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Topic: what do you think of these books

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Subject: what do you think of these books
Date Posted: 7/25/2013 5:24 PM ET
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By C.E Murphy and Kat Richardson. 

Please feel free to ask about other books/arthers you are interested in knowing opinion about too.  Maybe we can all discover new books together.

Date Posted: 7/25/2013 6:42 PM ET
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Wow - how do I not know either of these two authors? Definitely worth checking out. I've copied in their books. For those of you who have read them, what do you think? What other authors might they be similar to?

Kat Richardson

  • Greywalker (October 2006, ISBN 0-451-46107-X)[2]
  • Poltergeist (August 2007, ISBN 0-451-46150-9)[3]
  • Underground (August 2008, ISBN 0-451-46212-2)
  • Vanished (August 2009, ISBN 0-7499-4076-X)
  • Labyrinth (August 2010, ISBN 978-0-7499-4081-2)
  • Downpour (August 2011, ISBN 978-0-451-46398-2)
  • Seawitch (August 2012, ISBN 0-451-46455-9)[1]

C.E. Murphy

The Walker Papers
Urban Shaman (2005)
Banshee Cries in the Winter Moon anthology (2009) with Mercedes Lackey and Tanith Lee
Thunderbird Falls (2006)
Coyote Dreams (2007)
Rabbit Tricks (2009, online)
Walking Dead (2009)
Demon Hunts (2010)
Spirit Dances (2011)
Easy Pickings (December 2011) (novella, co-author with Faith Hunter)
Raven Calls (2012)
No Dominion (April 2012) (novella)[5]
Mountain Echoes (January 2013)
Shaman Rises (December 2013, final book in the series)[6][7]

The Old Races Universe

The Negotiator Trilogy
Heart of Stone (2007)
House of Cards (2008)
Hands of Flame (2008)

Other Tales
Five Card Draw (2013, [1])
From Russia, With Love in the Fantasy Medley anthology (2009) with Kelley Armstrong, Kate Elliott, Robin Hobb, and Yanni Juznia
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (novella)
Year of Miracles (novella)
Perchance to Dream in the Dragon's Lure anthology (2010) with Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Baba Yaga's Daughter & Other Tales of the Old Races (2012)

The Inheritors' Cycle
The Queen's Bastard (2008)
The Pretender's Crown (2009)

The Strongbox Chronicles (written as Cate Dermody)
The Cardinal Rule (2005)
The Firebird Deception (2006)
The Phoenix Law (2006)

The Worldwalker Duology
Truthseeker (2010)
Wayfinder (2011)


Date Posted: 7/27/2013 2:38 AM ET
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i very much like C.E Murphy, particularly the Walker Papers series.

Kat Richardson - the Greywalker series is very dark.  i read the first five, and then there was a gap before the next one came out.  after i waited a while, i couldn't be bothered to get the next couple from the library.  just didn't care what happened anymore.

Date Posted: 8/2/2013 12:07 PM ET
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I love Kat Richardson. yes they are dark but i cared about the characters. never read the other cauthor
Date Posted: 8/8/2013 2:41 AM ET
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Based in Seattle, I've read both (Urban Fantasy?) and find them well written.  Neither trip any major pet peeve triggers for me, and books placed locally often rub me the wrong way (local inaccuracies are like fingernails on a chalkboard).

The Walker series for C.E. Murphy (and a couple of her other titles).  They became library reads after a couple books, just too much of the plot is inside the heroine's head.  The heroine is a bit thick, sometimes I just wanna smack her.  Lost more interest after the author moved out of the country, I have very little respect for people who want to make money in America but don't want to actually live here. 

Kat Richardson is another technically good author.  The series has been a bit up and down and I've enjoyed some books more than others (the side trip to Mexico was a bit weird).  They have also become library reads, but the point is I'm still reading lol.

Another good local author is Cherie Priest, several books in her steampunk series are located in Seattle (Boneshaker)

Or Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams (post apocalyptic?)

And away from the home state, the 'Edge' series by Ilona Andrews (PNR) is one of my favorites in the 'urban fantasy' genre.

If you don't mind some science fiction with the storyline, Endless Blue by Wen Spencer is very good (DS liked it too).  Like  Patricia Briggs (PNR, urban fantasy, fantasy, and even a fairy tale) I've read and liked almost everything both these authors have written.

Possibly the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning? Or Jane Yellowrock series (Urban Fantasy) by Faith Hunter (her Rogue Mage trilogy was ok, but not as well rounded as Jane)?  Exit Strategy & Made to Be Broken by Kelley Armstrong (contemporary), I'm hoping she writes more of this series.

I've only read the first book in the series, but The Markhat Files by Frank Tuttle was very good.  I really should look up the rest of series, his writing style is worth the effort.

There's more, but the brain is fading.

Date Posted: 12/19/2013 2:04 PM ET
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I have read all C E Murphy just got Dominion.  I like the mythos even though I don't have ties to the location.  Her negotiator series was dark but good also, great writing style, and yes I had problems sometimes with the MC but she wasn't perfect but who is.  The Greywalker of Richardson my only problem loved the first one but I really don't have any background in French so I really had some problems with words she used so I skipped, I have the others in the series but haven't picked them up again since the first. I have always like Urban fantasy starting with Charles de Lint which I have read all his fantasy books and love the celtic background. 

Date Posted: 12/19/2013 3:49 PM ET
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I really disliked the negotiator series.  MC just seemed too stupid to live and I could never get back in.  Oh, I know! She went jogging in Central Park after dark without a whistle.  Yeah.  As if any lawyer would be that dumb.  Some things just kick me out of a book and I can't get back in.  Running in spike heels.  Jogging in Central Park after dark.  

I have read all the walker books.  Got part way into the Richardson series when they just got too dark.  

I'm a huge fan of Wen Spencer.  Her books usually hover between UF and SF.  

Another one is Nina Kirikki Hoffman.  

Kelley Armstrong has a third book in her non UF series.  I think it is only available as eBook?

Tsunami Blue was much more of a traditional romance set up.  But I really loved her ocean settings.  Really great, accurately showing the cold coast.  Have not seen another book from Williams.  

Frank Tuttle is on my TBR.  RF recommended him.   He is one of the UF under Samhain Publishers.   One of their first few non erotica books.

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Date Posted: 1/8/2014 11:56 AM ET
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Thanks for reminding me I loved Heart of Stone. I bought the other two a long time ago and will have to pick them up for the paranormal challenge. I read one of the Walker Paper series but I can't remember it at all which makes me sometimes wonder why I bother reading!!