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Topic: What have you learned or gained by becoming a member of PBS?

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Subject: What have you learned or gained by becoming a member of PBS?
Date Posted: 3/13/2008 6:34 AM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2008
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Hi ! I know this sounds like testamonials , but just thought it might be fun.

What have you learned or gained by becoming a member of PBS ?

 I have learned not to fear new authors or new to me authors. I have made friends. Learning a new language  (Latin).

Box of Books is the coolest thing, in my opinion. My husband says "ya'll can go to yard sales & pick up books"!

 True, but that is really not fun. Unless you trade them, lol.

 I have also tried new recipes. YUM!  Referred a friend. (I have only been a member since January "08.

 Actually started a new book. Reading encourages me to write .

 I realise that we have a testamonial page, but you cant say enough there.

 Right now reading "Middlesex".

 I have read 8 books sice 3-1-08.  :).

 Partly because I have the flu, LOL. Not a real bad case yet thogh. 

 Looking forward to your posts on this one.~ Shanna

 "All I know is what  I read in the papers"~ Will Rogers

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 3/13/2008 9:02 AM ET
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I learned that I like Historical Fiction.

I have also gained some incredible friends. :)

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 12:29 PM ET
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I've learned to be open to new authors and new genres.

I've leaned that I CAN have too many books!  

I've learned that this site goes WAY beyond books.

I've learned that if there is something to rant about, SOMEONE will find it!  lol

I've learned that people, while very different from each other in many ways, still care for each other.

I've learned that it's better to listen than to talk.   Gee - my mom tried to teach me that for years.

I've leaned that sometimes it's better to just keep your fingers away from the keys. (keep your mouth shut - see above!)

I've learned that community is still very important in our society.  Many of us have simply redefined what a community might be.

I've learned that I can love and be loved by people I've never met.     

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 1:08 PM ET
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I have learned that one woman's hated and detested book is another person's treasure.

I have learned how small my keeper shelf actually is, when I can trade so many books for other ones.

I have learned that I have almost no self-control with my credits and when I get above 10 credits I tend to order things I never read.

I have learned that just bc you love one book by an author does not mean you will love everything by that author.

I too (Cozi) have learned that I can type out my reply but I can just as easily delete it without posting, as sometimes it is better to keep my nose out of a fray.

I have learned that just bc you can't put a face to their name doesn't mean you don't feel empathy for that person.

I have learned that everyone has bad days, which is comforting when I'm having one.

I have learned to never buy another John Grisham or Oprah's book club book, as once it has been out for a while it's going to sit on your shelf for a long long time.  (I don't even have my JGs posted, what's the point?)

I've learned that the opinions I form of people on here are sometimes wrong, so I must always be ready to change them. 

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 1:20 PM ET
Member Since: 7/3/2007
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Until joining this site, I never met a book that I could part with.  I still have my keepers, but now I have just as much fun (if not more) carefully wrapping a book to send to another member than I do in getting one sent to me.

I have learned that I am not the only book-obsessed person out there...in fact I'm quite the feather weight compared to a lot of the people I've met here in terms of books read per month/year, number of books owned, number of completed transactions, etc.

I have learned that one credit spent is really three credits spent.  So I order a book in a new genre or by a new author. Darn all those little suggestions of similar books, the 'members who enjoyed this book also liked...' suggestions, and recommendations from the forums!!  All I wanted was one book!  Now I have 3 coming!

I have learned that if I spent more time reading books and less time reading forums, I would no longer be a feather weight in terms of books read.  But it is true, people need community.

I have learned confirmed that I truly have a book addiction.  This site is just fuel for the fire.


Date Posted: 3/13/2008 3:33 PM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2008
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Wow! Everything ya'll have said is exactly correct with me as well!!!!!! This really is a fun website and it is really good to post more optimistic forums. I heard someone say here I think (on this site) , "Why do we read every book Oprah tells us to? " LOL. I agree 100% . But I do have one Grisham book that is a keeper & it is "A painted house". The only one I ever really liked. I also learned today exactly what a mass market paperback was, LOL.

 So, you see, whether we smoke , drink , have cats or dogs, we all have a lot in common & that is our love of books & reading & sharing with each other.

 Have a Blessed Day   &  Peace,  Shanna

"All I know is what I read in the papers"~ Will Rogers

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 8:21 PM ET
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So far what everyone has said goes for me too. I don't even know how many times I hurried to type my reply only to delete it !

I tried to explain this site to my cousin an avid reader, and I said, I don't know these people at all, but the way they love books, they are my people!

I also learned that I should not collect all the books in a series because after the third book I might never want to read another one.

Cozies were fun for a little while.

Historical fiction is great.

Stay out of the book bazar.

AND.....there really are still some nice people in this world!

