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Topic: What happened to One Hour Buyer's Remorse?

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Subject: What happened to One Hour Buyer's Remorse?
Date Posted: 5/5/2010 9:48 PM ET
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I have never had a book order process so quickly. Today I had a WL offered to me and this evenng I accepted it, and went to browse the member's shelf.  While I was doing that my computer froze up and I had to reboot.  Imagine my surprise when I logged back in a couple minutes later and the order was accepted, printed and mailed within 5 minutes!  Their shelf had a lot of stuff I've already read and I saw a couple things I was going to 'mull over' and maybe save them some postage, but I decided not to since they've already printed the label with DC. 


Request Date:
5/5/2010 9:28 PM ET
Date Accepted:
5/5/2010 9:30 PM ET 
Label Print Date(s):
5/5/2010 9:31 PM ET
Date Mailed:
5/5/2010 9:32 PM ET 
Estimated Arrival:
6/1/2010 ET 
Date Posted: 5/5/2010 10:05 PM ET
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Buyer's remorse is before you accept. Like when you have a book on auto-request it is one hour. When it's not auto-request you have 48 hours. Once you accept, though, it's all in the sender's hands.

Maybe you happened to accept their request right when they were getting ready to go to the post office so they were able to print and mail asap. I've actually had that happen. I came to mark the books mailed since I was on my way to the post office and found another order so I accepted, printed, wrapped, and mailed within 10 minutes of getting the request.

Date Posted: 5/5/2010 10:44 PM ET
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Thanks, I was just amazed it went so fast I couldn't even shop or order anything else.  I know for WL they get the order immediately once I accept an offer but I hadn't actually confirmed anything before they got the order.  I shouldn't have called it buyer's remorse, but there is that delay that occurs while you're in the middle of the transaction.  I was at  the address confirmation screen and had just clicked onto their shelf when my computer froze.  I think most times when that happens websites default to the previous screen, not the the completed transaction.  In this case they got the order and didn't hesitate a second before printing.  I always browse shelves before the full order gets placed; looking at the shelf does delay the order until you've decided how many other books you want.  This time I never had a chance to get back and confirm the shipping address or take more than a quick scroll down the first page of their bookshelf.

Date Posted: 5/6/2010 9:44 AM ET
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Last time that happened to me the sender accepted and printed the same day, but i went weeks without the book ever arriving. When I finally got it, the postmark date was 2 weeks after they marked it mailed. 

Date Posted: 5/6/2010 9:53 AM ET
Member Since: 8/10/2005
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I do the accept/print/mail thing within a couple of mintues quite often. I normally drop my books in a blue box on my way into work and login here to mark the ones I have ready mailed before heading to work. If I've gotten an order overnight,  I'll find the book and check it over, accept, print and mark mailed, and the book is in the blue box within a half hour of that, usually less.

I have my whole wishlist auto-requested so often a book is already marked mailed for me before I even know I've ordered it. LOL I love it that way!


Date Posted: 5/6/2010 10:18 AM ET
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I don't think you get the 1hrs Buyer's Remorse hold when you accept a WL offer because it assumes you want the book or you would have hit decline.  You only get it with autorequested WL books, on the off chance you come during that 1 hr period and with posted books that you look up and request. 

Date Posted: 5/6/2010 1:31 PM ET
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This scenario works the other way also.  I've had sending members pm and remind me to look at their bookshelf JIC I want to order more from then, then wait days in case I change my mind.  smiley

Date Posted: 5/6/2010 3:39 PM ET
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Wow!  I thought I was quick last week when I accepted a request, bought some PS money, printed postage, packaged the book, put it in my mailbox, and marked it mailed in a half an hour!  I was obvioulsy being pokey compared to the person who mailed out your book.

Date Posted: 5/6/2010 3:58 PM ET
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I don't print until I'm about to mail the book.  Who knows they might want more?  But you can PM them and tell them you want another book and they can add stamps to a book with PBS postage and DC.  If they haven't bought postage and only bought DC then it's no big deal either.


Date Posted: 5/6/2010 3:59 PM ET
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Some people have limited computer/internet access so they have to accept/print/mail right away since they don't have daily access.  Maybe you caught someone when they happened to be at the library checking on the WL book they posted.