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Topic: What are you teaching this week?

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Subject: What are you teaching this week?
Date Posted: 10/2/2008 9:10 AM ET
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I thought we could share what we are teaching our kids.  My son is into Dr. Seuss books so all his lessons are based around the books.  You can cover math , science,  phonics  with his books.  I am also preparing them for a five week co-op lessons for next session. 

I finished 10 apples up on top.  I made apple bean bags and had him try to balance 1 to compare the difficulties of balancing 10.  I made apple bingo.  File folder with a a drawn tree.  Used apple stick notepad and made 6 apples per tree and labeled them with numbers.  He is having a hard time identifying the numbers in 20's.   I then put a apple sticker on each index card and asked him to write each numer that was in the tree. (voila, my call cards are finished for the game)

If you have apples and fall stampers you can create worksheets that focus on patterns.  Other ideas we have tackled or going to was- visit a place to purchase apples, make apples sauce and if you have a juicer- make apple juice.


I hope my sharing gives others an idea.

Subject: We use Tapestry of Grace
Date Posted: 10/2/2008 9:39 AM ET
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We just started this curriculum this year, being former users and lovers of Sonlight.  I just needed to split my 2 kiddos up and I just don't have the energy for 2 different cores!!

We are studying the first year of TOG, unit 1, The Books of Moses.  So the kids are reading about ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia.  My ds is busy building pyramids, reed boats, etc out of legos (a whole village) and dd is mainly just doing all the reading and writing (she's older, so she isn't as interested anymore in hands on stuff...)

I love PBS and I'm thrilled to share our books w/ other hs'ers around the country...especially in these days of tight budgets and stretching our dollars.


Date Posted: 10/2/2008 10:54 AM ET
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We're just doing math for right now so we can work on cleaning out stuff to fit into a trailer we bought once we've fixed it up and replaced windows and carpeting. We've cleaned alot out and gotten alot of sewing done.

Date Posted: 10/2/2008 11:31 AM ET
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We are studying WW I. I do notbooking sort of, and we are also working on Microorganisms with a focus on fungi. Moving to  bacteria today. He also is learning fractions and spelling of course. This week in WW I we have covered local history, Wilson and some other lesser known facts.

Date Posted: 10/2/2008 1:04 PM ET
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Technically, we are using Sonlight. After the adjustments for stopping to work extra on something and preferring another book for a read aloud, here is what we are actually doing. This week I am reading "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis for our read aloud. We are working thru Hooked on phonics for reading. We are doing flash cards for addition and are starting in subtraction using Singapore Math. In history, we have just started the Greeks. Of equal importance, we have had home cooked (and eaten) meals this week and we still have clean clothes. Usually I manage the house work well and the schooling, not so much or vise versa. This week I have almost balanced it. Of course, I still have a few days for things to fall apart.
Date Posted: 10/2/2008 2:04 PM ET
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My daughter does most of her subjects independently now (in 9th grade), but I am teaching her American Literature class.  (I have borrowed a few other students to make book discussions more interesting.)  We are using the Lightning Lit curriculum published by Hewitt Homeschooling.  This week, we covered Romanticism and the poet William Cullen Bryant.  Next week, we move on to the autobiography of Frederick Douglass.

As a side note, I discovered today while I was getting ready for class that the American Literature book I was required to buy for my college class back in 1991 can be a great resource for me when I'm prepping for the class.  Yay!  I knew I saved that book for a reason!  :)

I keep meaning to get started on World History with my daughter, too, but her other subjects always seem to take up so much time.  Sigh.

Subject: I love the versatility of HS!
Date Posted: 10/2/2008 2:35 PM ET
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We are studying Into all the World for Geography and are doing a Foldable on the Countries we are studying!. We just love Dinah Zike's books.

We did a foldable on our Summer Vacation when we started school and it lasted for about 4 weeks for Engllish. We are also doing Rod and Staff English, I just love the christian values taught along with the lessons.

Then we are using Write, Draw, Now for extra writing practice and art. And that helps my son with his need for hands on things. We also are doing ethnic cooking with each country. We made Dolma's for dinner this week and tortillas last week. And we are going to read the Making Apple Pie and seeing the World because I need to can apples this next week, so we are going to make apple pie!

And we are doing Bob Jones Math. He really likes the stories that come with each units lessons.

Blessings to you all,


Date Posted: 10/4/2008 7:36 AM ET
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I just loved reading about everyone's week.  I hope we can keep it up.  This thread can provide ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes it is nice to know your not alone when you feel swamped.  I have not found my balance with the house work and teaching Frankie.  When he hot to learn - I throw myself into it. 

Well, have a good weekend everyone- I am off to a Bug fair at a local university.  On the way we are stopping at a open house at American Philatelic Center.  Stamps and bugs all in one day.  (what we do for our child)  (I think I have seen more bugs and reptiles in the past four years compared to my 34 years of live on earth)





bye- got to go my bug collector is calling.


Date Posted: 10/4/2008 12:27 PM ET
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Well, this is my first year and my boys are 16 so they really do most of the "teaching" themselves.  I just guide them and make sure they are actually doing something.  They were uncomfortable with the idea of anything but 1 hour classes, after 10 years in public school. 

So this week:

-they finished Chapter 4 in their  college algebra book and took the chapter reveiw test

-they researched and took notes about George Washington and what was going on in the country during his term of office for their American History class, to prepare for completing the entry about him in the book about the US Presidents they are going to begin to put together next week

-they read a section in the grammar book we use (at their request, because they felt like they didn't know about grammar) and did the little review test there.  They studied for a spelling test (another request because they can't spell!) by writing out the words and writing them in sentences) and we'll have a test sometime over the weekend.  They read a book of their choice for at least half an hour each day.

-they rode their bikes to a local park and played tennis for 45 minutes and then rode home on the 4 days that it didn't rain, for PE, and on the one rainy day they spent about an hour carrying stacks of books from my bedroom, on the second floor, down to the new book case in the basement.  They also cleaned up the bookcase (it's second-hand) and put all the books on the shelves for me.   :o)

-and for music, they practiced their guitar and bass and worked on recording some music on Garage Band for hours each day.  We recently got an Apple computer (a Mac Mini) and this is their current passion.  They are laying down tracks (or whatever it's called) using a drum machine and figuring out how to include the vocals and lead guitar from their friends who are in their band, too.  We're also watching a series of video tapes about music theory and different types of music from around the world.  We watched the first episode on Wednesday and it was really interesting.  I plan to include one of those a week for the next 11 weeks.  (I think it's a 12 tape series, if I remember right.  I got it from the library.)

That's it for now.  They are comfortable with five 1-hour classes for now.  :o)

I would really welcome other's input on how this sounds, since we're so new at this.  Thanks!


P.S.  I meant to add that we have been very happy with the algebra book that we ended up choosing.  If anyone wants info on that just PM me

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Subject: This Week October 6
Date Posted: 10/8/2008 12:13 PM ET
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We broke down and bought workbooks so she wouldn't need to rewrite the math problems. And since I hate to waste money we went to the beginning of the workbooks to cover a review of place value and adding and subtracting large numbers (5th grade).


We are also covering "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" though I'm still looking for resources to make this lovely classic more fun for her.


With younger (1st grade) we are doing addition still and gearing up to teach her to read.


With baby trying to teach him to go to bed and to sleep when we go to bed at night (he's 20 months).

Date Posted: 10/9/2008 12:09 AM ET
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We are doing the American Revolution and watching the HBO mini-series John Adams. 

We're also doing logic.  We are about through with our book though, so we might finish it up this week.  :)