1 (Urban Shaman) in the series but I think I'll go back and read it. Yes, this one is a little long but Joanne Walker (Siobhan Walkingstick) is a strong likable character. Her insecurities and lack of self confidence often seem to get in the way and she spends too much time second guessing what she should do. All in all, though I like her. Not pretty or feminine, she is strong and courageous and prefers being a mechanic to most other jobs. And, I like her boss, Captain Morrison, as well as her friend, Gary, the wise cab driver. There seems to be a strange attraction between Joanne and her boss, who while not certain he believes in this shaman stuff, keeps an open mind and keeps her on task. In short, he believes in her. On the other hand Joanne finds herself fighting demons she is tricked to accidentally bring into the world. How she gets out of this entanglement is for readers to discover. This author is imaginative, creative and writes well. Keep an eye out for her work.
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I think this is a well written book and a good story but it's not my kind of book. My attention kept wondering where it shouldn't have.
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I agree with Irene L H, and I won't try to improve on her well-written review. This is good but not great, and does bring out a lot more about the cast of supporting characters that makes them more likable.
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This is the sequel to URBAN SHAMAN.
For all the bodies she's encountering, you'd think beat cop Joanne Walker works in Homicide. But no, Joanne's a reluctant shaman who last saved mankind three months ago -- surely she deserves more of a break! Yet, incredibly, "Armageddon, take two" is mere days away.
There's not a minute to waste, yet when her spirit guide inexplicably disappears, Joanne needs help from other sources . . . specially after she accidentally unleashes Lower World demons on Seattle.
Damn. With the mother of all showdowns gathering force, it's the worst possible moment for Joanne to realize she should have learned more about crontrolling her powers . . . or discover someone has been lying to her.
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I can't wait for the third!