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Topic: Vent!!!

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Subject: Vent!!!
Date Posted: 10/24/2008 4:54 PM ET
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Sorry I just have to vent. I received an obviously unpostable book (writing in it, and a CD that went with the book is missing). The book is useless to me, and I requested my credit be returned to me.

The sender stated that she will not return my credit even though she knew there was writing in the book. Sigh. She told me I have to return the book or she won't refund my credit.....and she wants the book back before she gives me the credit.  I told her it would cost her 2 credits -- one for the book and one for the postage --  for me to return the book, because PBS rules state I am not obligated to pay return postage for an unpostable book. She informed me that requesting a credit to cover the postage was ludicrous.  I even copy/pasted excerpts from the Help Center to show that what I was requesting is right with the PBS guidelines.

GRRRRR. Why is it that some people can't READ the basic rules and NOT send out books that don't meet the guidelines here??? And why is it that those who do send out bad books get angry at those of us who don't let them slide by?

Makes me very thankful for the wonderful PBS members who have sent me books that followed the rules.




Date Posted: 10/24/2008 5:11 PM ET
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I totally understand what you are going through. I received a book yesterday that obviously had water damage and was clearly unpostable. Half of the pages were wavy and stiff. I wrote a polite PM requesting my credit back, and she tried to say that she mailed it off in the same condition that she received it and when I pointed out to her that was no way it was damaged by the PO, she returned my credit saying that I must be pickier than she is. Aaargh! I am not picky...I just want books that I can repost!  I understand that sometimes books are "on their last read" but this was clearly water damage which is specifically addressed when you post a book.

The vast majority of people here are nice and are reasonable. I'm sorry you had to deal with someone who wasn't :(

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 5:37 PM ET
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Sounds like something to forward to the paperbackswap team to me. I mean, she admits she knew it was written in? That's a big no-no to begin with, plus all media materials (cd's, tapes, whatever) must be included to be a valid swap!

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 6:04 PM ET
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I second Tracey's thought...this definitely sound like something that needs to be brought to the attention of the PBS Team...Copy and paste your conversation or reference the book that this is about .....

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 6:19 PM ET
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I think some people just think that the rules, while nice for everyone else somehow don't apply to them or that this is somehow a special case and deserves an exemption.  I think in someway we've all had that happen, but don't act on it.  The brand new popular hardcover that you someone manage to make a large tear in one of the front pages with out text on it.  The popular paperback that had unfortunate contact with packing tape ruining the cover by taking the first layer of  cover. Most of us think it's a shame we can post it because we know it doesn't impact the reading of the book, but it's against the rules so we don't.  We don't because while some people might not consider those to be awful and would like the book any way that we don't get to make exceptions.  It would be a slippery slope.  I once had some one try to get me to take for a credit a book without the last 20 pages because she didn't think it mattered!!!

Date Posted: 10/24/2008 7:35 PM ET
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I totally agree I'd contact the PBS team. They can look in the message she sent you and clearly see how she was going against the site rules.

This also upsets me. I don't understand how people can see the rules (you have to click that your book meets the site rules) & then just ignore it. It's really sad. I see this happening a lot with younger people & make a point to teach my children that your actions affect others. This women blows off the site rules like they don't apply to her and yet you get hurt since a book you wanted is unuseable.

Totally selfish & sad. I just wish some people would grow up and admit when they do wrong. PLUS understand that it does hurt others.

Date Posted: 10/25/2008 11:31 AM ET
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Well, just to update, after I marked the issue as being unresolved, I did get my credit returned to me, along with a message to "never order a book from her again''


I know I was right and that the book was unpostable.......but I don't know that it was worth the stress of doing anything about it. The snarky messages just kinda ruined my day.

In the end, I did get my credit back. But I feel like I got pulled through the mud to get it.


Date Posted: 10/25/2008 11:54 AM ET
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Juli,  I'm very glad that she refunded your credit and your situation was resolved.  And I'm sorry that you had to run into a totally snarky member who ruined your day.

Even though she refunded your credit, I still think that you should report this situation to PBS.    Anybody who posts a book that is clearly unpostable and admits knowing that before posting it should be reported - just in case they try to do it again to someone else.

Personally, I give other members a lot of slack.   And my standards on a lot of the "gray" areas of postability are pretty low for books I order.  But there are many areas of the postability guidelines that are black and white - water damage, missing extras like CD's, tears over 1", writing on the text pages - those are all very clear.

