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Topic: Is there a way to give two or more credits for a book?

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Subject: Is there a way to give two or more credits for a book?
Date Posted: 3/5/2009 1:22 PM ET
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I know this is probably a stupid question, but I am now officially addicted to PBS.com and i've been browsing all through the night so I may be a little crazy in the head and sleep deprived.  Anyway, I have alot of books on my wish list that don't seem like typical books posted on PBS.  I was wondering if there was a way to increase the likelihood that someone would list the books.  Like, for example, offer two or more credits for their books?  Like, as someone browses through PBS there could be a note on certain books that so many members are offering 2 credits for a book and so many members are offering 3, etc.

Has anyone thought of this?  If they have, I'm sure they have found out all the problems that would be associated with doing this.  I just really would like some more Dexter books and no one ever seems to post them.  I know I could just buy them, but I don't want to. :-)




Date Posted: 3/5/2009 1:46 PM ET
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 That's not a dumb question.  Here's the official word from the help docs:

Offering to "pay" (or asking a requestor to "pay"--see below) more than "PBS price" for a book is not permitted. 


  • If the book is Wishlisted, offering more than the PBS "price" for the book may allow members to leapfrog over others in the Wish List for the book. This obviously is not fair.

  • Even if the book is not Wish Listed, a "free market" system could lead to "bidding" for a book, and auctions are NOT permitted on PBS.
  • One reason is that auctions are subject to state laws, and as PBS members belong to various states, this could be illegal.
  • The other reason is that we want all members to have a fair chance to get books on PBS.  Pitting those who have lots of credits to spare against those who don't have a lot of credits at the time goes against the very spirit of PBS--the fair sharing of books. Everybody equal.

Asking for more than "PBS price" for a book is considered bookselling

  • Bookselling is not permitted at PBS

  • If you feel that your book is too valuable (or too costly to ship) to be swapped for "PBS price", you should not Post it here.
  • If this is a matter of postage cost (your book is heavy), remember that you can also request a "heavy" book with the credit you get for sending yours--so it all evens out.


Date Posted: 3/5/2009 1:53 PM ET
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Hmmm that actually all makes sense.  I wouldn't want to ruin PBS.  I also didn't want to jump in line.  It just seems that the line isn't moving at all.  :-)  Oh well, it was just a goofy question anyway as I have too much too read right now.  I think PBS is making me greedy for Paper Backs.



Subject: I know how you feel
Date Posted: 3/5/2009 2:16 PM ET
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But you have to keep vigilant and check every day to see if your book comes up.  I have had the same problem with my wish lists, but then BANG - there one appears and I answer YES, send it to me.  But these things happen over the weekend too, and I wasn't in the habit of checking during that period of time. If you miss the 48 hour grace period, your book goes to the next person in line that wants it. 

I can tell you this - I got a Dexter book. I've mailed a Dexter and I have one on my bookshelf to read right now. So they are out there.

And I've received so many of the wonderful new books on my wish list, that yes, people are buying and putting into rotation very quickly. Don't lose hope. Keep checking your account and be sure that you aren't on Autorequest if you don't check your account every few hours a day.  The other request gives you 48 hours so you can take a nap once in a while. (Yes, yes, yes, it IS addicting!)

Keep wishing and your wish WILL come true.

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Date Posted: 3/5/2009 2:33 PM ET
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Another thought is to list on the book bazaar asking people to post these so you will move up the line. Sometimes I have no idea something I have sitting around that I haven't had time to post is heavily wishlisted.  I hope you get your Dexter books before too long.

"The other request gives you 24 hours so you can take a nap once in a while. (Yes, yes, yes, it IS addicting!)" Cat S

Cat, That is too funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted.


Date Posted: 3/5/2009 4:44 PM ET
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I too have been confused about the wish list.  I once posted some that I thought I saw on the wish list, but no one requested them so I guess I must have misread something.  Also someone turned down a box request from me because something on their shelf was on the wish list. If so, how come it was there for a request instead of being blocked to folks who hadn't wished for it?  Also how did she know that it was a wish list book if it was on her shelf?  Does this question even make sense???  I promise I am marginally intelligent.

As for Dexter, I once gave my daughter a stack of books to sell on half.com.  She listed Darkly Dreaming Dexter & someone paid about 3 times the cover price for it.  We were baffled as to the reason they did this.  I had bought it at GoodWill, read it, thought it somewhat  different (couldn't put it down tho) & decided to pass it on.  What's the story on these books?  Just curious.

Sorry for rambling. 

Another addict,

Nancy J.


Date Posted: 3/5/2009 4:55 PM ET
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Nancy.....They probably had different ISBN"S than the ones on the wishlist .  Also you can put in the ISBN #  or search the author and then when a book comes up click on the author and it will pull up books available and books not in system that are on the wishlist. Click on the book that is not in the system and it will tell you how many members have it on hold.  One thing I do every now and then is go through my wishlist and click on the authors of the books on hold and see if any come up with a different ISBN that is just sitting in the system. I have gotten many books that way.

Hope that helps. :) Kim

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Date Posted: 3/5/2009 5:03 PM ET
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i have NOT looked at your wishlist, but try to keep your hopes within reason. i have browsed a few wislists that read like a rare book room.

Date Posted: 3/5/2009 6:21 PM ET
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Speaking of the Dexter books.........I go out bookshopping alot (goodwill, thrifts, salvation army, etc) and have only found 1 pb copy of one.  I put it on and of course it was wishlisted and went right away.  I always look for them but they are not out there (at least where I go).  I did find a HB copy of one but didn't buy it because it cost more to buy and ship.  Maybe next time I will pick up a HB to grant a wish and get it going through the system.

eta:  I checked out your wishlist Jesse and saw you where you are wishing for the HB of Harry Potter books.  My son decided he wanted the set in HB (he has it in pb) and I found all but #4 at goodwills in a couple of weeks.

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