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Topic: Is this the way?

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Subject: Is this the way?
Date Posted: 11/1/2010 8:53 AM ET
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For some reason I can't seem to wrap my brain around this issue.

I received an empty package PM'd the sender about it.  Sender immediately refunded my credits. I did not mark the books received.   Now the books have disappeared from my waiting for books.  So does that mean the system has declared them lost?  Would the system then give me credits back?  I have a lot of coming and going traffic on my account so I'm not sure about the credits. If they have then should I send credits back to the sender?  How can I figure out if the system did add credits?

Date Posted: 11/1/2010 9:04 AM ET
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You can check your credit registry to track credits. If the book was declared lost in the mail, then you would have gotten your credit back, so yes, you should return the credit to the sender that she sent you. (You can check your transaction archive to make sure that the system declared that book lost in the mail). There is always a trail in the archives/credit registry to see exactly what happened.

Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 11/1/2010 10:20 AM ET
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Also the sender should not refund the credits in this case. If she did not use PBS DC or Printable Postage, then she hasn't yet gotten the credits for this transaction, so she shouldn't be refunding them. If she did use PBS DC or Printable Postage, then she gets to keep the credits she got so she shouldn't be refunding them.

What should happen is: neither party does anything and lets the package go lost -or- sender contacts the PBS Team and asks them to cancel the transaction.

Date Posted: 11/1/2010 12:55 PM ET
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Good advice up above!  You can check your "credit" registry (on the horizontal yellow bar on your My Account page) to see what's going on with your credits.  26 days after a book has been mailed (or 35 days if the book is traveling outside the contiguous United States) if the requestor hasn't marked the book "received", the server will mark it lost, move it to your transactions archive, and refund your credit. 

This is the help doc on this:

I received an empty wrapper--no book inside!

If this is a book you requested, you should not mark the book received, since you did not get the book.  You should contact the sender to let him or her know what happened.  

  • The sender should call 800-ASK-USPS or go to http://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/forms/MLNtRcvd.aspx  and input the information online there. This will help USPS try to recover the book.

    • The form is titled "mail Theft"; this does not mean that you can use it only if you think the book was stolen.  "Received without contents" is an option on the page.
    • The choice to make under "Class" on the form if Media Mail was used is "Parcel Post".
  • If you think that the Wrapping method may have contributed to the loss of the book, please do give (gentle) feedback to the sender; you can refer to All Help documents about bookwrapping if you like. 

  • If you have marked the book received by mistake (or if the system marked the book received for you while you were absent from PBS), you can also discuss this with the sender, who got credit when that happened. See How do I contact another member? for instructions on how to contact a sender from the transaction in your Transaction Archive.

If you have not marked the book received yet, do not do so.  You will continue to get the usual auto-emails from PBS asking if the book has arrived; open and read them, and follow any instructions within. 

If the book hasn't arrived by the 26th day (the 35th day if the sender or requestor is outside the contiguous US) after it was marked mailed, then PBS will declare it lost in the Mail and you will get your credit back.  If the book does arrive after that, you should mark it received from your Transaction Archive.  

If the sender agrees to cancelling the request early (not waiting the full period for the book to be declared "lost"), then she or he can contact us and ask us to cancel the transaction for the book.  (A cancellation in this case will pass your request to a new sender if there is another copy of the book available in the system, or will put the book on your Wish List if there is not another available copy.  If the book was on your Wish LIst before, our cancellation will put you back on the Wish List for this book, in your previous place "in line".)

So at this point, you've received an extra credit from the sender, as you guessed.  To return the credit, click on the sender's name, and then on the "give credits" button.  And PM her to let her know what you are doing.