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Topic: Want an ereader, but which one?

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Subject: Want an ereader, but which one?
Date Posted: 3/6/2011 12:30 PM ET
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Hey everyone, I'm hoping I can get some advise from you all out there.  I'd really like to get an ereader, and although I favor the Kindle, I'd like to be open to other choices.  But I'd also like to hear from actual owners rather than just advertisements.  For example, someone who works at Borders has already told me that the Kobos are frequently returned because they can be kind of buggy. 

What kind of ereader do you have, and what do you like/dislike about it?  Would you recommended it or go for something else? 

Thanks so much!

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 12:38 PM ET
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I currently have a Nook.  I love it! I've not had any problems with it and I've had it for 9 months now.  I love the fact that I can use my library's overdrive system and borrow ebooks.  It's a simple process.  My nook has the Wi-Fi, so I can instantly download books when I'm in an area with Wi-Fi access.  If I'm not, I can still side-load books using the Adobe Digital Editions software, as long as I have an internet connection.  So far, the only place that I found that I can't download books from is Amazon, which of course has their own ereader (and this may be possible, but I haven't really strayed into that area). However, I just use it for ereader.  I don't use it to surf the web (although you can to an extent).

That's just my two cents...lol

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 12:41 PM ET
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I have a Kindle wi-fi and I love it. I have had it about 4 months. I love reading it on more than a paper book, no having to hold it open. I love being able to adjust the font size instead of run for the reading glasses. I love being able to buy books from my favorite sites and read them on the kindle. I love that I can email docs from my computer to my kindle, and that Amazon will convert many different formats for me if I need them to.

My first reader was the ebookwise 1150 and I had to convert documents through 3 to 4 different processes just to get it to the format that would work on it. (I do like the back lighting on it). My 2nd ereader is a Jetbook Lite, which is great for those pesky library books. It reads many different formats, but has no wifi. It takes an SD card which can be very handy. It reads most formats except lit and mobi.

Both of those were just substitutions for the reader I really wanted, the Kindle. When the price finally came down to something I could afford, I got one. I like it much better than the other two. It reads just about any format except for lit and epub.

I still have all 3 readers, and Kindle is definitely the winner.


Date Posted: 3/6/2011 1:26 PM ET
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IF your going for Library books be sure to check YOUR library to see IF they have any.....  Getting Library cards from other areas May Not be an option after next week.   That being said.  I had Nook they didnt work & the Poor customer Service at B&N  I took them back to the store I got them from.   Then got Kindle  Very happy!  As I can pass my PB books on to others sell crs & get Amazon Gift cards buy eBooks LOL    About a month ago I got Literati eReader thats great for Library books!  Someone said KOBO eReaders were on sale $80.....      I dont think there are much differences in the Top Brands.  Kindle holds 3500 book while Nooks 1/2 that BUT with Nook you can get more books on a micro SD card!    Amazon has fantastic battery life! Nooks battery dies in about 10 hrs.   Tho the Literrati last 6-8 hrs LOL   Also do you want Backlite or Not!  Kindle is NOT back lit.  Nook color is!  Literati is!  hummmm cant think of anymore LOL 

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 3:54 PM ET
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I have a Sony PRS-505 (it's an older model).  I've had it for about 3 years now and it's held up to the vigors of my work environment.  I normally keep it in my cargo pocket.  I've dropped it inadvertantly several times due to my own clumsiness and many different surfaces without consequence.  I haven't had any problems, aside from having to reset it from a buggy book format from time to time.  When I upgrade, I will probably go for another Sony Ereader because of my good experience with this one.  Even though this one is a few generations behind, it reads most formats and has the ability to borrow books from the library both ebook and eaudio.  If you're interested, check out Sony's site for their newest versions.  I've messed with them a bit in the store and they seem pretty good to me.

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Date Posted: 3/6/2011 5:09 PM ET
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I have a Sony Touch PRS600 model.  I decided I didn't need or want Wifi or 3G capabilities on my ereader.  I don't have Wifi at home anyway and there probably isn't 3G coverage around here since I live in a fairly remote area.  Even if either were available to me (and there are a bunch of Wifi spots in town), I still wouldn't want that, just too easy to spend money on ebooks.  Plus, I have backups of all my ebooks on my computer since I have to download to that first and then sideload on the Sony.

I love it even though I have yet to get into the extra features it has (like I can put pictures or music on there).  I upgraded from a Sony Pocket edition, PRS300.  The PRS600 is a little larger than the PRS300 and the 600 will take either an SD card or a Sony Memory Stick for extra storage.

