Book Reviews of The Vampire Diaries Omnibus (Vol 2, Bks 3 & 4)

The Vampire Diaries Omnibus (Vol 2, Bks 3 & 4)
The Vampire Diaries Omnibus - Vol 2, Bks 3 & 4
Author: L. J. Smith
ISBN-13: 9780061140983
ISBN-10: 0061140988
Publication Date: 12/26/2007
Pages: 520
Reading Level: Young Adult
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 289 ratings
Publisher: HarperTeen
Book Type: Paperback
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This book is the second Omnibus in the Vampire Diaries series. I have also heard that these are the final two books in the original Vampire Diaries that Smith wrote in the 90's. This was a satisfying conclusion to the series.

In the first book (the Fury) Elena has been changed into a vampire. As she struggles to deal with her change, strange things are happening in town. Peoples pets are attacking them and darkness threatens to take over. Can Elena get Stefan and Damon to work together to help stop the forces against them. In the second book (Dark Reunion) dark forces are again converging on the town and Elena needs to work with her friends to stop yet another threat to her home.

These books are much more traditional vampire books than the Twilight series; there is also a lot more fighting in these. I am hard-pressed to discuss these books much without given things away. Suffice to say that if you liked the first couple books in the series, these books won't disappoint. They are non-stop action, with the love triangle between Damon, Stefan, and Elena causing lots of tension. The side characters are well developed too. I enjoyed these books and couldn't put them down; a very quick read.

Everything is nicely wrapped up at the end of Dark Reunion; I don't plan on reading the latest book released in this series because I have heard it's not all the great and not part of the original series. As for reading more of Smith's work, I probably won't do that either. Her writing is good, but it is not all that creative and it is typical to a lot of other young adult series that are out there. If you liked House of Night, Evernight, or the Vampire Academy you will probably like this series; this series has more in common with those series than it does with Twilight.
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I, too, read this volume in quick succession to the first Omnibus. The Fury was written well. I felt like I had to continue reading to see what would happen next. Not a real in depth plot, but after reading the first volume, I didn't expect it to be. Dark Reunion, however, is a different story. I felt like the main characters in the previous book were not "main" in this book at all. I would have like to have heard more from both Stefan and Damon's perspectives instead of Bonnie's. It felt like the author needed to "fix" the ending she left in The Fury...which is fine, but I think that a little more vampire and a little less human plot lines would have made the story much more enjoyable.
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I didn't like the first two books much. In my review I gave them 3 stars. In this case it is more 3 ½ stars because of The Fury that is in my opinion the best book in the saga. The Fury is everything that the other 3 books aren't. It makes sense, you definitely care about the characters and understand them better...their choices, their motivations and many important questions from the previous books got answered. Elena suffers a metamorphosis and I found myself caring for her after all and grieving with her. I felt more involved in the story and not like a spectator anymore. It has some flaws but they can be forgiven...overall it is a good book and it's worth reading.

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Dark Reunion, on the other hand, shouldn't be part of this saga. Even though it has some good and interesting parts it felt to me like the sequel of a movie that shouldn't had had a sequel in the first place. It didn't add anything new to the main story, to the main conflict. It didn't developed the characters any further and was almost entirely told from Bonny's point of view and that felt like going back to the beginning when Elena was annoying and self absorbed. It did attempt to give us some insight on Damon's mind...and to bring down that cruelty mask he tries so hard to keep on, but it failed because we only saw flashes of that.... maybe if the book would have been told from Stefan or Damon's point of view it would have been better. The end of the book was just over the was a fairy tale happily ever after ending that was incongruent with the entire left lots of questions unanswered and it did not fit with any of the myths or supernatural stories u have ever heard of...something just happened that can't be justified in any way you can think of. I don't see how someone can go from being human to be a vampire... to be actually then become some kind of entity or spirit that can be summoned and that also has powers to heal humans, vampires and just about anything... to the next second be (literally) human again, a human that fell from the sky (literally).

