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Topic: Who is on your "cheat" list?

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Subject: Who is on your "cheat" list?
Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:00 PM ET
Member Since: 8/23/2007
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So which famouse/semi famous people are you allowed to cheat with-hypethetically of course. Give links if you can.

For me:

Viggo Mortensen   http://www.zimbio.com/Viggo+Mortensen/articles/94/Viggo+Mortensen+Good+Movie+Actor

Jason Statham http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/jason-statham/jason-statham-20070319-228044.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/star/pictures-228044-jason-statham.html&usg=__pakfFRwazjyIHrkYrQSC-VnQ-ag=&h=500&w=306&sz=22&hl=en&start=119&um=1&tbnid=ESBJYNyaQYjEUM:&tbnh=130&tbnw=80&prev=/images%3Fq%3DJason%2BStatham%26start%3D108%26ndsp%3D18%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7ADBS_en%26sa%3DN

Johnny Depp   http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2006/specials/sma06/sma_gallery/johnny_depp.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,1559557_5,00.html&usg=__wySyneKeiWfHDjRfdKD5Uqk2DDI=&h=400&w=400&sz=42&hl=en&start=1&um=1&tbnid=Mo4A9UH1cDwCsM:&tbnh=124&tbnw=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3Djohnny%2Bdepp%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7ADBS_en%26sa%3DX

Mark Wahlburgh   http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z109/nelly225/Mark-Wahlberg.jpg

For DH

Rachel Weiss  http://www.celebrity-exchange.com/celebs/photos60/rachel-weiss-02.jpg

Salma Hayak http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb51/jaaanu__baaaba/Celebs/SalmaHayak-12.jpg&imgrefurl=http://hbwallpapers.blogspot.com/2007/07/salma-hayak.html&h=523&w=350&sz=32&tbnid=9NYt8kzf0ZpFYM::&tbnh=131&tbnw=88&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dsalma%2Bhayak&usg=__DeFhVA1Tcvsy7gla6sxNA5lST2A=&ei=zoGTSf3RBp6DtweekuHNCw&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=1&ct=image&cd=1

Marg Helgenberger  http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/marg-helgenberger/pictures/marg-helgenberger-picture-2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.askmen.com/women/galleries/actress/marg-helgenberger/picture-2.html&h=490&w=376&sz=49&tbnid=mHVfjMWBZJVn7M::&tbnh=130&tbnw=100&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmarg%2Bhelgenberger&hl=en&usg=__w7FoTGhKqw6-PB30vnBg4e3iGDA=&ei=84GTSYT-GJa5tweUoIXiCw&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=3&ct=image&cd=1

Stephanie Courtney  (the Progressive Insurance commercial girl)   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0183960/

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:15 PM ET
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Gerry Butler, Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe, of course:P  And all three at once probably wouldn't suck either...  Hubby would cheat with Angelina Jolie - big shocker there, huh? - or Kate Beckinsdale.  Oh - and he likes Rachel Weisz too.

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Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:21 PM ET
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For me the usual, you know, Gerard Butler, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Peyton Manning. My husband is all about Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Shania Twain.

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:39 PM ET
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How could I have forgotten Jason Statham?!  He's definitely on my list, along with Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen, Gerard Butler, Raoul Bova, (the hunk from Under the Tuscan Sun), Clive Owen and one guilty pleasure: Matthew McConaughey.  DH has a long running "thing" for Kate Hudson.

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:41 PM ET
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wouldn't be cheating for me..I'm still single! :-)

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:42 PM ET
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Mine is totally oddball - Steve from Blue's Clues and Joel from MSt3K primarily. ;-)  Dave Foley used to be on it, but he has not aged well. Probably the only one anyone's ever heard of is Nathan Fillion.  I don't see a whole lot of movies or watch much t.v., so my list is out of date anyway.

My husband is odd too - his list used to only be Laurie Anderson. :-) I don't think anyone is on it currently.

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:44 PM ET
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Hmm,  I like Viggo Mortensen and Christian Bale but my #1 would be Carl Edwards Link  NASCAR has never been hotter! ;P

Hubby's choices are Natalie Portman and Milla Jovovich.

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Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:44 PM ET
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"wouldn't be cheating for me..I'm still single! :-)"

Hahaaa!! ! Okay, so you can have anyone on my list except....Hugh Jackman.  Wait, I mean Viggo.  No....wait....okay, so all but those two.  :D

"but my #1 would be Carl Edwards Link  NASCAR has never been hotter! ;P"

Oh my! I've never been that much into NASCAR but wow maybe that should change!

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Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:50 PM ET
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The aforementioned Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe, and Jason Statham,  a back-in-the-day Mel Gibson  (circa early 1980's), Mikhail Baryshnikov (have crushed on him since I was in high school), Nathan Kamp, Clive Owen, Colin Firth's "Mr. Darcy", Daniel Craig, Nathan Fillion, David Boreanaz, James Marsters' "Spike", George Clooney, ...   Damn,  apparently I'm just a ho.  :-)

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 9:57 PM ET
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Well gee. I though Jason Statham was my own little secret.  DH always gets his movies for me from Netflix. 

