Book Reviews of Who Remembers the Great and Holy Mother

Who Remembers the Great and Holy Mother
Who Remembers the Great and Holy Mother
Author: Bette Ensign
ISBN-13: 9781419639722
ISBN-10: 1419639722
Publication Date: 6/25/2007
Pages: 98

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Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Book Type: Paperback
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Ascension is the descention of the Divine into human form thereby causing the ascension of the being while still in the physical body here on Earth. The ascension process was seeded eons ago and is now coming into the reality of the planet and many of her people. This process is a natural and predicted evolution of the Divine Design for the planet Earth and the humans who choose to evolve and expand consciousness. This is an exciting and grand experience that will ultimately bring peace, joy, and prosperity to the Earth and sentient beings who remain to experience the Golden Age. We are in the very midst of this expansion of consciousness Now.
To those who can hear, we say,



We know we live on a beautiful blue and green planet circling a great star that we call our sun. We know we have a beautiful moon that circles our planet. We look up in the sky at night and we know that there are endless numbers of stars and planets. We have been here for a very long time.

We know that we have hurt our lovely planet with harmful chemicals and other poisonous things such as nuclear bombs. Our beautiful planet has been weeping! How has she been weeping? She has been weeping with great rains and hurricanes that bring floods. These tears come to us to wake us up so we will help her cleanse away all the poison and not pollute or damage her anymore. Each time we are given the choice to rebuild in a healthy and wholesome way. We can choose the way that would be good for our planet and good for every being on Earth or we can choose to continue our old ways of destruction.

Right now, we are still caught in an old way of living. Most of us still have the idea that we want to get as much for ourselves as we can - forgetting about others and our planet. We have been fooled into thinking that if we can just get more of everything that we will be happy. However, our planet is not happy and we will not be happy until we remember everyone and realize that we are not separate from God, from each other, or from our planet. We are all one.

There have been many great teachers that have been sent to our beautiful planet by God to show us better ways to grow and evolve. Some of these teachers have been Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Krishna and many more. They all brought us true lessons to guide us on the loving ways to live and grow - ways that would also help our planet Earth. Only a few people in every century truly listened to their messages as they taught them and lived them. In some places, these few would be called saints and in other places, simply people who were filled with love and peace. All of these people and their followers radiated light and peace and tried to teach us, by their example, what we could become. These people and those who truly lived the teachings helped to hold the light and love of God on Earth.

Powerful systems also often developed around these teachers. These systems remained small and loving while the teachers lived, but when the teachers died, these systems themselves began to grow big and strong. Powerful and very smart men who believed in the teacher and his words began to interpret the words of the teacher so that the system would grow even bigger and stronger. Mostly they wanted their beloved teacher's words and lives to be known and remembered by all people on Earth. What happened? Each group felt its teacher was the ONLY teacher who taught the truth of God. This belief caused the groups taught the truth of God. This belief caused the groups and their leaders to go into competition with each other over who held the truth. Each group, following a great teacher brought to Earth to help us, was now interested in getting the most people to believe its teaching because they believed they had the only truth. These groups came to be known as our major world religions, which developed and grew bigger and more powerful over thousands of years.