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Topic: What do you think about A-Rod's press conference?

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Subject: What do you think about A-Rod's press conference?
Date Posted: 2/18/2009 8:55 PM ET
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Alex Rodriquez of the Yankees had a presser Tuesday to answer media questions about his admitted use of steroids during the 2001-2003 seasons.  Did you see it, or exerpts from it?  What did you think?

I had to feel sorry for him ~ he looked so miserable and seemed so emotional about the whole thing.  He appeared very remorseful and clearly wanted this to be put behind him so he and the team could go on with getting ready for the new season.  Had alot of players and management there with him to give support.  He answered alot of questions, some of which are as follows (not direct quotes):

  1. Who did you get the steroids from?  My cousin (who he refused to name)
  2. Where did they come from?  The Dominican Republic, you could get it over the counter there.
  3. Didn't you realize you were taking steroids?  No, my cousin and I really had no idea what the stuff really was, and didn't even know if we were using the right doses or not.  They were injected by this cousin twice a month during this time frame.
  4. What were the effects you felt from taking this?  Don't really know, you know, half the thing is mental and half physical.  If you told me that drinking this bottle of water would make me a better baseball player, well, it could mean that if I wanted to really believe it, it could make me better.
  5. If you didn't think these were steroids, why were you so secretive about them?  Well, didn't know what it was, but knew we weren't taking Tic Tacs.
  6. Why did you do this?  Because I was young and stupid.  (The young and stupid excuse was repeated multiple times during the conference)

Okay, here's my take.  Call me suspicious.  Call me a Red Sox fan who hates the Yankees.  (I really don't, I love the rivalry.  Okay, I don't like them very much, but I'm sure Yankee fans would say that about the Sox).  But if A-Rod thinks this presser will end all his problems and all the questions would magically disappear, well, not so much.  He is going to have a very difficult time during the season as he plays in opposing ball parks. Maybe even Yankee stadium.  A-Rod is not who you would describe as warm and fuzzy, and he had already got on the nerves of many Yankee fans before this all came out.  

No question he was really emotional and remorseful.  But why?  Because he really thought he had done something wrong, or because he got caught? Because at this point it looks like he will never, ever be voted into the Hall of Fame.  Of course that could change in years to come.  To give him his due though, when this test was done, there was no rule in baseball about steroid use.  His was part of a random testing that was to remain private to see how rampant steroid use was in baseball. So should he be villified for doing something that arguably many players were also doing? Major League Baseball has to bear alot of the blame for this problem. They  have been very slow to put testing requirements and disciplinary action in place. But that is another story.  It would be interesting how this happened to come out.  He was one of 104 players who were tested, although not all tested positive, there has to be quite a few other players out there who are squirming about now. 

Not naming his cousin I think was an excersize in futility.  You have to know there are something less than a thousand investigative reporters out there right now hunting this guy down.  I'm not sure the fact this was something you could buy over the counter in the Dominican should be used as an excuse.  If he wasn't sure what this stuff was, but continued taking it, don't you think that somehow some research could be done to figure that out?  I don't think I would be taking injections of stuff that I really didn't know what it was or the proper dosage. He couldn't tell if this worked?  He didn't notice the fact that he was bulking up?  Where did he think that came from? The young and stupid excuse - well, he was 24 when he started taking the stuff.  There may be some validity to this, but after repeating the same thing about 20 times, it kind of started to feel like it wasn't such a good reason after all.

What happens now?  Who knows.  I know I feel very sorry that baseball has this stain on it.  I love baseball, always have, and it saddens me to think some players would use any medications to be better than someone else.  A-Rod was asked if he thought he had cheated.  He replied that it was not his call to make.  My call?  Absolutely.

That's my humble opinion.  What is yours?



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Subject: ARod
Date Posted: 2/23/2009 9:32 PM ET
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Hi Joy!  It's nice to talk with another female baseball fan, although I must warn you right off that I am a huge Yankee fan.  Have been since the late 70's.  It's funny you said you love the rivalry, because I hate it!  It live in central Connecticut and it's like living in the Civil War era here!

But on to ARod...to be honest, I can't decide if I believe him or not.  I keep going back and forth.  I think I would really like to believe him, but in my heart once someone lies once (like he did to Katie Couric) I never trust them again.  He did seem very sincere at the press conference, but I'm not a good judge of that.

I think what I feel mostly is sad for baseball.  I have partial season tickets, and my 15 year old son and I go to the games together.  I was so looking forward to us watching him break the homerun record together, and now it just seems tainted.  I'm kind of angry at him for ruining this for me.  It's kind of weird.  I try to justify it....I heard on the FAN that some sort of steroids have been used for a long time, and that Babe Ruth tried some early form of it but stopped because it made him stomach sick, (they said it was some kind of ground up animal part that held a lot of testosterone?  Makes me sick just thinking about it), but who knows?

As a Yankee fan I have always "tried" to like ARod, but now it's pretty much going to be impossible.  By the way, I haven't heard much about Manny lately.  I wonder where he will end up this year?


Date Posted: 2/24/2009 10:39 AM ET
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Huge pack of lies... to match his huge ego if he really thought - as you said - people wouldn't dissect his story inside and out, track down the cousin (nice A-Rod, now your cousin might get prosecuted for importing illegal substances), prove that what he said he got "over the counter" from the DR is not only not available over the counter but is also illegal there, discover that he spent all of the '07 season consorting with a known 'roids promoter who baseball has banned from all clubhouses, etc., etc.