I would definitely recommend a Sony!  The only place I've not been able to get ebooks from is Amazon and that doesn't bother me since I don't shop Amazon anyway.  There are tons of other ebooks stores out there and the Sony will read lots of formats.

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 6:09 PM ET
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I like my Sony Pocket.  Very simple to use, don't mind hooking it up to the computer to download at all.  It seems to be more sturdy built than some of the other types I've looked at.  I'd love to have one that has color but can easily wait a while till the prices come down overall.

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 8:14 PM ET
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I have a nook classic and a Sony 650 Touch Edition.  Both are good readers, but I definitely prefer the interface of the Sony better, so I use it almost exclusively.  The two draw backs I see for the Sony are that it costs more ($229 compared to $149 for the nook classic wi-fi) and that it doesn't have wi-fi.  Not a big deal for me--I just connect the Sony to my computer and transfer a bunch of books on to it, and it's good to go.  I do get a lot of e-books from the library--both the Sony and the nook will work with these.

Good luck with your decision!  I think there are a lot of good options out there, and there really isn't a wrong choice.

Date Posted: 3/6/2011 8:22 PM ET
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I have a Sony Pocket Edition and love it for all the reasons stated above.  I've had it for over a year and have yet to have a single problem with it.

Date Posted: 3/7/2011 11:17 AM ET
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I have a Nook (wifi version) and LOOOOVE it. It's super easy to use, there's no backlighting so no glare and eye strain, and it's very easy to load library books onto it for lots and lots of free reading. ;) I've downloaded/bought books from all kinds of websites, which is a huge plus for me. I don't want to be tied to just one place for my ebooks.

The battery life is much more than 10 hours for me. I turn the wifi off when I'm not using it and it's been just fine. You can also buy an extra memory card for it to load more books if you need extra room (though I can't imagine filling up the internal memory, but maybe some day...lol).

I like being able to bring it into B&N to read books in the store for free (you get a free hour to read) and they often have coupons or free items in their cafe if you bring your Nook in (just show them the coupon on the Nook screen). And it's nice to be able to go in there and ask them about it if you have questions - or take it in if there's something wrong with it, vs sending it out.

For me, the library loaning was probably the most important to me, so Nook it was. Kobo also does library books and can accept many formats of ebooks. Also, with the big Borders closing sales, the Kobo readers are on sale now for $80. If I didn't have a Nook, my next choice would be Kobo. But I loooove my Nook and it's perfect for me. :)

Date Posted: 3/7/2011 1:01 PM ET
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I have an Ipad so I can use either the Nook or Kindle apps, as well as several others.  But if I didn't thave the Ipad, I would get a Nook, due to the lending, library and Sd card features.

Date Posted: 3/8/2011 12:02 PM ET
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I have a Nook with wi-fi (the $149 one) and I LOVE IT!!!!!  I haven't used the wi-fi feature much, I just side-load everything on.

Like Nicole, I purchased the Nook so I could read the free ebooks my library offers (12,000+ epubs currently).  My only regret with the Nook is that I would have purchased it sooner. 


I did not chose the Kindle because I didn't want to HAVE to BUY books from Amazon, I liked the idea of getting free ones from my library more :) 

Date Posted: 3/8/2011 4:58 PM ET
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I got the Nook B&W a month ago and I love it.  I read, play sudoku, and surf the web on it.

I think the Nook is easy to use.  I've been able to get books from multiple sources.  I use Nook for PC or Adobe Digital Editions to get the non-B&N books to my Nook. 

I love the e-ink.  It looks just like a book page.  I also like the adjustable fonts sizes.  I also like being able to place a bookmark.

I like being able to see the book covers in the touch pad.  I forget titles easily -- sometimes while I am reading.

I'm now working to place all my books on shelves (something I should have done from day one).  When you have 300 books, it's difficult to find what you want to read next.

Surfing the web takes some practice.  However, once you load a website into your favorites, it's easy to access.  I notice that many of my favorites have reset themselves for the browser when I visit the second time.  Facebook now fits in the window perfectly.  You can use Nookfeeds.com to read RSS feeds on the Nook.

My main complaint about the Nook is battery life.  Because I use my Nook alot I am recharging it every 2-3 days. 

The other complaint is you can't have more than one book open at once.  I wish Reading Now was a list.  I work around this by having a shelf for "Reading Now".  But, I don't like that each time I open a book, to read or browse, it pushes that one to Reading Now.  Then I have to go back and find the book I was reading.

I am very pleased with it.  I suspect each reader could be improved upon.