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Topic: Water damage with odor

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Subject: Water damage with odor
Date Posted: 2/4/2010 7:43 PM ET
Member Since: 6/13/2009
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Received a book today that has water damage with a strong odor.  I was anxiously waiting to read the book, but I can't get past the moldy odor which is sure to make me sick.  Just handling it makes me itch.  I do have my allegies noted for books.

Sender said it must have happened during shipping.  It wasn't wrapped in plastic so it is certainly possible coming all the way to Ohio from Colorado.  The packaging is fine and has no odor just was short on postage by 34 cents.

Not sure what to do.  I've never had a problem book before and I feel bad about it.

Date Posted: 2/4/2010 8:01 PM ET
Member Since: 4/25/2007
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If the book is water damaged, then the packaging it was in should have had water damage on it as well.  No way for the book to get wet but not the envelope.  If you don't think there is any water damage on the envelope and the sender sent the book with the damage on it, then request your credit back from the sender.  You can't force them to refund it though.

I do hope you marked the book RWAP.  Between the water damage (whether or not it happened in transit) and the shortage on postage, I would hope the sender would refund your credit.  If not and you did mark the book RWAP, mark the transaction unresolved in your Transaction Archive.

Date Posted: 2/4/2010 8:02 PM ET
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I am new here, so I don't think I could be much help, but if the packaging was fine, no tears or sign of water damage on it, then i would say that it was sent that way and the sender wanted to pass the buck. 

It's easy to blame someone who can't really fight back.  They are an unseen entity who can not defend themselves.  Yes, I am sure that lots of time the post office does mangle books, I received one today that had a rip in the packaging, and it obviously happened in transit, the tear was too new looking.  The book was fine; the bubble wrap protected it.

That doesn't mean we should allow the post office to take the blame for a unpostable book.  I'm not saying that is what the sender did, but to me, if the packaging is in fine shape, the book has an odor and water damage, it had to be before it was packed.

As for what to do, others here can help and you can do a search in forum for more tips on what to do. 


Date Posted: 2/4/2010 8:02 PM ET
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This is very clearly an unexceptable book. I would mark it received with a problem and ask for my credit back. Since the packaging was good most likely the sender is trying to pass along a book that is a problem. Unfortunately you will run into a few members who do not adhere to stipulations and hopefully they will leave or be asked to leave if problems continue. I always feel that if I do not report a problem this will encourage more bad trading and the site will lose it's reputation for being a place where great books are traded.

Date Posted: 2/4/2010 8:03 PM ET
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If the packaging was in tact  and has no water damage then it probably didn't happen during shipping and has nothing to do with being wrapped in plastic or not. Sounds like someone sent you an unpostable book and might not want to own up to it. .

Based on what you've told me I'd mark it RWAP with the sender responsible and ask for my credit back. They don't have to return it and you don't have to ask for it back either. But for sure mark it RWAP. The rest is up to whatever you'd like to do. 

Subject: Thanks
Date Posted: 2/4/2010 8:11 PM ET
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I marked it RWAP.  

Date Posted: 2/5/2010 3:05 AM ET
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Most printer ink runs if it comes in contact with liquids, so it's unlikely the book got wet without noticable damage to the shipping label and other wrapping materials.

Subject: Resolved
Date Posted: 2/5/2010 1:47 PM ET
Member Since: 6/13/2009
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Received my credit back.  Thanks for the reassurance.  I do feel bad, but I simply can't read the book due to allergies.

Date Posted: 2/5/2010 2:01 PM ET
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Regardless of how the book got the way you received it, make sure you put a requestor condition on your account regarding your allergies and what you cannot accept.

Subject: Could mold have developed during shipping?
Date Posted: 2/6/2010 3:16 PM ET
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I just wonder if the Sender cleaned off the book and wrapped it damp, and it went moldy inside the packaging. Apparently this is possible. The book is still ruined, unfortunately.