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Topic: Timeline for Maggie Shayne's Wings of the Night series

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Subject: Timeline for Maggie Shayne's Wings of the Night series
Date Posted: 3/3/2008 3:06 AM ET
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If you have read some of the Twilight books by Maggie Shayne, you most likely started in the middle of the series. Here's a summary that will help you keep everything in order and prevent you from ordering a book that may contain a story you have already read, because several of them have been combined and re-published under new names.  The numbers indicate the order in which the books were published, but I have re-grouped them in story order to the best of my ability and into chronological branches of the Wings in the Night Family Tree based on my  Internet research.

1. "Twilight Phantasies" (1993) (Published as a novella, Silhouette Shadows)  We meet Eric Marquand, a "young" vampire barely 200 years old who is drawn to protect Tamara Day, a mortal who is one of the Chosen--the only humans who can become vampires.  Learn about the DPI, a secret government agency that is trying to capture and study vampires.  Daniel StClaire and Roger are members of this group.  We also meet Eric's friend and maker, Roland de Courtemanche, and Jamie Bryant, a young boy to whomTamara is very strongly attached.

2. "Twilight Memories" (1994) (Published as a novella, Silhouette Shadows #30)  Roland de Courtemanche has taken the boy, now a teenager going by Jamyson, to live with him in France where he can watch over him.  When Roger and some others find and threaten them, Rhiannon, an ancient and powerful vampire who was born an Egyptian princess, arrives to help, unwittingly bringing her own stalkers into the story.  At the same time, Roland and Rhiannon are both torn by their love for one another which neither of them will admit.

3. "Twilight Illusions" (1994) (Published as a novella, Silhouette Shadows #47)  Damien is, as far as he knows, the oldest vampire.  In anchient Egypt, he mande another, now known as Rhiannon.  But has kept to himself so that he knows little of the power of speaking mind to mind or of his ability to use his mind to find another to whom he is connected.  Nor does he know much about The Chosen humans who can become vampires and their unusual connection to his kind.  Now, he is falling in love with one of these humans, even though he tries to resist and he fears it will mean her death.  Eric Marchand appears to learn from him the secrets of his past and to teach him the wonders of his future.

  • -- "Twilight Begins" (2005) Novellas #1 and #2 in one book
  • -- "Wings in the Night" (2001) (Novellas #1, #2, and #3 all in one book)

4. "Beyond Twilight"  (1995) Agent Ramsey Bachman and vampire, Cuyler Jane (made by Rhiannon)

5. "Born in Twilight" (1997) - Human Jamyson Brynt and vampire, Angelica, have a very special half-vampire baby, Amber Lily

  • --  "At Twilight" (2002) (Novellas #4 and #5 published together)

6. "Twilight Vows" (1998) - Novella included in "Brides of the Night" anthology - Rachel Sullivan and Irish vampire, Donovan O'Roark

9. "Two By Twilight"  (2003)

  Includes two novellas:

  "Run from Twilight" - Mary McLean and vampire, Michael Gray (made by Rhiannon)

  "Twilight Vows" (novella, 1998; see #6) -  Rachel Sullivan and Irish vampire, Donovan O'Roark

10. "Edge of Twilight"  (2004)    The vampire. Edgar "Edge" Poe, is the last of a band of Immortals who have been hunted down and murdered by Frank Stiles, a rogue DPI agent.  For help, he seeks out Amber Lily, a legend among the undead--the only half human, half vampire ever born (in "Born At Twilight"). 

8. "Embrace the Twilight" (2003) 
Gypsy vampire, Sarafina meets William Stone, a human of inhuman courage and defiance.  They join to fight dangerous vampire hunters -- DPI rogues (Frank Stiles?) -- to protect the tender heart of the young girl who holds the powerful legacy of The Chosen (Amber Lily).


7. "Twilight Hunger"  (2002)  Author, Morgan DeSilva, has writer's block until she finds and plagerizes Dante's journals - the journals of a vampire!  Once her movie scripts have exposed him, Dante may be her only protection against powerful supernatural enemies who hunt them both.  Dante was made a vampire by Serafina ("Embrace the Twilight")

11. "Blue Twilight" (2005)   Follows "Twilight Hunger."  "Mad" Maxine Stuart is a private investigator who knows all about vampires - some of her friends are vampires (Morgan and Dante, if I remember sorrectly)!  With her friends, Tempest "Stormy" Jones and retired cop Lou Malone, Maxie searches for two missing women and discovers a town in thrall by a powerful evil vampire who is shows a more than friendly interest in Storm.

12. "Prince of Twilight" (2006)     Follows "Blue Twilight." Far older than his legend, the immortal Vlad Dracul has wandered the earth for centuries in search of the reincarnation of his wife, Elisabeta.   Now he believes he has found the woman possessed by her soul and it is Tempest "Stormy" Jones. But Storm has her own problems:  Elisabeta is battling her for possession of her own body.


13. "Demon's Kiss" (2007)    This book has a whole passle of characters, most of them new:
Rhiannon makes a cameo appearance in the beginning, but this book seems to be kicking off a new branch of the "Twilight" tree.  Meet them: 

  • Roxy, a  human Wicca healer, plays a strong supporting role.  She is apparently also a Chosen who, for some reason will not die young as most of the Chosen are fated to do. (Did I miss a book here?)
  • the vampire executioner, Raphael 'Reaper' Rivera;
  •  Seth Connor, the Chosen, whom he has recently turned to keep him from dying;
  •  Vixen, a vampire were-fox (now you're getting kinky, Maggie);
  •  dipsy, wealthy Vampire Topaz;
  • Jack Hart, a vampire con-man gigilo, who for some reason reminds me of the lovable, sleazy Bruce Campbell character in last season's short-lived TV show "Burned";
  • Briar, a young, misguided female vampire made by Gregor who carries a lot of hate and anger, and to whom Reaper is strangely attracted;
  •  evil DPI double agent/vampire Gregor
Whew!  Suffice it to say the good guys get together to save Vixen and defeat the bad guys, but sometimes the lines between the good and the bad are very hazy.

14. "Lover's Bite" (2008) The further adventures of Topaz and Jack Hart 

It's outdated, but Ms. Shayne published a family tree of her Twilight characters on her website at:

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Subject: What a Mess
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I'm going to try to edit the original post so it is not all one long paragraph.

Sue / VR

Date Posted: 3/3/2008 8:22 AM ET
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Thank you for this! I did have a few in the middle but have only read a few short stories by here and don't think they were in the Twilight series. Now I can get them all before reading them. I like to start at the beginning of a series. :)

Date Posted: 3/3/2008 10:01 AM ET
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Actually, I started right at the begining :) I always make sure I don't start series in the middle of them.

Date Posted: 3/6/2008 3:55 PM ET
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Thank you for taking the time to put together the information.  I'm one of those people who always end up reading a series from the middle and yup, did the same for this series.  But at least now I have a reference list.