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Topic: Vampire Diaries - Thoughts?

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Subject: Vampire Diaries - Thoughts?
Date Posted: 10/16/2009 12:00 AM ET
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I'm curious for those of you that have read the books , and watched the show. What do you think? I have NOT read the books and love the show so far. I have the books on my wishlist and want to read them but do you think it will ruin the show for me? I kinda don't want to know what happens ahead of time and I sure don't want to be dissapointed because its not as good as the book and have it ruin my new favorite tv show lol

Date Posted: 10/16/2009 12:39 PM ET
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I read the books before watching the series. To me the books are much better. There are a lot of differences between the show and the books. The series is kindof slow going compared to the books; I've pretty much quit watching the show.

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Date Posted: 10/16/2009 2:50 PM ET
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I've read the first two books of the series...getting ready to read the next two after I finish the book I'm reading now.  And, I've seen the first three episodes of the show.  I have the others DVR'd, just haven't had a chance to watch them yet.  From what I can tell, like Jennifer said, there seems to be a big difference between the books and the show.  However, I am enjoying both. 

Date Posted: 10/16/2009 6:52 PM ET
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I read the books years ago when I was a teenager, and at the time I enjoyed them immensely. I was a huge fan of L. J. Smith's work and I really enjoyed reading those books. Although I have forgotten most of what happened in the novels I remember the basic storyline. To me, the show is enjoyable and entertaining. But like True Blood and Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mystery series the tv show is not the exact same as the novels. Although they use the same characters and basic elements enough has been changed to make watching it, even if you've read and loved the books, enjoyable.

Date Posted: 10/17/2009 1:01 AM ET
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If you think there will be a problem you could wait untill the season ends to read the first book.  Thats what I keep doing with the show time show Dexter.  I watch the season then i read the next book in line.  Mostly books dont really follow the show so I usually dont worry about it.  I seem to be able to seperate them but some people can't do that. 

Date Posted: 10/17/2009 1:06 AM ET
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I loooove Dexter!  My second favorite show...True Blood being #1 LOL

Date Posted: 10/17/2009 1:24 AM ET
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I love Dexter too! We are almost caught up, but our time has been sucked up playing Dead Space lately so we haven't been watching much of it. I love that show though. But, like Sherry, True Blood is my favorite. Wait. Supernatural is my favorite....Oh darn. I just can't choose. I love all three!

Date Posted: 10/17/2009 3:32 PM ET
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Thanks for the advice I think I will wait and read them when the season ends!!

Date Posted: 10/27/2009 11:19 AM ET
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I'm with Abyee. I just accept that the show is going to be different fromt he book. I used to get disappointed, but I like not knowing what's going to happen. I like Vampire Diaries and watch it every week :) I've also read the first 2 books. The show IS on the CW. So, you kinda have to take what they give ya, but it's good and I enjoy it. I'm eagerly awaiting the next books in the series... :)

Date Posted: 5/11/2010 12:27 PM ET
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I have watched the TV from the beginning and love it. I just finished reading book 1 though and don't like it so much. For me this is one of those rare cases where the TV version is alot better than the book. I have the whole series on my wl. I already have book 2 so I'll read it but I doubt I'll bother getting the rest of the series.

Date Posted: 5/11/2010 1:13 PM ET
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Ive watched all of the shows too, and I enjoy it. I really love Damon! Ive read all of the bookstoo. They are not great, I dont think, but I enjoyed them also.But I think this series is LOOSELY based on the books. They are SO different, but both kinda fun!

Date Posted: 5/11/2010 5:28 PM ET
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I really love Damon!

So do I. I like Stefan but he isn't as interesting as his bad boy brother is.

Date Posted: 5/11/2010 6:23 PM ET
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I'm reading the first Vampire Diaries now. I have all 21 episodes sitting on the tivo, so am reading the books so I can start the show!

Date Posted: 5/12/2010 1:33 PM ET
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I also think the show is WAY better than the books. The books were very mediocre to me.

Date Posted: 5/21/2010 10:06 PM ET
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i love the show!!! and am not reading any of the books. lol. love Dexter as well and not reading that series either.

althow/Twilight i did see #1 then read all 4 books back 2 back, and was happy i did it THAT way. bc the book was WAAAAAAAY better than the 1st movie. if i had gone the other way, i would have been very unhappy. :) just my 2 cents.

Date Posted: 6/21/2010 3:45 PM ET
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I thought the books were way different then the show. To me I think the show is WAY better than the books. I read the first 3 books & after that the books got really stupid. I would just watch the show & not read the books.


Date Posted: 6/21/2010 4:14 PM ET
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I read the books when I heard they were making the show, to see if it might be something I'd like to watch. Thought the story was kinda interesting but the writing not so great. I'm so happy I gave the show a chance though - it unexpectedly became one of my must-watch shows this year. I love Stefan and Damon both, I can't decide who I want Elena to be with! Stefan's so perfectly sweet but Damon's so devilishly charming and darkly passionate. And they should be shirtless ALL THE TIME. In this one respect - the desire to have them both - I can sympathize with Katherine.

After the finale I rewatched the entire season because I couldn't get enough. Anyone else super psyched for season 2? I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Date Posted: 6/21/2010 5:41 PM ET
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I just ordered the first couple of books to see how they are. I like Trublood a lot too and the show is quite a bit different than Charlaine Harris's books.