He's in love with the Progressive Insurance girl "Flo".  We are not allowed to fast forward through her commercials.

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Date Posted: 2/11/2009 10:22 PM ET
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Frankly, I really used George Clooney in ALL my fantasies until I heard him interviewed once with a 22 year-old gal standing next to him and he was such a dumbo.....  So now it's open season on older hunks for me.  I guess you could say I am dating around, LOL.

I am laughing my ass off that you can't fast forward through the Progressive Insurance commercials, Mary!!!!

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 10:25 PM ET
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Shari - I agree about Nascar being hot lol!!!

Mine would be:

The Rock - Ooo La La! LOL, Paul Walker - Love the blue eyes!, Keith Urban, Matthew McConaughey, and Johnny Depp but only if he dresses as Jack Sparrow ( man was he hot in that movie)

I have to agree that Jason Statham is pretty damn hot though too! I'm sure there are others but they've slipped my mind :)

Date Posted: 2/11/2009 10:34 PM ET
Member Since: 2/1/2009
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Paul Rudd, Alan Rickman, Sean Penn, Travis Barker, and Richard Gere...yes gerbils and all  LOL  Gahlee I am a hussy!


I cannot believe I forgot HUGH LAURIE!  ::drool::

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Date Posted: 2/11/2009 10:51 PM ET
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hmm good question...uhh milo ventimiglia (from heroes) loves him since his gilmore girl days, Also Sylar from heroes ooh and Tahmoh Penikett he plays helo on Battlestar Galactica.Or David Boreanaz from Bones..too many Ryan Reynolds, Clive Owen... geez  i guess I have alot lol

my H also love the progressive "flo" from the commercials. As for me I would do Natalie Portman or Zooey Dechanel


Date Posted: 2/11/2009 11:23 PM ET
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Ewan McGregor, Derek Jeter, Alton Brown

Date Posted: 2/12/2009 12:49 AM ET
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After telling my husband about this thread:

h: "You forgot the 'Torchwood' guy."

me: "Oh right, totally him."

h: "Except I think he's gay."

me: "That's okay, he can be on your list too."

I also forgot James Marsters and the guy who plays Sawyer on "Lost." There, see, I have some normal crushes, too!

Date Posted: 2/12/2009 1:50 AM ET
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Well heck - Gerard Butler is #1 no matter who else is on the list! LOL  After that I'd say (in no order):

Johnny Depp -  -  Viggo Mortensen - - Russell Crowe - - Hugh Jackman - - Jesse James (Sandra Bullocks husband) - - Daniel Craig - - Prince Harry of England - - Colin Farrell - - Young Sean Connery

Date Posted: 2/12/2009 2:19 AM ET
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no list, but mmmm Jason Statham in The Transporter.  *love* the oil fight.  DH knows that if that's playing on TV and that scene is about to be on, he needs to let me know.  ;)

Carl Edwards - day-am!  the NASCAR races are often on around here as DH will kind of watch, and i'll mainly read in front of the TV.  i'd pay more attention if they'd do the interviews shirtless!

Date Posted: 2/12/2009 9:23 AM ET
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I like Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortenson, and Kevin Costner. I have lots of Kevin's older movies. I just love him!


Date Posted: 2/12/2009 3:36 PM ET
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Since I'm single, as well, this doesn't count as a cheat list, but my top 5 are: Colin Firth, Jack Black (what can I say, I like a guy who can make me laugh!), Troy Polamalu (does he count as a celebrity?), John Krasinski and Jermaine Clement (FotC). :-D As you can tell, I don't usually go for what you'd call "conventional."
Date Posted: 2/13/2009 4:24 AM ET
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We were having dinner with some friends (a couple), and the wife indicated that her ONE cheat is Simon LeBon from Duran Duran.

ONE?!  Well, I sure felt like a harlot.


Here's my list:

Clive Owen

Pierce Brosnan

Mark Harmon

Richard Dean Anderson

Scott Bakula

Jensen Ackles (video link)

Max Martini

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Date Posted: 2/13/2009 4:19 PM ET
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Matthew McConaughey and Harrison Ford. Yum!

Harrison Ford (especially his Indiana Jones days) http://www.imdb.com/media/rm44996352/nm0000148

Matthew McConaughey http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1879480320/tt0318649

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Date Posted: 2/13/2009 5:49 PM ET
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Hussy,  Ho,  Harlot, Trollop........From the looks of it, all these words could apply to most of you gals (nose in the air) BUT...we already knew that, unless those are pictures of your husbands on your posts.....

Date Posted: 2/13/2009 7:53 PM ET
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Lol.  I wish:P

Date Posted: 2/14/2009 7:10 AM ET
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Yeah, being happily married for 25 years sure cuts into my Hussy/Ho/Harlot/Trollop time LOL.

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