Subject: "All I Know is what I Read in the Papers" ~ Will Rogers
Date Posted: 3/13/2008 9:08 PM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2008
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 Yes , I agree 100 % with you as well. It does seem we all identify with each other, regardless of each of our lifestyles. And I feel like before buying a book, I have to ask around here if it is any good, LOL. But , I have not had to go to Barnes & Noble or Hastings at all now, LOL. And you know what? I don't miss those places anymore, lol. I thought I would NEVER say that, but it is true. I do not miss the bookstore. I can look here for the best sellers. And most everyone I met here is nice. I have yet to meet anyone hateful.:)

 ~Peace ~ Shanna

Date Posted: 3/13/2008 9:41 PM ET
Member Since: 3/31/2006
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I learned there are alot of genres I haven't even explored

I learned that it's okay to release the books that I've already read

I've learned that PBS members are great people

I've learned that wish list books almost always come up in groups

I've learned that cozy mysteries are fun and historical fiction is fascinating

I've learned that PBS members are a great source of information and a variety of opinion

I've learned that the book bazaar is far too enticing

I've learned that books that I can't get into are someone else's hidden gem

I've learned that there are other people in the world who get just as excited as me about the great book they've just read.

I've learned that readers are not weird!  We are the normal ones! :)

Date Posted: 3/14/2008 3:00 PM ET
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I've read a lot of books I wouldn't have even heard of before.

Thanks to everyone for their recommendations.


Subject: What I've Learned About Gift Cards...
Date Posted: 3/14/2008 4:54 PM ET
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I've always asked for gift cards to Borders for Christmas and my birthday. Now I've learned to take a look at my Wish List and see which books are going to be a very long wait. Then I take my gift cards, go to Borders and buy those books.

I get to read the WL books a lot sooner and I get to send them on their way to someone else who had been waiting a long time! It just makes me feel good to get those books on their ways to people who wanted to read them as much as I.

I've learned to consider others people's "gems" and check them out to see if I'd like them also.

In a time when many people seems to think that reading actual books is strange, I've learned how wonderful it is to find a community of people who love reading as much as I!

This is my very first post here...and I LOVE this place! (Right now my book shelf is on hold because I recently had a knee replacement and packing up books is a bit more than I can handle.)


Date Posted: 3/14/2008 8:06 PM ET
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You guys are a breath of fresh air!  Thanks for reminding me of all the great things about PBS, because I just spent the last two days learning that people get really grouchy when you ask for a credit back! LOL!

All the things you said are very true.  Thanks for the positive perspective on things!

Date Posted: 3/14/2008 8:27 PM ET
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I have to agree with a lot that has been said already.

If I may add - I have learned to NEVER read in the tub for fear that water may get on the book and render the book unpostable.

Date Posted: 3/15/2008 9:41 AM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2008
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Cleo, I am so glad that you mentioned that. Whew! I never thought of it until you said it. I have ruined a lot of books that way in the past. I have however, learned to keep my drink (coffee or soda) away from the book and not blow smoke right on the book.  It is bad enough that I do smoke and have to refuse a lot of requests:( because of that fact. I am personally aware of allergies & asthma as I have both. So I refuse to lie for a credit. Shame on people who do. I am aware of RC's so I abide by them.

 I have also learned most people are good and as mentioned above ~ we are not weird or alone ~ ooo de ooo, LOL.

 I have one friend & niece in law, LOL , that I can confide in & vice versa about books we read. She may become a pbs member as well.

 We live in a rural area , where people do think we are weird. ooo de ooo again, LOL. But both of our children excelled in school. mine being salutatorian and the Valedictorian and hers the same in their classes. One of her children was older and the next one younger than mine. I think it is because of our weirdness~ ooo de ooo, LOL. I am getting fond of the ooo de ooo actually. LOL.

 Everthing ya'll have said hits the spot.

 We actually have a public library in this no stop light town. :) Aand I did notice that they had water for elaphants ~ but a long wait line.

 Most of the time, they  do not have the best sellers until years later. I have read all the genres there that I like.  I  am almost always late with overdue fees. LOL. But whatever I owe , I double because our little library must stay open. So our children can read.

 I am of the opinion that they actually look forward to me being late, LOL.  They did get enough antique donations to have a silent auction. Since my husband is in the antique business, we won a lot of items and the money went to a great charity~ our libraby.

 They also have "yard sales" two or three times a year. I donate & buy. LOL. They always have books for sale. Duplicates. So I do have a lot of ex library books on my shelf. 

 Again, the money goes to a good source and I don't believe we should shun the library books. But that is my opinion. That  is what keeps this little town's and many others across the nation going.

 I used to make my kids look it up in the encyclopedias before looking it up on the internet. This taught them to use reference books. And they also got a better grade, because their reports were unique. Everybody else used wikipedia, LOL.

I am long winded in the morning, so with all that said ~

 ~Peace to youu all & have a blessed Day~


Date Posted: 3/15/2008 11:07 AM ET
Member Since: 1/4/2008
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I agree; let's support our local libraries!  I've found so many wonderful books at sales.

