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Topic: What's up with my bookshelf?

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Subject: What's up with my bookshelf?
Date Posted: 1/24/2008 9:28 PM ET
Member Since: 12/17/2007
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My bookshelf and my books to repost have suddenly morphed into the same list.  Did I know this was coming?

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 9:37 PM ET
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I just noticed this, too, after posting 2 wl books! I just went to 'view' and choose 'posted books' to clear out all those green checks with the red circle!

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 9:42 PM ET
Member Since: 10/27/2007
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OOO, that was kind of weird. But there is a tab for posted books, and when I clicked on  it, and then refreshed the page, my bookshelf came back.

The other books that showed up before, I guess,  were books I took off my shelf,  because I  have 2 homes. So actually that can be good, since I don't have to repost...I think....

But there was a book  there on the "hold" bookshelf, that I had ordered last month from another member for a gift and never intended to repost...but there it  was ??????????

So I guess this is  something good,  once we figure it out.

Subject: I just noticed it too!
Date Posted: 1/24/2008 9:45 PM ET
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According to the new list, at least 15 of my books are on someone else's wish list, and a couple of them are on other perople's wish list with auto request turned on.  If this is the case, whty aren't any of them being requested for me to swap?  Very strange.  Can anyone explain what is going on?

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 9:52 PM ET
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I checked mine and it must be some clitch.  It says most of my books aren't listed for swapping..at first I thought I had hit vacation hold or something...

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:01 PM ET
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It looks oddly like the DVD tower at SaDVD. DVD's that you have but do not have posted show up on the tower page. I wonder if this is an omen....

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:24 PM ET
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Ok this is what I think happened. The books to repost (BRP) list was melded with the bookshelf. The books that were on the BRP list are now on your bookshelf. Since I periodically cleared off my BRP and in fact just did it recently I dont have any books that are held on my shelf. They arent being ordered cause they are on hold. They arent books you have posted they are your BRP list.

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:27 PM ET
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in the CMT forum there is a thread about this, they have merged the books to repost and bookshelf lists.

the green checkmark means someone can request that book, if it has the red circle around it with the slash mark, it is not available to be requested

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:27 PM ET
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There is a thread about this in CMT that explains it.


ETA:  Looks like Leslie and I typed the same response at the same time!

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Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:29 PM ET
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From Robert:

The books that have a checkmark with a red circle next to them are not available to be swapped. If you would like to make it available, just check the box next to that book and "Post" it. This new setup makes it very easy to get those books back into the system.


Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:30 PM ET
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we're just good Robin!

Date Posted: 1/24/2008 10:37 PM ET
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I don't think I like this change. I have go through and delete a bunch of kids books and books that I ended up sending off as freebies. 

ETA: I just removed all my unread books.  It's not like it's hard to repost them as I read them. 

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Date Posted: 1/24/2008 11:38 PM ET
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The only books anyone else can see is your bookshelf.  All the rest of it is for your use.   I like it.  Easy to post or delete or do whatever I want with it. 

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 10:13 AM ET
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Count me in as one of the users who DOES NOT LIKE this new change.


Come on PBS, if it ain't broke...

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 10:20 AM ET
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I like it and have had no problems with old books showing up. Good Job PBS!

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 10:33 AM ET
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OK, check thread on "Club  Members Thoughts" forum titled "You night owls...." . Robert has answered some questions in that thread!

It seems we just have to learn to use it,  and it will benefit us in the end. I particularly like the fact that I don't have to delete and repost when I go from one house to the other. Also, if I decide to read one book I have posted, or lend it to someone, it not only makes it easier to repost, but reminds me about it.

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Date Posted: 1/25/2008 10:50 AM ET
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Doesn't seem like its gonna be a problem.  There are many ways to re-sort the books.  Though the change surprised me this morning I think I will be fine with it.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:00 AM ET
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What a MESS!!! Books that I deleted due to not meeting guidelines and canceled BoB offers are on the hold list on my bookshelf? And to top all of this off, there is NO way to even print a list of the books on hold so I can match with actual books I have in order to update my bookshelf.  Appears to me the least path of resistance would be to completely delete my bookshelf and start all over again.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:13 AM ET
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Well it's a relief to know I'm the only one who can see them. But I deleted them anyway. Too confusing to me.

Jenny (Jenny) - ,
Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:16 AM ET
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Trish-- To print the list of books on hold: Just select the "Books on Hold" option in the View pull-down menu near the top of the bookshelf page. Print the webpage as usual.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:19 AM ET
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Can't say as I like this. It's looks like my TBR pile and posted books have merged.I'm thinking if I delete the TBR books my problem will be solved.Damn,if it ain't broke,don't fix it!

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:28 AM ET
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Jenny...ohhhhhhhh DUH!!! Thanks a bunch. After posting the thought of just deleting the hold books came to mind. I guess I need a few more cups of coffee. Just chalk up to another case of typing before thinking.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 11:43 AM ET
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Ugh I just went through and deleted about 130+ off that list.  It's a pain for those who have a small shelf, but have recieved a lot of books.  Out of the 178 books that were there this morning only 41 are actually on my shelf for requests, it is very annoying to have to scroll around to distinguish posted from non posted.

As far as I can see there is no way to undefault books received from ending up on your shelf... if anyone figures it out pm me please.  I thought there was a way over at swapadvd, but could be just that I just haven't gotten a dvd in awhile and I've forgotten.

This isn't easier, lord we were talking a click of a mouse here how difficult was that to do?  This took me several minutes, of selecting, delete, refresh, selecting, delete, refresh,  to go through the list making sure I didn't remove available books from the list.  Definitely much more time consuming than having them already on a seperate list, only one nano second of a mouse click away.

Maybe I'm channelling Mr. Monk but I like my lists sepearate, and orderly.  I have a life, husband, a teenager still at home, two granchildren I often care for and have to drive to and fro, my elderly mother and my elderly MIL who all depend on me to drive them, not to mention I work outside the home, easy is what I want and this aint it.

To echo many others, it aint broke don't fix it.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 12:47 PM ET
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I just wish that they would have the courtesy to post something on the home page that these changes are going to happen - at least let us know in advance.  I hate going to do something that became like second nature only to find out it ain't what it use to be.  Changes can be good, but a little advance warning for us who are not in the "loop" would be nicer.

Now I have to go back and figure out what the hell happened.  This is not how i planned to spend my time.

Date Posted: 1/25/2008 1:08 PM ET
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I just had to delete over 500 off my bookshelf. Hope I can keep it clean from now on.