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Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer
Author: Mark Twain
ISBN-13: 9780439099400
ISBN-10: 0439099404
Publication Date: 9/1/1999
Pages: 336
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

4.3 stars, based on 33 ratings
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Book Type: Paperback
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Who hasn't read Tom Sawyer? Its a great classic and great read still. Loved from all, young and old.
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A great classical navel.
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Tom Sawyer is a funny book for the Kids. This is the book that goes with the movie
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Tom is always in trouble or looking for trouble in this book! It was a very adventorous book!
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Great classic for all ages
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A classic!
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Tom is a troublesome boy who likes to get out of work. But when he witnesses a murder in the old graveyard with his friend, Huck Finn, where will the adventures take them?

A true classic, no treasury is complete without it- Muggleman Studios tm
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Classic 19th century novel of life in a small Mississippi River town in the years before the Civil War. A book everyone should read.
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A very good book.
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It's an ever popular classic!
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One of the best written adventure book ever. A perfect summer day read or snowy night read.
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Tom Sawyer lives to have fun,adventures,thrills even if that sometimes means he has to sort of lie a little,cheat a bit,play tricks, chase girls,skip school,run away from home even attend his own funeral!But everyone knows Tom's just playing so he always alks his way out of trouble, and lands on his feet...
Until the night he witnesses a graveyard murder over a treasure in the stolen gold. Suddenly the sdventures real.soon Tom and his young love Becky are trapped in a hidden cavern, chased by a vengeful maniac,lost in darkness where fast talk alone won't save them! Now if Tom Sawyer's luck and cunning fail,all the games will be over.
tom and Becky will be dead.
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This hardcover is an abridged version of the classic tale.
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We all enjoyed listening to this classic.
My boys couldn't get enough.
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An easy read, but I prefer un-adapted and un-abridged books.
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The two classic tales of the reign of slavery in America and the innocence of youth.
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This audio CD is not a reading of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but a version by popular storyteller Jim Weiss. As always, he does a bang-up job of introducing the story for younger ones, retaining the flavor of the author's tone and language.
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It's Mark Twain's famous novel! Excellent!
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A great and funny book about Tom Sawyer and his trials and adventures with his friend Huck Finn. One of Mark Twain's best.
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A must read for everyone. This classic is a terrific book.
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" The famous tale of a boy's life in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi River."
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This is probable not the original by Mark Twain but a rewritten version that doesn't mention the funeral scene in with much detail.
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A classic, I guess, but I don't see what is so loved about it. Perhaps if I was 12 when I read it I'd have felt differently, but in my early 40's, it just didn't seem all that good or important.
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one of my favorites , an exciting novel by mark twain
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Tom Sawyer is a character who Twain developed so well, you fall in love with him on first meeting. This will remind you of your childhood and a great reminder that kids should be kids.
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Loved it!
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A wonderful old classic!
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Hanging out with the town outcast, "running away" to a nearby river island, flirting with the girls, and basically driving the adults nuts, Tom Sawyer is 100% American boy. In him Mark Twain managed to capture the adventure, mischief, and complete innocence of childhood. If there's a child or adult out there who hasn't read it yet, give them a copy. It's quite simply one of the best kids stories ever told.
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The Classic Tale of Tom Sawyer, Who wouldn't love it? Its a great book, funny and its the original tale, not dimmed down or anything.
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A true American classic!
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Tom Sawyer: among America's undisputed contributions to the world's cast of unforgettable characters.
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Could Not put it down!! Loved it!
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I forgot how great this book was as a kid. And as an adult, it was only better now that I could take something away from Mark Twain's take on society, sociology, and ultimately, how stupid we all are.^^ The endearing mischievous qualities of young Tom and his buddy, Huck are fun to read about no matter what your age, who--like all the characters--are as vivid and believable as real people. And there's no end to the insight this book can offer either, from childhood, to religion, to family, to roles in society and beyond. The only con, I'd say, in reading this wonderful classic is the slightly uncomfortable spots you come along. It was written in a time and place where racism was rampant, after all, and Twain does nothing to powder-puff this. But that's not hardly enough to dampen this wonderful book on the whole: I'd reccomend it for anyone.
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I had a hard time getting into this book. My book club had a good time discussing it.
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Mark Twain's Classic story is a very entertaining read. This is a complete and unabridged version. I enjoyed rereading this one even more as an adult than I did in high school.
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Tom has a genius for adventure! Excellent storytelling! Beautifully written!!!!
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I figured out why they don't have kids read this book for school. They would think theirs is perfectly good English and there is no need to learn any.
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A real classic, great book.
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childs reader, RL:2.1
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A ggod cd by the master Mark Twain.
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Very light hearted and interesting. Well written.
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Tom Sawyer is my favorite Mark Twain book. I never get tired of his adventures with Huck Finn, Becky & Aunt Polly! A true American Classic and a must-read!
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Everyone needs to read this at least once!
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A Classic!
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Dent on cover. Book perfectly readable.
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A fun classic, but sometimes it is annoying to read about obnoxious little boys.