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Topic: When should I change my address?

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Subject: When should I change my address?
Date Posted: 12/2/2007 10:07 PM ET
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I'm moving EOM from DE to TX.  DH is already there with the kids.  Should I go ahead now and change my address and then when I get there, mark books as received?  Or wait another week, or?  I usually receive my media mail fairly quickly, but there have been some that take a Really Long Time to go a Really Short Distance.

The movers come for my stuff on December 27th.  :D

Date Posted: 12/2/2007 10:17 PM ET
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I would probably change it about a week before you move since your DH is already there.  You can ask him to open the pkgs and look through them to make sure they are ok before you mark them received (if they show up before you get there).

where in Tx are you moving to?  I'm in the DFW area

Date Posted: 12/2/2007 10:32 PM ET
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Personally, I'd probably change it now so that anything mailed from today (tomorrow?) on will be sent to the new address. If it arrives before you do, you can do as suggested and have your dh go through and make sure it's okay before marking it received. If you wait to change it until just before you move, and something ends up having to be forwarded, it will take that much longer and may end up being classified as "lost in the mail" by the PBS system.

I haven't been at this PBS thing that long, but I've used the USPS media mail system for a long time with my scrapbooking swaps and things like that. Personally, I'd change it now.

And, I'm in Austin. :) Welcome to TX!

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 12:44 AM ET
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wow - what are the odds of the responses so far being from TX?  :D

I'll be in San Antonio.  I rode out with DH & the kids a month ago.  It was an interesting trip.  And somewhat entertaining when he got that speeding ticket outside of West.  *cough* 88 in a 70...

I just don't want to lose any books, the USPS being falliable with mail forwarding...

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 12:56 AM ET
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I'm not in Texas but my husband used to live there LOL.  I think I'd go ahead and change my address now so you won't have to worry about any of the books being delivered to the old address rather than being forwarded.  Also, media mail to the new address might take a little longer to go to the new address than you're used to.  Good luck with your move!

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 1:12 AM ET
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Personally I would change it now mainly because the post office can charge a fee for forwarding media mail. From the USPS website:

If the recipient has filed a Change of Address and you send them a Media Mail item, the mail is forwarded for 12 months from when they moved.

  • If the recipient's new address is still local, the forwarding is done at no charge.
  • However, if the address is not local, a new postage fee is charged.

So it might be wise to change it now and just have your DH check the books for you as the others have suggested. Have a safe move!!


Date Posted: 12/3/2007 5:38 AM ET
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I am *FROM* West. Not joking. My husband is a baker. (Did you stop for kolaches??)

Austin is only about an hour from San Antonio, and we actually have plans to move there within a year, if not within 6 months. (Could be as soon as Feb/Mar with income tax return, but that's not as likely now as it was a few months ago.) Eventually though, and we'll probably be north some because dh will be over stores in both San Antonio and in Austin.

Anyway, I'm right on I-35 in south Austin. If you want to meet for lunch (or dinner, or a midnight brunch - it's after 4am, we're late nighters here! No breakfast meeting unless you want it at 4-5am. LOL) when you drive through (are you driving?), shoot me a PM!

~DaLynn, thinking I should go find that gal who had in her sig line something about the parenthetical phrase abusers club....

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 6:55 AM ET
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Like folks have mentioned, the cost of media mail postage buys you a one way trip.  If you aren't there it could be returned to sender, costing them money to retrieve it from the usps, or they could forward it, costing you the price of postage to retrieve it from them.  Since you already have your husband at the new address to receive mail I would change the address now.  JMO.  Even if you order something tomorrow, you will still have time to get there and mark it received before it goes lost, even if your husband doesn't want to open it, or you don't want him to. 

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 12/3/2007 1:01 PM ET
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Date Posted: 12/3/2007 1:15 PM ET
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Media Mail does not including forwarding by the PO and your packages may arrive postage due, so I would go ahead and change it now, since DH is at the new address.  Mail is probably going to take a little longer this time of year any way, since Media Mail is the last thing put on the trucks.

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Date Posted: 12/3/2007 2:15 PM ET
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I'd go ahead and change it now and let DH know to tell you when they arrive.

I hope you enjoy Texas!   I've enjoyed many a kolache in West, but never a ticket.  ; )

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 7:52 PM ET
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Change it Now!!   I just went through a move.  I neglected to change my address in a timely manner, (just too overwhelmed).  So I marked all the books that were sent to me as recieved-when I didnt know whether they had arrived or not.  I didnt want the senders credit to be delayed due to my poor planning.  Sure enough, I'm missing 2   =(   .

I'm a dummy.  My books are floating around out there somewhere. 

Date Posted: 12/3/2007 9:08 PM ET
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Thanks all! 

I've gone ahead and updated my addy.  DH is warned.  I just hope the change in address doesn't cause any problems with my PBS postage stuff.  (I just love dropping it in the blue box at my complex)

What is a Kolache?  DH wasn't in much of a mood to stop for anything after our traffic stop.  We had to get to the apartment place before 530pm.  He was stressing.

On our way down I-35 we stopped at this... place.  The buildings are all concrete domes.  They were interesting.  Of course, we stopped at the gas station for a bio break and my cat escaped..  If you ever hear of the "guy who chased his wife's cat around the building" and got himself bitten and scratched in the process... That was us! 

DaLynn- I'll let you know!  The movers come for my stuff on the 27th.  I'll likely leave DE on the 28th and take my time driving as I will be driving solo.  I'm naturally a late-nighter... I work nights!  But I don't have a job lined up in TX.  [I am tempted to apply to Blizzard to work as  GM in WoW.  An hour commute to Austin may be worth it.. :D ]