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'Utmost Fish!'
'Utmost Fish'
Author: Hugh Wray McCann
The time is World War I; the hero, a middle-aged Royal Navy commander; the setting, the jungles, mountains and swamps of Central Africa -- and the stately board rooms and offices of the Admiralty, from which the First Lord, Winston Churchill, sets in motion the adventurous and daring plan that is the subject of this novel. — 'Utmost F...  more »  is the story of a small group of English soldiers and sailors, whose task is to pull two heavy motorboats across almost impossible terrain in order to sink a German fleet on Lake Tanganyika. It is a cruel and desperately dangerous mission that strains every man to the breaking point, as time and time again the boats are mired in the mud, trapped in rocks, lost in ravines and damaged by the elements. Even if the boats can be dragged a thousand miles overland, will they be sufficient to destroy a vastly more powerful fleet? And will the toll of exhaustion, accident and disease leave the expedition with enough men to bring them into action?

What is more, the expedition must contend with human difficulties -- the quarrels and jealousies, the weakness and failures - all intensified by the savage conflict between the commander and his insubordinate martinet second-in-command.

For 'Utmost Fish!' is more than a powerful and exciting adventure novel; it is the moving story of a deeply sympathetic man, a desk-bound officer who yearns to be a Nelson or a Drake, whose will to succeed is the real theme of the book -- and whose sudden self-knowledge almost destroys all hope of the glory he craves....

Based on a factual incident, 'Utmost Fish!' is a tale of heroism and hardship in the tradition of such classics as C.S. Forester's The Gun or Alistair MacLean's HMS Ulysses.
ISBN: 329609
Publication Date: 1965
Pages: 384

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Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Book Type: Hardcover
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