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Topic: Vorkosigan Saga Help!

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Joseph C. (joec) - ,
Subject: Vorkosigan Saga Help!
Date Posted: 10/2/2010 2:08 PM ET
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Ok, first a little backround info...  I discovered used book sales last summer and have bought around a thousand new books this year.  I love collecting books and I usually like finishing a series before I start reading it, so I can read it all the way through if I want.  I actually have a Word list of all the books I own, its over 50 pages. 

Now, the problem... I usually research the series first, so I know the order to read it in.  I've run into a problem with the Miles Vorkosigan series by Bujold.  I can't find a proper reading order for it.  Can anybody let me know the order for the series or a website that lays it out?  I'd appreciate it. 

Date Posted: 10/2/2010 4:55 PM ET
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Try www.FantasticFiction.co.uk    I found the best lists there for the Miles books.

Subject: Timeline with books listed by Miles' age
Date Posted: 10/2/2010 8:10 PM ET
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This list doesn't include the newest book, Cryoburn coming out in Oct. (hardback dang it).

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Date Posted: 10/3/2010 1:54 PM ET
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Thanks for the warning about Cryoburn. My Dad is aHUGE Bujold fan. He has most of the series on his ipod in audio book as well as in paper back. I preordered cryoburn for him and he is counting down the days. LOL.

Date Posted: 10/4/2010 10:42 AM ET
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usually like finishing a series before I start reading it, so I can read it all the way through if I want.

Well if that means you don't like reading incomplete series (ala Ender's Game) then you might have a while to wait, because I don't think Bujold is thinking of terminating the Vorkosigan series anytime soon.

Joseph C. (joec) - ,
Date Posted: 10/4/2010 1:16 PM ET
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No I make an exception for that.  I have started a lot of new series where all the books aren't out yet. 


Thanks for all the help guys. 

Subject: Vorkosigan
Date Posted: 10/16/2010 6:21 PM ET
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Shards of Honor
Warrior's Apprentice
The Vor Game
Brothers in Arms
Borders of Infinity
Mirror Dance
A Civil Campaign
Diplomatic Immunity

Falling Free and Ethan of Athos are in the same Universe and can be read anytime between Warrior's Apprentice and Mirror Dance.  Borders of Infinity is a series of shot stories and novellas written as part of a post mission debrief.

Ronda (RONDA) - ,
Date Posted: 10/24/2010 12:26 PM ET
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if you look at the series section in the right hand column you will see a link for the books in publication order and in chronological order.

Subject: Cryoburn
Date Posted: 10/28/2010 3:19 PM ET
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Just finished Cryoburn.  I "assume" that all the hardbacks come with a CD.  And the CD is LOADED!!!!  YES!!!  I said to myself.  "Cause Cryoburn stirred up memories of previous books, early books I read years ago and can't remember all the details.  I haven't explored the CD yet and don't know if it contains only samples of previous books but, wow.  Looks good........

Date Posted: 10/29/2010 2:07 AM ET
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To the best of my knowledge it contains the full text of all the prior Vorkosigan novels. Formatted for all the different eReaders. It is totally awesome. :)

Date Posted: 11/5/2010 4:17 AM ET
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oh, *sweet*!  i just picked Cryoburn up from the library today, and reading this dug the disk out of the back of the book and popped it in.  "This disk and its contents may be copied and shared, but NOT sold. All commercial rights are reserved. That?s it."

woo hoo!  copies of all the Vorkosigan books to go on my hypothetical future eReader!  i already bought all the paperbacks once.  :)

and look, the layout is pretty much identical to the one included with David Weber's hardback, in which the disk saved my sanity yesterday when 30 pages near the end of the book were missing.  (the last 30 pages were repeated twice, but the 30 before that weren't in there at all.  fortunately the ARC of the current book was there so i was able to read the rest of the book on my computer.)

Subject: series help
Date Posted: 11/6/2010 8:18 PM ET
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www.fantasticfiction.com  THE BEST SITE for anyone who follows series.  Authors books are listed by series chronologically, individual books, compilations, etc. There is a page for series if you follow such as Warhammer, Magic the gathering etc. It is my bible for books.

I also like to have all the books in a series before reading them. I have @ 200 books that I am waiting on missing links, and my list is about 1800 books long. When browsing used books stores, I've seen people with the small binders full. It's nice to know that one is not crazy.