Really, how hard is it for these people to understand that 90% of the population would forgive them and move on if they just fessed up and said, "Yep. I did it. I knew it was wrong. No excuses. I'm sorry. I'll work my butt off to regain your trust." PERIOD.

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Date Posted: 2/26/2009 5:26 PM ET
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Ah yes, it would be wonderful if people did that! However I would imagine they feel like if they do admit what they did they will have some consequences to deal with, if they don't, maybe they won't get caught.  Unfortunately the consequences are much worse if they continue with the cover up and then are caught.

Theresa, it is good to talk with you!  Manny is "being Manny" as usual.  He won't sign a contract until he decides he is ready to go to spring training.  Actually, I feel really bad for Joe Torre.  He didn't do anything to deserve having to put up with Manny.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Of course, Manny always says he can just get out of bed and start hitting - no problem.  So far it seems to be that way, but the aggravation factor of just having to put up with his spring training antics may outweigh that. 

I do agree with you about A-Rod.  I feel bad that any record he makes will be tainted.  I feel like he has indeed stolen something from fans such as you and your son.  Everybody seems to have accepted and got beyond the Andy Petite steroid issue last year, but - A-Rod is no Andy Petite.  I applaud you for trying to like him.  :)

I imagine it is difficult being a Yankee fan in central Conneticut.  But I have a simple solution for you - leave the "Evil Empire" and become a part of Red Sox Nation - we'd love to have you!!  Hee-hee.

Tell me what Yankee fans think of the new aquisitions this off season.  CC Sabathia, Teixera, AJ Burnett.  Are you excited to see the coming year?  I've heard people say that the three toughest teams in baseball are in the American League East.  I think they are right.  Should be quite a season!

Date Posted: 2/27/2009 9:37 AM ET
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Theresa ~  Read this little quote in the newspaper that I thought was cute:

From thionion.com ~ "Scott Boras. in this economy, able to get Manny Ramirez $25 billion contract in stimulus package."     :)

Subject: ARod/Manny
Date Posted: 3/6/2009 9:36 PM ET
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Hi Joy:

Sorry it's taken me so long to write back to you.  I was on vacation in San Diego!  We had such a nice time.  I'll tell you, after seeing Petco Park it does make me have second thoughts about being a Yankee fan.  (not really)  But Petco Park is so beautiful and fan friendly.  It is in the middle of the city, but there is a huge hill behind the outfield where you can sit and watch the game, plus it then goes into the bleacher section which is COMPLETELY FREE of charge.  The bottom part of the bleacher section (where you put your feet) in front of each row is grass, and it is pet friendly!!  I have two dogs and I would love that.  Being that I just got booted out of my Saturday partial season ticket plan behind home plate to  weekday games behind third base, I'm not really happy with the Yankees right now.  Everyone with season tickets got pushed back because the prices for the prime seats were so expensive that people didn't want them and everyone moved back.  Since we middle income fans were already in the upper deck, there was nowhere to move us! 

I also heard that Manny finally got signed.  I'm glad he didn't get what he wanted.  Also, ARod might need surgery??  I have to say, I'm completely sick of him.  Really, I wish he wasn't a Yankee.  But Derek will always be my hottie!  ;)

Date Posted: 3/8/2009 10:05 PM ET
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I thought it was weak.  It was like "I did this but it's everyone else's fault."  Sort of like he got caught smoking weed.  youthful indescretion, not trying to find a way to cheat at his career.

I'm tired of the "Gee, I took it but I really didn't know what I was taking" line.  Put him up there with Bonds.  Give me a break.

Date Posted: 3/11/2009 10:07 AM ET
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You go Melody and Theresa! 

Petco Park does sound really nice!  Glad you had a great trip. 

I was reading some information about the new Yankee stadium recently and was quite surprised to see that they are actually decreasing the number of seats instead of increasing them.  Isn't that the reason to have a new ballpark, more seats?  It sounds like they have just ended up adding more perks and increasing the ticket prices.  It is a shame that the Yankees haven't done what the Red Sox have, keep the historical stadium and upgrade what they have.  I hate to see the old parks go.  Of course unless I win the lottery I can't afford a decent seat at Fenway, but at least they are keeping the park intact.  I hate to mention Shea stadium to a Yankee fan, but it appears they have done the same thing as the Yankees, decreased seats in their new stadium.  Weird. 


Subject: A-Rod's surgery
Date Posted: 3/11/2009 12:28 PM ET
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Read info about the surgery he went through yesterday.  Everything went well, he should be back in 6-9 weeks.  A couple thoughts about that:

  • I'm glad it all went well, but they said that they did not repair the whole thing, there is another surgery he will have to go through, hopefully in the off-season, to finish the repair.  I hope this will not result in further or worse injury to what remains.  I hate to see something not repaired the right way the first time.  Granted, he would have been out months if the whole thing was done, I just hope it doesn't backfire on them.
  • He had a cyst removed in the area as well.  I wonder if was a result of all those injections his cousin gave him.  Just saying.
  • How fortuitous for the Yankees that they can get him out of the headlines for awhile.  I'm sure they are hoping that by the time he gets back the furor over the steroid thing will have died down.  Again, just saying.