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Topic: what am I doing wrong here?

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Subject: what am I doing wrong here?
Date Posted: 9/17/2008 11:26 AM ET
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I haven't been too active on PBS in the last year or so, but since I finally got more caught up on my tbr pile and discovered some new authors I have been trading a lot more.  Anyway, I recently received 5 wishlist books - yeah!  Here is the thing - the system prompts me two things that I have questions about....

First, it says something about the book being on hold on my bookshelf and if I want to delete it.  What does it mean on hold?   The default answer is no, should I change it to yes?

The second is when I am prompted that I have other ISBNs of the same book on my wishlist... it asks if I want them removed.  I always say YES.   Today, I was reviewing my wishlist and found copies of 3 of the books I had just received still on my wish list.  What am I doing wrong that they are not automatically removed?

One of the books I recieved appeared in good condition when I unwrapped it - I was in a hurry and wanted to mark the whole batch received so senders get their credits quickly.  Anyway, later I discovered it has a broken spine and of course loose pages so it is not  tradeable.  I have done hundreds of trades on PBS over the years and have never received that situation, so I am not too disappointed - but just telling people to be AWARE and flip open the book before marking it recieved with no problem.  I am amazed that a "new looking" on the outside book can be so damaged.  I suspect it was not well bound by the original publisher.  I am not that picky about books (as long as they don't stink) so I can live with it.

 ETA:  Tip for people - if you are not picky about format ie trade versus regular paperback etc, put the different ISBNs on your list.  I got my copy of Twilight really fast, but I was still way down the list on other ISBNs.   I guess you just have to remember to clean up your wishlist manually when you receive the book as the automatic function isn't reliable.

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Subject: Welcome Back! (or at least congrats on your increased involvement lol)
Date Posted: 9/17/2008 11:53 AM ET
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The books on your bookshelf, on hold, are there for convenience.  They are just a few clicks away from being posted into the system.  If you would rather they weren't, and would like them removed from your shelf, then check the boxes and click "delete".  To post them into the system you'll instead need to select them and click "Unhold".

As far as the "would you like to delete" from the wish list, I'm not sure why it would remove some titles and not others, but at least it's a problem that's easily remedied.  Sometimes titles aren't matched up properly with every edition of the same book; I'd bet the problem has something to do with that.

Bummer about missing the damage.  I got burned like that a month or so ago.  Definitely teaches the lesson to be more observant before excitedly marking the book received!


Date Posted: 9/17/2008 11:54 AM ET
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Good thoughts and tips. The "on hold on your bookshelf" thing means the book is already on your bookshelf to be relisted. When you are ready to trade it, you can go to your bookshelf and click the box to take it off hold. It will then be added to the end of the FIFO line. Myself I find them distracting. I keep most of my books for quite a while before I read and repost them (and some are kept forever).

Most often I change that box to YES (Please remove it from my shelf. I will add it back myself when I am ready to trade it.)

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Matt C. (mattc) - ,
Date Posted: 9/17/2008 11:55 AM ET
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I don't remember seeing a question at all about deleting other ISBN's at all.  I just had a WL offer, and I think I had five different versions WL'd and had to delete all the others myself.

ETA - I always add received books to my TBR and delete them from my bookshelf.  They are just as easy to post from TBR when you finish, and I don't like having stuff on hold on my shelf I might decide to keep.

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Date Posted: 9/17/2008 1:00 PM ET
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Just barely, Kalualani lol.  Don't hold it against me, though, I didn't do it on purpose!  There's a saying I've seen used at PBS here and there, that many hands make for light work.  Every little bit helps, no matter how close together our posts are :)

Matt, I usually change the option regarding putting received books on the bookshelf when I mark them received (there's a "yes" that I toggle to "no").  I'm pretty sure they still go to the TBR pile.  If you're manually deleting held books from your shelf it might save you a little time to find the option during the receiving process instead.


Date Posted: 9/17/2008 1:37 PM ET
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Someone PM'd me about wanting post 5 WL books to me. I put them on autorequest because my account is on hold.  I had 2 versions on WL for one of the books hardback or paperback. It did not offer to delete the 2nd version for me.  So were those books on autorequest?  Maybe it only prompts you if you have it on the 48hr offer? 

Date Posted: 9/17/2008 1:53 PM ET
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I recently got a WL offer and was asked if I wanted to delete other versions from my WL when I accepted, I choose no, just in case I didn't get my book, I didn't want to lose my place in line for the others.  As it turned out, the book I got was an ARC, which I couldn't use because I was reading it for a review and must have the finished book, not to mention I wanted to repost, so lucky for me another version also got offered to me just then so I accepted.  Even though by marking it RWP I would have gone back on my WL hopefully to #1, not deleting my other versions got me the book quicker.

I don't delete other versions until I have the book in hand.