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Topic: Is there a way I can NOT request books from a member?

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Subject: Is there a way I can NOT request books from a member?
Date Posted: 2/2/2011 3:45 PM ET
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There are some members who don't mail thier books until way later than they say they did. If you can't make it to the post office for weeks then don't mark it "mailed".

Date Posted: 2/2/2011 3:52 PM ET
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Unfortunately, no.  You would just have to remember who the person is and then not order from them in the future. 

Date Posted: 2/2/2011 3:55 PM ET
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However, if you do receive a book from someone who mails much later than they said they would, you can send a comment to TPTB using the box at the bottom of the 'book received' page.  TPTB will notify them that this isn't acceptable.  Pat

Date Posted: 2/2/2011 3:56 PM ET
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No because PBS works as a FIFO, firt in first out basis.  The only way is to keep a list of the names people you don't want to trade with and then use the Order More From Member button when you get a WL offer or request a book.  The chances of getting someone more than once is pretty rare considerring there's a few hundred thousand members.  The only time I see the same people again are when it's a buddy ordering right from me or posting right to my WL. 

Also are you sure they mailed late?  You can't always go by the postmark date if they used stamps.  I frequently drop stamped books into the blue box.  I don't know when they get post marked but it's somewhere enroute and might be days or even a couple  of weeks afterwards.  

Date Posted: 2/2/2011 3:56 PM ET
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The club is large enough that you most likely would not order throught the FIFO from that member again.  Also, if you notice late mailings, fill out the suvey when you mark the book received!  To many late mailings flags the members account and can get them suspended.  Think of it as weeding out bad swappers.

Date Posted: 2/2/2011 4:07 PM ET
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Chances are slim to none you would get the same person. You can always keep a list for yourself.


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Date Posted: 2/2/2011 4:38 PM ET
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As others have indicated, since PBS works on a FIFO basis (first in, first out) picking and choosing who you order from really isn't possible on a large scale. Say for example you have a wishlist book offered to you. You accept and then notice that the person who has posted it is someone you traded with before and weren't real thrilled with. Are you going to cancel the order? Because if you do, you just lost your place in the wishlist queue and will go to the back of the line when you re-wishlist it. Is it really worth doing that?

People make mistakes and have things happen in their lives--some people started out here brand new, not reading the rules and making some goofy mistakes and went on to being absolutely great PBS traders after they figured things out. I've been here for five and a half years and traded a LOT of books, and have had very few problem trades--and those that were problematic were not severe enough for me to keep some "black list" of people I wouldn't trade with or anything. I just make the PBS powers that be aware of problem trades by using the RWAP system and/or filling out the postal survey when a book is received and let them deal with people who are chronic abusers of the system.



Date Posted: 2/9/2011 5:40 PM ET
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Normally, if the book arrives at the Post Office several days or later past the date (if they buy online postage) they have to get a zero dollar meter sticker showing actual date of mailing. 

If the book was mailed within 2-3 days of the postage, I just fill in the information on the received page including the cost of postage and the date mailed from the meter stamping.

If the book was significantly mailed (as indicated by the meter stamp) later than allowed, I also include a comment to TPTB on the bottom indicating the book was mailed significantly later than the date indicated and the sender did not attempt to PM before doing so.

I had someone mail a book a full week after it was marked LOST in the mail meaning it was over a month after they had marked it mailed and they had  a song and dance about how "they had always done it this way, etc."

I marked it mailed but I also used the blocks provided on the received form to call attention to it.

Date Posted: 2/9/2011 11:52 PM ET
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Yep, I just started a "in the doghouse" list for members who I NEVER want to swap with again after getting an RWAP for a child's book that was in fine condition when I wrapped it.  

Of course, for the past year I've had a bunch of forum posters on "ignore this member" as I just don't need to deal with their negativity or rudeness--I love that function!