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Topic: Where on earth is this book going??

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Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Subject: Where on earth is this book going??
Date Posted: 2/25/2010 1:12 PM ET
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Here, for your amusement, some scan records from USPS:

Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 25, 2010, 6:29 am, DES MOINES, IA 50395
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 24, 2010, 12:15 pm, SAINT PAUL, MN 55121
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 20, 2010, 9:58 pm, BELL, CA 90201
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 18, 2010, 7:13 am, JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097
Bullet Acceptance, February 17, 2010, 3:30 pm, WISCASSET, ME 04578
Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, February 09, 2010

This book is traveling from Maine to California, which is as far as you can go and still be in the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii are both closer to me than Maine). It was obviously mailed a week late, but it did make it as close as 100 miles from me before USPS decided to send it on a scenic tour of the mid-west.

It's a wish list book too, and the line was moving pretty fast, so it'll probably go lost and then I'll have to decide whether to take a chance on accepting a new offer or not. *sigh*

Date Posted: 2/25/2010 1:17 PM ET
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Looks to me like Bella found a problem with it and is sending it back to Maine.

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Date Posted: 2/25/2010 1:31 PM ET
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I had one that was coming from Florida to me in California, and the scans showed that it made it to Bell, CA, then it was scanned a week later back in Florida, and then a week later, it finally made it back to me. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the package, when I finally received it.

Date Posted: 2/25/2010 2:20 PM ET
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I had one coming from Washington State to SC. It went from Wash. Oklahoma, Back to Wash. to Mich. to Ohio, to Atlanta Ga, Tallahasee Florida, Jacksonville Florida, back to Atlanta, Ga then final to me in SC 3 hours away from Atlanta.

I sometimes think Media Mail means Ride the Rail.  And the postal workers get their kicks by sending it all over the place.(No insult intended here) Just funnin.

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 2/25/2010 4:42 PM ET
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I live in California, and I have frequently observed delays and other problems with the Bell facility in tracking books I've sent or am to receive.  I wonder what goes on there?

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Date Posted: 2/25/2010 6:22 PM ET
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I think Bell, CA is having a hiccup - here's mine:


  • 2/16/2010 12:00 PM - Electronic Shipping Info Received - MORENO VALLEY,CA
  • 2/20/2010 2:28 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 3:10 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 9:25 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 9:57 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 10:51 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 12:02 PM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 1:05 PM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/20/2010 1:11 PM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 2/24/2010 4:13 PM - Enroute - DES MOINES,IA
Date Posted: 2/25/2010 6:49 PM ET
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I once had one that said it had been mailed in January 2000 which was more than 7 years before I joined PBS.

Date Posted: 2/25/2010 7:49 PM ET
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I had a book shipped last year tomy DGD who lives in Colorado.  The sender did a DC on it (she lived on the East Coast), and as I was visiting at the time, we'd track the little truck to see where the book was each day.  It got to within 60 miles of my DGD, when it turned around and traveled back to the East Coast.  It finally got to her (didn't even wind up being late).  Never figured out what happened. L OL.  Pat

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 2:17 AM ET
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ROFL, some well traveled books courtesy of USPS.

Pat, the little truck is a tease and a liar...best used for entertainment purposes.  I hear it even wanders into the ocean.

Date Posted: 2/26/2010 3:27 AM ET
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Omg, that's hilarious!  

Better than any of my Bell or USPS stories!  lol 

Shelly -
Date Posted: 2/26/2010 12:08 PM ET
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Maybe their all trying to find their way to me! I work in West Des Moines! LOL!

Date Posted: 2/27/2010 12:36 PM ET
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Haha, I had a book that did something similar, it was enroute from the east coast to CA and it was in Arizona and then went all the way back to the east coast!!!  It took forever to receive!

Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 2/27/2010 12:40 PM ET
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Update: it's back in BELL, CA as of early this morning, exactly one week from the last time it was there.

Date Posted: 2/27/2010 8:35 PM ET
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In light of the recent announcement about some post offices possibly closing, I think they're just trying to keep their jobs by sending it "around the block" a few times!  lol.