In conclusion, I think that there are many vampire romances series out there that are way better than this one and The CW TV series is so far better than these books. I hope they keep changing things making the story more logical and the characters more likable. Needless to say I won't be reading the new books that are coming out...this is the end of the road for mi with this story....
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Great book!
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After reading the First Vampire Diaries Vol. 1, I was curious to read the second. It started out slow and it took me a couple days to get into it. It did pick up and I enjoyed the book. Then about 75 pages till the end, I just wanted to get it over with. Without spoiling anything, I found that there were events that happened without much explanation. If you think about it, some of it doesn't make sense or isn't explained at all. It left me with a bunch of questions. I was glad to finish the book but felt like the ending was a mess.
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These books were a great conclusion to the stories. I love how Elena is able to save everyone and it all comes full circle.
very enjoyable.
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So excited to read this after watching the show. The show has taken the best of the plot and made it better. The writing here is elementary and full of cliches. Not enthused.
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Decent read. Will continue to read the series. Not as good as Morganville Vampire series or Sookie Stackhouse novels, but worth reading if you liked those or Twilight.
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This conclusion was definately an unexpected and welcomed surprise. The usual predictable senarios were absent. In place was a twisted plot that unfolded into a much grander and viscious eclipse of events.

With a great and etrrible unknown rising power in Fell's Church, Elena must force the alluring Vampire brothers to join forces despite their differences to combat evil.

Twisted and evil, the way these books should be written.
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This book didnt keep my attention near as much as the first. I dislike the ending of 'The Fury' it goes agianst what the whole story is about. I stopped reading, really disappointed.
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I read the first double book of this series and this one in rapid succession because it was moving so well.
The first "book" in this book is book 3 of the old versions and was a very easy read- enough excitement and drama to keep you reading but not too much to make it ridiculous.

HOWEVER, the 4th book (2nd in this book) is HORRIBLE. I am around 100-150 pages into it out of 260-300 (can't remember exactly) and I am fighting to get through it at 10-15 pages at a time. It reminds me when a tv show is cancelled and they go back and try to wrap up a ten year series in one episode. Just rushed and flat out dumb.

I actually bought the new one of the series and will be returning it for my money back, this is just a horrible book and don't wish to read any more.
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In this second compilation from L.J. Smith, readers are presented with The Fury and Dark Reunion -- books 3 and 4 of the Vampire Diaries.

I was thrilled by the first half of the book (The Fury), and thought it provided a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion to her Vampire Diaries "trilogy." For the sake of remaining spoiler-free, this last installment of the originally planned series follows Elena and Stefan (and Damon) full-cycle through their complicated relationship, including some genuinely unexpected plot twists and surprises that I didn't see coming. The character development is at its best in this book, with all of the main players showing growth and much more likeablity. I am a huge Damon fan, but then again, I always did have a thing for bad boys. ;-)

However, I can't offer the same praise to the second half of the book, originally the fourth installment called Dark Reunion. In a classic case of "jumping the shark," LJ Smith deconstructs the emotionally charged resolution of the trilogy (probably at her publisher's insistance) and relaunches the story line with a silly and unnecessary addendum. The whole plot of this fourth book feels like an afterthought. Instead of the love triangle and romantic tension taking center stage in Dark Reunion, the entire book plays out like an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with all of the supporting characters of the previous three books becoming "Scoobies" and banding together to fight evil in Fall's Church side by side. Unfortunately, the formula change didn't work for me, not at all. And the Big Bad Evil that is thrust into the story just seemed like an example of further shark-jumping.

I'm happy that the "reset" opens the doors for LJ Smith's spinoff series The Vampire Diaries: Revisited (which I believe "stars" my favorite Salvatore brother, Damon), but I wish that the author and publisher could have found a better way to set the stage for new stories without compromising the impact of the original Diaries.
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I thought this one was better than the first. I will say I really had a difficult time liking Elena in the first book, but in the second one I found much more depth to her character. Stefan and Damon were great, as always. I would love to see Bonnie and Damon hook up. That would be interesting. Though I do favor the tv show to the book so far. They are still a good read.
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There are some issues I have with this book. If a vampire that's a couple hundred years old falls in love with a teenage girl, I'd expect her to be a little less enchanted with herself. Maybe there is some supernatural thing at work because I really don't like her (Elena)character. In the next book she gets better. I like her in the very end of this book, but that's about it. I did enjoy the series and went on to watch the TV show. I enjoyed that more. I love L.J.Smith, but am a little disappointed with the first 4 books of the series.
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Good book.
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It was a good book and I really enjoy it.
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much better reading than vol 1