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Topic: What do I do?

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Subject: What do I do?
Date Posted: 10/18/2012 2:43 PM ET
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I have a book that is the only copy in the system , and it was ordered today with a RC.  I always turn down smoking RC's , however the rc says " no books that are really smokey smelling"  Please pm me before turning down as these are my guides NOT rules.

However , I cant tell if it smells smokey , but most important I cant pm first. There is no pm button.

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Date Posted: 10/18/2012 3:05 PM ET
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You can accept the request using the latest mail date and then PM the requestor. But if they don't respond, you'll have to cancel the request. Personally, I'd just decline. I think the RC should be clear enough and stand alone so the sender doesn't have to PM to discuss. I don't have a good sense of smell so I always turn down odor RCs unless I bought the book new.

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 3:12 PM ET
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Thanks , I did decline.

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 3:13 PM ET
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I cant pm first 

True! You have to accept, and then open up a dialog with the wisher.

Then go on your "gut feeling" to mail OR cancel.

BEWARE! This wisher could still mark it received with a problem saying you didn't follow the RC.

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 3:20 PM ET
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BEWARE! This wisher could still mark it received with a problem saying you didn't follow the RC. 


Carol , thats what I'm afraid of. So I declined and let them know why. Since its the only copy if they still want it they can change their R.C's.

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 3:50 PM ET
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I decline ones that say 'smoke smell' or 'smoking home'.  I do however accept those that say 'no current smoking environment', as we don't smoke.  I will also let the person know that there's no way to contact them without accepting and possibly losing a place in the FIFO line, but if they include their 'nickname', I'm more than happy to contact them.  That way I don't have to accept right away and we can have a discussion if needed.  You sort of have to go with your 'gut feeling' on some.  Pat

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 5:29 PM ET
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From the help docs:



To apply Requestor Conditions to your account:

  • Go to your Account Settings:

    • Place your cursor over My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site, and choose Settings from the menu that drops down.
    • Or, from My Account, click the Settings tab on the far right.
  • In your Account Settings:
    • Click the link "Requestor Conditions" at the top of the page
      • Or, just scroll down to see this area.
    • Choose "Yes" from the dropdown menu at the top of the Requestor Conditions text box
      • Choosing "No" will preserve your settings but not make them active--they will not be shown on a request if you choose No.
    • Type your text into the text box:
      • Please be very clear
      • Your conditions should be easily interpretable and should NOT require (or ask for!) further clarification in Personal Messages.   If a sender is confused, she or he may decline your request.  The sender will NOT be able to contact you before accepting the book, so the RC text should be clear.


I believe that if a person wants to use RCs, they need to just decide what they want, suck it up, and leave it at that. Want no smoke smell? Ok then. What else is there to discuss? Exact odor level? Regulars or menthol? Bouquet? What?

Asking for contact from every person you request a book from just sets things up so that the sender is at a disadvantage. They have to wait for a response that may not come in time, haggle with the person, and then there's the possibility that after all that time and effort, they'll turn you down anyway.


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Date Posted: 10/18/2012 6:00 PM ET
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It has been ordered , I'm not sure if its the same person because there was not any RC's.  

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 7:41 PM ET
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What else is there to discuss?

I think people who use this wording mean that if they want the book badly enough they'll lower their standards, but they shouldn't make extra work for the sender.  They should turn the RC on and off for each request.  I try hard to accept RCs if my book fits but I don't want to have to give a detailed description of the book and then wait for a decision, so on the rare occasion I get a "PM me and I'll decide" RC I decline.


Date Posted: 10/18/2012 9:22 PM ET
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I did let them know there is no way to pm them before I accept.....So they need to either change their RC's or they will be turned down alot.

Date Posted: 10/18/2012 11:35 PM ET
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Exactly Lisa, that's how I handle those also.  I let the requestor know if they ask for communication but do not offer their contact information...they are asking for something I cannot give, unless I accept the transaction and then I' the one penalized if the book does not meet their criteria and have to cancel.

Wise to decline, and sounds like you have a viable transaction now yes

Date Posted: 10/19/2012 8:27 AM ET
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I don't accept ones that ask for a PM either.  If the RC isn't clear enough for me to know whether my book meets it or not then I'm not going to bother with the request.  Especially if it's WL and the next requestor probably won't have an RC at all.

Date Posted: 10/22/2012 1:06 PM ET
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If they include their PBS nickname in the RC, then then sender can look them up in the PBS membership directory (on the Community menu) and PM them before responding to the RC.  It's still an extra step for the sender, but is better than having to accept an RC first.