I should also say that even though my standards are lower than some for books that I order, I've been incredibly lucky.  Almost all of the books that I get through PBS are in good to like-new condition.

Date Posted: 10/25/2008 12:08 PM ET
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I agree with Lynne, you should still send a note to PBS. Just because she returned your credit doesn't mean she gets a free pass to be rude and give you attitude.
Date Posted: 10/25/2008 12:20 PM ET
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Yes, I'd definitely contact the PBS team about it so it's on record.

I received a problem book yesterday, it was the wrong ISBN.  Other that that, it's perfectly fine.  It's the same book, there are just 2 records for it since it's recently been republished.  I did mark it RWAP so it's on record but told the sender I did not want my credit back.  She PMd me back and said that she should have posted it under the correct ISBN instead of just reposting it under the wrong one (that's what the person that sent it to her did).  It was very nice and polite and the problem's resolved.  When I repost the book, it'll go under the correct ISBN since it's still perfectly postable.

I'm sorry you got a nasty response to a clear problem that did call for your credit to be returned.

Date Posted: 10/25/2008 2:41 PM ET
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Just the fact that she said to never order from her again clearly illustrates the fact that she apparently doesn't know or understand the rules here.  As if you have any control over that when you're ordering FIFO:P   On the bright side, the bad apples probably wouldn't be so annoying if the vast majority of members weren't usually getting it right.

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Date Posted: 10/25/2008 7:47 PM ET
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While PBS won't get involved in individual swaps, if she sent rude/snarky PM, definitely report them using the "Contact Us" link, since those aren't tolerated here.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience; seems to be a wave of them lately.



Date Posted: 10/25/2008 8:38 PM ET
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why is it that those who do send out bad books get angry at those of us who don't let them slide by?

I can answer that.  It's because they are self-centered narcissists.  Sadly they are everywhere.  I have encountered them in Fantasy football when I turn down a proposed trade that I didn't feel was in my best interests.  In college, I delivered pizzas.  Sometimes people would ask me to give them a ride they got mad when I told them no.  Never mind that doing so would get me fired.  Some people just think that the universe revolves around them.

Date Posted: 10/25/2008 10:39 PM ET
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Juli, it may not seem like it was worth the aggravation - but that's exactly what people who are skimming across the rules hope.  They are counting on your not catching it and doing something about it.  That way they can go on doing it.  I can sympathize with you since I am currently in a situation somewhat similar to yours.   Only this is a small amount of water damage.  It looks like a large drip of water got on the non-bound edge of the pages and about 40 pages got a small amount of water damage.  The rules say NO water damage. (The book is otherwise nearly perfect.)  So I've called the member on it.  They are willing to pay to get it back so I guess I shouldn't be concerned.  But the member is fairly new  and this book was sent to me as a mistake - it was meant to go to someone else. Now  (quite rightly) the sender wants to assess it for themselves - but as I said it is only a small amount and they are a new member.  And I'm betting that the book will be sent on with the gamble that the requesting party won't notice or care since the first solution the suggested was that I send it to the requester myself.  I refused on the grounds of the water damage which I mentioned in the first PM I ever sent about any of the books.  I realize that I am not the PBS police - or maybe I am a member of the PBS police since we are all supposed to be responsible for our actions.  I have no reason not to send it back - but I am certainly not liking the feeling that I'm getting about it.  This member is an adult and hopefully won't think I was misleading him/her.  I've been called on water damage just like this one - so I know NO water damage means just that.  There isn't any joy in this situation.  On the other hand most books I've received have all been in great shape and followed the rules.  I love PBS.


Date Posted: 10/26/2008 10:11 AM ET
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I wish that in a situation where a member clearly violates the rules, such as in Juli's case (with both the posting of an unpostable book and wanting it sent back w/o sending a credit to cover it), he/she would be given an official warning, and if another such offense occurs, then he/she is placed on probation for a time, and if another problem occurs, then the membership is revoked.   It would have to be problems where the posted book is clearly in violation though, not something vague like "the pages are a bit wavy"--there needs to be obvious water damage indications, etc...

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Date Posted: 10/26/2008 4:34 PM ET
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<<or maybe I am a member of the PBS police since we are all supposed to be responsible for our actions>>

I think this is a good summation, Ruth.  We're not just responsible for our own actions, but also to report "crimes" we receive from other members. If only we could make a Citizen's Arrest on whomever sent Juli that useless book :-)