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Topic: Vacation Hold, WL Book, Etc.

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Subject: Vacation Hold, WL Book, Etc.
Date Posted: 5/31/2010 6:04 AM ET
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I tried to find the answer to my question but could only find partial answers.

My Bookshelf is on hold for a few days but I posted a WL book (wish had auto-accept on) but nothing has happened. The book is on my Bookshelf but doesn't have that little gray icon. So I'm thinking MY vacation hold overrides the auto-accept? At first I thought there was the buyer's remorse thing but it's been over 24 hours now. Once I'm off vaca hold everything will fall into place the way it should?


Date Posted: 5/31/2010 7:30 AM ET
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If you post a WL book after you go on vacation then it just goes on your bookshelf on hold.  If the post the book, then go on vacation then it'll go through 1 person.  Meaning it'll offer it to the 1st person but if you decline RCS, they decline the WL offer or it times out-then it goes on you shelf on hold. 

How does the Hold affect your Bookshelf?

  • The books that are on your Bookshelf at the time the Hold goes into effect will be hidden from requests.

  • This does not include books that are involved in a Wish List Hold or an active transaction.
  • The FIFO order of each book will be preserved during the Hold; it will not "lose its place in line" to get requested.
  • Books that are already involved in an active request will not be affected by the Hold.
    • Any book request that was submitted before the Hold went into effect will not be affected by the Hold
    • Any book request you submit at any time (before, during or after the Hold will not be affected by the Hold.
  • This means that all auto-emails associated with an active transaction will be sent to you as usual
    • You will still get auto-emails asking if you have received a book that is en route to you 14 and 21 days and 25 days after the book was marked mailed by the sender.
    • You will still get "second" and "third" notifications for previously-submitted requests to which you have not responded.
    • You will still get auto-email reminders to mark your outgoing books mailed before the deadline if you have not done so.
  • Books newly Posted to your Bookshelf during a Hold will be hidden from requests.

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Date Posted: 5/31/2010 8:50 AM ET
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Thanks, Mary. This is the first time I've done this, vaca hold then posted a WL, so I'll know what to expect if it happens again.


Date Posted: 5/31/2010 9:15 AM ET
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Just an FYI (learned this the hardway) if you have your account on vacation and want to post a WL book directly to someone-go off vacation hold first.  If you stay on hold it'll say "you are posting this book to so and so" but then it'll put the book on hold and when you come off hold-it'll go to FIFO instead of that person.

Date Posted: 6/1/2010 6:10 AM ET
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Good info, Mary.  I learned something new.

Subject: order OF books on WL?
Date Posted: 6/1/2010 12:47 PM ET
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I have tried searching for how to do this and cannot find anything. Can someone tell me how to order the books on my WL so I will get the ones I am most interested in first?  Much thanks! - terry

Date Posted: 6/1/2010 1:02 PM ET
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Terry - I see you just joined a few days ago so welcome to PBS. :)

I don't see you have anything on your Wish List so I'm not sure if you are asking about books you are planning to put in there. Here's the definition of 'Wish List' here on PBS.:

your Wish List is the list for all books that are "UnPosted" (= currently unavailable to order in the system) that you want to request when they become available.  You can get to your Wish List from My Lists under My Account.

Why use the Wish List?

  • You can "get in line" for popular books
  • You don't have to "remember" to go back and request a book when it becomes available: PBS will tell you when it is available.
  • You can even set it to auto-request, and PBS will order the book for you automatically!

I suggest you start reading the Help Documents so you learn how PBS (and the Wish List) works. I recommend you start with:

  • How PBS Works
  • Club Basics
  • Getting and Sending Books
  • Using your PBS Wish List

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Date Posted: 6/1/2010 5:37 PM ET
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Can someone tell me how to order the books on my WL so I will get the ones I am most interested in first?

Welcome, Terry!  The wish list (WL) doesn't have a function for ordering wishes as you mention.  The line for each book operates on a first come, first serve basis, and each line moves independently of all others.  As people ahead of you get their wishes granted (or remove themselves from the WL) you'll move up in line, and when you get to the front you'll be offered the next available book.

The best advice I can think of for trying to get the ones you want most first is to wish for multiple versions of those books, since some lines move faster than others (e.g. paperbacks are generally faster than hardcovers).  You can do this from your WL by clicking on the "Expand Wish (XX more)" button on the righthand side.  Or when you WL a book it should automatically take you to the wish expander page (I believe this feature can be turned off somewhere under Settings, but the default has it on).  PBS is pretty good at linking different versions of a book, but for books you're really desperate to get your hands on you might also wish to search for any additional editions that the system hasn't linked.  Hope this helps :)