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Topic: Twilight book vs. movie

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Subject: Twilight book vs. movie
Date Posted: 2/24/2010 5:56 PM ET
Member Since: 4/3/2008
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Not a fan of the book, but it was diverting enough to keep reading the series.  Have read the first two, am on the wait list for the third.  (Refuse to pay real money for this one.)

Now that I've finally read it though...

Is it just me or is Robert what's his face that plays Edward not anywhere near good looking enough for the role?  I think the guy playing Jacob is actually better looking, and that doesn't make any sense.  Edward looks like a fairly average frat boy.

And his voice!  Bleah!  I only watched a short clip (was curious to see how the sparklies look - stupid) and he has this annoying voice too. 

Is it just me?  I don't get it.

My husband says it's because I'm not a teenage girl.

Date Posted: 2/24/2010 9:31 PM ET
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It might be because we're not teenage girls, but if so, we have a lot of company. :)  I remember there was a fervor when he was first cast; everyone was complaining he didn't fit the part.  I personally would find him more attractive if he looked like he showered occasionally in real life.  I wasn't impressed by either Robert or Kristen Stewart... though it was actually Kristen's voice that brought me up short; it was much deeper than I expected.

I thought the casting was generally off.  The only ones that were close to what I envisioned were Alice, Jacob, Bella's dad, Billy Black, and James.  I really hated Jasper and Emmett.  Not offense to Jackson Rathbone, but he doesn't strike me as a southern gentleman/Confederate major/vampire uber-warrior.  He's supposed to be a big, lean, tall guy, and Jasper barely tops Alice in the movie.  Rosalie's not really close, either, but that's like trying to cast Helen of Troy - you're never gonna get someone beautiful enough to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Eclipse wasn't terrible, but if you're interested in Breaking Dawn, I'd say borrow it from a library.  I wouldn't even use a credit on it.

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 7:46 PM ET
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I think the actor that plays Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) in The Vampire Diaries on TV would have made a much better Edward.

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 10:30 PM ET
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I think the actor that plays Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) in The Vampire Diaries on TV would have made a much better Edward.


Date Posted: 3/1/2010 2:53 PM ET
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I thought the book was drivel.  BUT, I liked the movie.  The actor playing Edward was vampire-ish enough for my taste.  He is coming out in a new movie where he doesn't play a vampire.  It'll be interesting to see if he can act like anyone but Edward.

Date Posted: 3/2/2010 9:19 AM ET
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I don't find Jacob to be attractive.

Of course he can act as someone other than Edward; he'll always be Cedric Diggory to me!

Date Posted: 3/13/2010 9:19 PM ET
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go see Remember Me and decide for yourself whether he can act as someone other than Edward or not. I personally thought it was amazing and I loved him in it. A complete turn around from Edward Cullan! I cant wait to see the things he does in the future.But you've probably figured out from my pics that Im a Rob Pattinson fan anyway so he could be acting out Mary Had A Little Lamb and I would still be head over heals!

Date Posted: 3/24/2010 10:57 AM ET
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I just jumped on the Twilight bandwagon because I wanted to see what everyone was talking about.  I read the first book, enjoyed it and then watched the movie almost as soon as I put the book down.  I HATED the movie.  I can't stress that word enough.  I thought it was confusing and was missing pieces.  I agree that Edward was not nearly as good looking as I expected him to be from the book and I felt Bella was just so... plain.  Not as "enchanting" as I thought she would be.  I think I will just stick to the book and forgo the movies from here on out.

Date Posted: 3/24/2010 3:51 PM ET
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I didnt like the Twilight movie AT ALL. I hated it sooo much! I liked the book much better. And MY Edward is definitely WAY better looking than Rob. Jake fit the part perfectly I thought. But Bella was too....depressed for me to like in the first movie. She was supposed to be alright, not all down and depressed type girl. Overall. I didnt like the movie. Although I thought Eclpise was the best in the series, but that's just me.

Date Posted: 3/30/2010 1:22 PM ET
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I absolutely despised Twilight the movie. A friend talked me into reading the series. It took a long time for me to get into it. It was hard for me to adjust to her simplistic writing style. But towards the end of Twilight, I got curious. I kept waiting for something "vampirish" to happen but it was just a bunch of high school love and drama. It finally got interesting and so as soon as I finished, I watched the movie with high expectations. I was disappointed from the very start:

  • The story line was all mixed up. The acting was horrific.
  • "Bella", in my opinion, was the only one who could act.
  • I thought "Edward" was such a dork! I imagined this suave charmer with breathtaking looks.
  • And the glitter was lame. I pictured it being more of a shimmer, like blinding prisms off of glass.
  • "Emmett" was ridiculous. Who wears their hat sideways anymore?
  • "Jasper" is my least favorite of all. He was supposed to be in the military, so in my mind he was taller with more presence, maybe a crewcut. Not this curly headed little boy who always looks like he's about to pee his pants.
  • I hated the baseball scene. I think they just over exaggerated everything. And I know the point was that they were good vampires but they could have been on the scarier side. A little more intimidating.

Even though Stephanie Meyer's writing could use some work, she did tell a good story. I probably shouldn't have jumped into the movie right after finishing the book, but I think even if I had waited, I still would have hated it. Obviously the girls who love it haven't a clue what vampires are supposed to be like. I think they should watch "Interview With The Vampire" before they fall in love with the wannabe's. Breaking Dawn was my favorite, contrary to a lot of other opinions. It had the twists, the vampire action, suspense, mystery and morbid scenes that I expect from a vampire novel. I even cried a little! Anyway, I decided to skip out on watching any of the other movies, since the first one almost ruined it all for me. I couldn't quit picturing those lame actors when I was finishing the series! I might check out Breaking Dawn but, then again, I'm sure I'll be disappointed.