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Topic: UGH! Why post a WL Book Then Disappear Before Accepting???

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Subject: UGH! Why post a WL Book Then Disappear Before Accepting???
Date Posted: 1/2/2008 11:14 AM ET
Member Since: 2/16/2006
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I have my entire WL on Auto Request, so if a book is offered to me, it's accepted right away.  I don't understand WHY people post WL books then disappear without marking that they can mail them!  This is getting really frustrating.  I had two books time out over the weekend, because the members who posted them never marked that they would mail them.  I've got two more sitting on my account page now that will time out today, again because the posters haven't marked that they can mail them.  That will  make 4 books in one week, and all were auto requested WL books.  I'm baffled!

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 12:40 PM ET
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They probably didn't notice they were WL books.  Not that, that's an excuse. Some people only check their account once a week or so.  I had several books when I joined that I didn't realize were WL until I posted them. But I check my account a couple times a day. 

Also a lot of people join thinking what a great idea this is-post a few books and then forget about it altogether.

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 1:01 PM ET
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but they should be receiving emails saying that a book was requested, so even if they don't realize that it is being requested at the time of posting they would know within an hour or so if the book was on auto-request or within 2 days if not.

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 1:04 PM ET
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Also, (not that this makes it better), I think that people will post a book and it goes through several wishers before it is actually requested.  So, that person may have posted the book weeks ago and it's finally making it's way to you after the others in front of you either declined the book or didn't respond to the request.  So, on the poster's end, they may have been frustrated that no one requested the book until now and stopped checking their account.

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 3:12 PM ET
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 I think that people will post a book and it goes through several wishers before it is actually requested. 

Ahhhh, that's one thing I didn't think of. I have seen several complaints here lately about that issue too, so I am sure it's a possibility. 

It's just really frustrating. I think one of the books that's about to time out is the same book that timed out this weekend, and It's a pretty quick moving book, so I know I probably would have gotten it offered by another member if this one didn't want to ship.  Grrr!!

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 3:20 PM ET
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I'm on the flip side.  I've posted a book that turned out to be on some wishlists and it has been in "wait" mode for nearly a week.  I try to print labels and mail in batches every other day if not every day, so it's frustrating to have one book sitting here after wrapping and mailing a bunch this past weekend. 

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 3:40 PM ET
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I've noticed that the last two of three WL books that have come up for me have been marked can't send or left to time out, and my opinion is they are newbies who post their 10, not realizing they would be requested right away.   Could be they didn't grasp the concept of PBS correctly.  Some in the past have been surprised to find that people actually expect them to mail them the books listed on their shelf! 


Date Posted: 1/2/2008 10:29 PM ET
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I've been on the flip side several times too: holding off mailing books while waiting for that one hold-out that won't respond to the WL offer.  Then making 2 trips because it's passed on to a 3rd or 4th person. If you don't want the book take it of your WL. Also sometimes life happens.  A lady posted recently that her account was suspended for not responding to requests and having a bunch time out. Turns out she had a car accident and couldn't get on the computer for over a week.  I hope she was able to get account up and running again.

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 11:02 PM ET
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I've been on both sides of that coin, and they're both equally frustrating, in their own way.  I hope your WL books find their way to you soon.  :>)

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 11:20 PM ET
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Keep in mind that this week and last week both had holidays.  In a lot of places that turned into two days off each week.  And in the case of students and / or teachers, it was more than even that much!  A lot of people check PBS on their work computers.

Date Posted: 1/2/2008 11:27 PM ET
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I was just wondering the same thing. I've had that happen 3 times in the past couple of weeks. 2 of those, I've been No. 1 on the wishlist for *months* (so it shouldn't have been offered to and declined by another user first). I think, it's odd - why post a wishlisted book you don't want to send, or any book for that matter. I understand if it's oe you posted months ago, but one that is requested w/in a few days you should be ready to mail.

patticom - ,
Date Posted: 1/4/2008 3:53 AM ET
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I've had to cancel a WL book because I didn't notice some water damage in one corner.  I ended up sending it free to someone through the bazaar, but I'm very particular about what books I will send out and if there's the slightest chance it won't meet site guidelines I won't send it.  The only exception is vintage (non-ISBN) books where I can list an elaborate description of the exact condition of the book BEFORE someone ever requests it.

Anyway, I'm sure whoever wanted it was probably annoyed, but sorry!!  :( 

Date Posted: 1/4/2008 8:41 AM ET
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I think we should stop making excuses for people. there is a thing called vacation hold. it does not matter if u only use computers at school or work. if u don't have access to them then u need to go on vacation. i don't check my pbs account very often anymore but i have an active email account that i check once a day. if u dint want a book on ur wl that comes up it does not take that long to deny it.

pbs may need to stress that people use email accounts that they check on a regular basis, not once a week because that's how the system gets held up. i think some of these people who do not respond are using spare email accounts and that is why we get non responders

but it's all my opinion.

Date Posted: 1/4/2008 1:57 PM ET
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Dani, we also have a 1 hour wait here at PBS even on AR books.  (I skimmed the posts here, didn't see it mentioned.  Sorry if I missed it!) I can see posting your books and then maybe not still being around for an hour until they are accepted.  (not ME, of course, LOL, but I can see it. ;-)

I often do wonder why they never make it back, though, as I've had that happen, too.

It is my understanding that there is no 1 hour wait a SaDVD, but I dno't know for certain if this is so or not.

Date Posted: 1/4/2008 2:25 PM ET
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I wish they would do away with the one hour buyer's remorse on auto-requested books. I don't see the point in it at all. The books wouldn't be on auto-request if they didn't want them, and what are the chances of them being online in that hour to cancel anyways? If it were done away with then the request would show up immediately on the poster's account page, upping the chances of them responding to it.

Date Posted: 1/5/2008 12:36 PM ET
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I too have noticed this happening more and more.As a matter of fact I have two books right now in limbo because my requests keep timing out.What is irritating is that if you cancel your request so you can order the book again it goes to the same person who is keeping you waiting.I'd rather have it go to the next available copy if you cancel your order.

Date Posted: 1/5/2008 12:59 PM ET
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I have posted WL books on autorequest get turned down during that buyer's remorse period. The waiting is frustrating. I've had it on both ends, orders not being responded to and postings going through up to 7 WL requests before a book gets taken. Its the flaw of dealing on the internet. You have to give people time to get to it, life happens and not all of us life on the computer, yet still try to hurry people along so they system can work. I think PBS is doing the best they can. The only place I would like to see fixed is when a person's account is cancelled, all WL books on hold should be cancelled too so the requester can get back to the WL line quickly.

Date Posted: 1/5/2008 1:21 PM ET
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I just dont get the buyers remorse thing. I mean if you dont want the book then just repost it when you get it. LOL

I am waiting for someone to approve my WL book. Just hoping they do get around to it sometime. They posted the book and I am now waiting for their response.