I just looked at your bookshelf.  I can't believe I looked at all 303 books!  Usually with a bookshelf that long I don't get all the way through it, but you have such an interesting variety!  I put a few on my reminder list, since I don't have any credits right now.

Have a great day!



Date Posted: 3/15/2008 11:54 AM ET
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pure and simple: some of the best friends a gal could ever have (and some really good books... but that's secondary!)

Subject: "All I know is what I read in the Papers" ~ Will Rogers
Date Posted: 3/15/2008 12:42 PM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2008
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 You looked at all 303? Wow, that floors me. I do have an odd assortment, true.  I love all kinds of books, though. I read all the time & am not usually online as long as I have been this morning, LOL.  I will look through yours. I have 1 single credit left & I am dying to spend it, LOL. I have so many tbr's , it will take a lifetime, especially if I stay on this pc this long again, LOL.



Subject: I absolutely love PBS and everyone I've met
Date Posted: 3/15/2008 4:17 PM ET
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I've really enjoyed finding new books I never knew were out there, satisfying my passion for bios, history, my husband's author list as well. BOB is incredible, printable postage, wow!  love it, wish it worked for BOB also.

I've met so many great people who referred me to new subjects and authors such as the Butter in the Well series, or her Thread series, and it is fun to tell others about it as well.  It is true it is like Christmas each time I get a new package, and my postman loves the fact the books I send out have postage and DC on them. Great!

Thank you R & R, you've done a really good thing.....Hugs Pat

Date Posted: 3/16/2008 4:36 PM ET
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What have I learned in the past year?  Here's what:

I love getting things in the mail.

I know more about mail and the post office and postage than I ever thought I could.  LOL

I can have great conversations with people I've never met.

The difference between mass market and trade paperbacks.

I can spend many hours on this site and not do one stitch of laundry.   : O

That you can have an opinion about anything! LOL

I like more genres than romance and chick lit!

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Subject: What I have learned...
Date Posted: 3/19/2008 5:53 PM ET
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That left-handed dentists who live in Duluth are (and correct me if I am wrong), the only uncharted territory that Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, or the folks who churn out the Star Trek novels haven't fashioned a novel around.




Date Posted: 3/22/2008 10:17 AM ET
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The saying is "The pen is mightier than the sword". It also can bring people together on a common ground and that is the love of reading.  When this happens the world opens up with books and friends!

Date Posted: 3/25/2008 10:29 AM ET
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The most exciting thing is I have stepped out of my comfort zone, and started reading books, I never would of before!

Ivy M. (Luvbug) - ,
Date Posted: 3/26/2008 11:01 AM ET
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I learned there are a lot of genres/sub genres I haven't even explored


I've learned that wish list books almost always come up in groups

I've read a lot of books I wouldn't have even heard of before, such as the Aunt Dimity and the Elm Creek Quilter series.

I've learned to consider others people's "gems" and check them out to see if I'd like them also. I have found some really great books this way.

I love getting things in the mail…other then bills or junk mail that is.

I can have great conversations with people I've never met…such as this one.  And gotten some great help also when I find myself in a fix about what to read next. 

I have learned not to fear new authors or new to me authors…such as Jasper Fforde.

I've leaned that I CAN have too many books! I went from a 50 book TBR to over 300 book TBR and it keeps growing faster then I can read them. Some of these books have come from library sales, garage sales and from here at PBS...most will be posted here to share later but some are going to my keeper pile when done. 

I have learned that one woman's hated and detested book is another person's treasure. I have gotten books from sales thinking they sounded really good only to find that it was not to my liking but when I posted it someone else had it on there wish list or was looking for it in a forum.

I have learned how small my keeper shelf actually is. Until I joined this group/site I never kept any books but now I am finding that there are some that I want to keep for my grandson to read later as he gets older or just because they are good books and I might want to reread them later.  I also keep some of the young adult books to donate to my local middle school for their library.

I know that there are other things I have learned along the way but these are the ones that really stand out for me.  I just had a big box of books given to me and am in the process of going through them.  I will post the ones that I don't want to read now and then post the others as I read them if I don't decide to keep them. 


Date Posted: 3/26/2008 11:25 AM ET
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I've learned that there are a whole lot more Christian books than I had ever imagined.

I learned that fewer authors than I had expected wrote the majority of books posted to PBS.

Date Posted: 3/26/2008 4:51 PM ET
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I've learned that my scope of authors and genres was limited and that there are SO many yet uncharted waters.

I have learned that "community" is an awesome thing.

I have learned that it makes me feel good to perform RAOK just because I can.

I have learned that there are just some types of books I don't like.

I have learned that I am a series fanatic - once I find a series I like, I can't get enough of it.

I have learned that I love the buddy swaps - making friends, creating a package just to brighten someone's day.

I have learned that regardless of what children may say, they do follow by example and since I have joined PBS and see me reading and talking about PBS, my children have read more, shown more interest in books - asking me if I can swap books or get them books or put books on my WL.

and lastly, I have learned that I am not alone in my reading obsession.. there are plenty of "nuts" out there.. :)